Best Harry Potter Wizards Unite Tips and Tricks

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The world of magic is spreading its wings, and the wizards are trying their best to cover up its tails before the muggle investigators find out what is going on around them. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a new game in the world of Harry Potter games. Niantic develops it, and the same team was behind the development of the popular game Pokemon Go. In this game, the players unite with the other wizards, team up with them, and fight against the dark forces.

The famous game of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, written on the magical world of Harry Potter, has made a worldwide debut. Hollywood has also made eight films on the Harry Potter series, as written by JK Rowling. You can get to know more about it at Virtual Location.

Even today, the passion of Harry Potter can be seen in every country of the world. Its gaming version is also becoming very popular. In this sequence, Niantic Labs has launched its latest gaming version Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, in 25 countries, including India. It is available on both iOS and android platforms for users. It is a multiplayer game and features Harry Potter and his fellow wizard. In the game version, Harry is seen beating them up with his magical powers, as usual.

If you are a new player, you might find this game much more complicated than what Pokemon Go used to be. This game introduces leveling systems, magical powers, classes along with a story. But do not worry, we are here to help you ace this game within no time.

Follow these tips and tricks to play and win at Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Turn Augmented Reality Feature Off

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The first and foremost step to undertake wherever you are playing a Niantic game is to switch off the augmented reality (AR) feature present in it. You are likely to spend a lot of your time roaming around collecting the magical objects which can cause havoc to the muggle world.

These collectibles have escaped from the Wizard World. AR will help you see these objects easily, present in your immediate environment, but the disadvantage is that it will completely drain your battery. If you are using an old phone with a low RAM, your battery will be out in no time, and you will be unable to catch any collectibles.

This game has an AR feature present at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can click on it to switch it off. It will not only increase your phone’s battery life but will also save you from a lot of hassle.

Be Fast in Casting Spells

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It would help if you were super quick to beat the demons in this game. You will have to cast a lot of spells in this game. Collecting the magical objects and defeating the death eaters need to go hand in hand.

You cannot stand and waste time doing any of them, one at a time. It would help if you had a quick flick of your finger to cast the spells and kill them. The power of the spells will depend on how well and how fast you can cast them.

It is recommended to cast the spells as fast as possible. The speeds will determine the quality of the spells cast by you. Also, the better the spells are, the more will be the bonus points you get.

Keep on checking in at regular intervals

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Just like Pokemon Go, this game encourages you to move around and explore the area around you. It believes that the more you explore, the more you will get acquainted with the surrounding.

Once you walk around, you will easily find more items and collectibles. Also, if you check the application regularly, you will come across new stuff placed near you. It is a fantastic trick to kick out the boredom if you are stuck at work or even at school. Even a short walk around the place will help you discover numerous objects.

Use Portkeys

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Portkeys are used for teleporting to the unique places present in the wizarding world. These places offer numerous gifts and items which add to the fun element of the game. However, here’s the catch!

You need to walk around the area to unlock the items continuously. The first portkeys unlock upon walking ten kilometers or a little more than six miles. However, you need to keep your app open to increase the count of the steps. The walking exercise is right for you, and the game offers fantastic benefits.

Go to an Inn to increase your energy

To cast a spell, you need to spend a lot of magical energy, and the best way to increase your magical power is by going to the inns. The maps have small houses in which the players can go and refill their powers. These inns will also bestow you with unique rewards based on the location, indicated by the color.

Choose a profession

Upon reaching level six, the wizards get to pick up their desired profession. Also, the wizards can switch in between their professions. Here is the breakdown:

  1. Harry Potter leads the Dark Wizard Hunters of the Ministry of Magic, the Aurors. They are the glass cannons and can-do significant damage.
  2. Hagrid leads the Magizoologists. It is a group of supportive wizards whose spells help the team to fight against the deadly deatheaters.
  3. Professor McGonagall leads the groups of the Professors. These wizards are capable of doing a little of almost everything. They fight against the dark force with great vigor.
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Final Words

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a fantastic game that lures the players in amazing features and gameplay. However, it is quite challenging to get the game’s hang without a particular set of tips and tricks. In this article, you will get a list of the essential tips and tricks that will help you ace the game within no time.