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The Washington Wizards had a lot to live up to in the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs. But, as the series went along and the team got stronger, the focus turned to the future of the franchise and how they would fare against the superior teams in the NBA. As the team prepares for what should be an exciting 2021 NBA season, one aspect that many people have been waiting to see is whether the front line of the team, starting with Al Harrington and Rashard Lewis, can produce another playoff appearance.

Washington Wizards Tickets

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One player that has been a key piece to the Washington Wizards success over the past few years is John Wall. Wall has come into his own, developing into one of the best point guards in the NBA, a very important position in today’s game. Wall will be an integral part of the Washington Wizards’ success in the coming year, and he is on the verge of earning himself a long lucrative contract with the Washington Wizards when the time comes.

Washington Wizards Preseason

The Washington Wizards are one of the many basketball teams in the NBA preparing for the NBA season. They are set to begin their campaign on October 15th and will continue into the playoffs in June. Here are some Washington Wizards pregame events to get fans excited for the upcoming NBA season:

Washington Wizards season tickets are still available, and one good way to get tickets is to go to the Verizon Center or get it from The venue is always full each night of basketball, and the fans tend to get so involved in the game that it seems as if they are cheering for the players themselves. So, if you are able to get tickets to the Verizon Center, then you should try and see this team in action as often as possible in the future.

Washington Wizards Playoff

The Washington Wizards are part of the NBA’s Eastern Conference and will face off against the top team in the conference in the Orlando Magic. The Magic are the #1 seed in the NBA and are leading the Atlantic Division. The teams meet on Wednesday night in Orlando. Game time from Washington is set for 7 PM ET. So, get your Washington Wizards playoff tickets now!

If Wall continues to develop into an All-Star and develop into one of the best point guards in the league, he has the opportunity to make a very large salary deal in the future. For now, he is content with what he has and is focused on helping the team win the series and lifting the Washington Wizards to the top of the Eastern Conference.


Washington Wizards Game

The Verizon Center is the venue for many D.C. local basketball and gymnast events as well as concerts, Washington Nationals season and other events. Some events at the center include the Verizon Slam Dunk, Verizon Kickoff Games, Verizon Midway Open-Air Circuit, Verizon NBA Fall Invitational, Verizon Grand Tournament, and the Verizon Slam Dunk presented by Capital Sports & Entertainment.

If you have not noticed, NBA playoff tickets are going incredibly cheap right now. The reason why they are so inexpensive is because the teams that are actually good are selling out fast. So if you really want to go see a good NBA team in the playoffs, get your tickets now before all of the seats go on sale. The reason why the NBA playoff tickets are so cheap right now is because the best teams are giving them away for free. Here are a few reasons why your next NBA playoff game will be sold out:

Washington Wizards 2024

With the possible move of John Wall to Brooklyn and the hopes that Bradley Beal can develop into a legitimate NBA star, the future for the Washington Wizards looks very bright. Many people thought that the franchise had hit a major hurdle in their development when they tried so hard to make the playoffs this past season, but the fact is that they have built a very strong roster of players that should contend for many years to come. The front line of Wall, Beal and Dewayne Dedmon will always be in the spotlight, but there are several other very talented players that can contribute very well as well.

If the Washington Wizards can continue to develop the way they have been developing, they have a very good chance of sticking around in the NBA for many more years to come. However, even if they don’t make it to the finals, they have enough talent to challenge for a title every year that they play. Here are some of the key factors to keep in mind as the team prepares to face the Phoenix Suns in the second round of the NBA playoffs:


NBA Season

The NBA regular season runs from the month of April until the season playoffs begin in May. However, the NBA playoffs is an all-encompassing tournament series that runs for a number of months and weeks. Each team in the NBA plays several games against every other team in their league. It is also worth noting that the Western Conference playoffs are an eight-team playoff series. This means there are six play-in teams and one wild card team in the playoffs. There are also divisions within the conference such as the Central Division versus the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference versus the Eastern Conference.

When you play a basketball game, whether it’s against a friend or against an opponent, sometimes you are going to get a free throw. During a free throw Attempt, if any of the players touch the ball, then a foul is called. The first thing you want to try to remember is that there are only two fouls in the entire game, so you can be sure you don’t run out of time to attempt a free throw. There are rules and exceptions to the no free throws at the beginning of each half, but most of the time you will be able to get them without violating any rules.