Advantages of Having a Green Card

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The United States is one of the famous and prestigious immigrant countries globally. The Green Card seems to be the most valued-after application for those people who wish to live in the U.S. If you obtain the qualifications needed to have a Green Card, whether you are a student or with your family as a whole, you will enjoy all its benefits. However, to get a green card entails a lot of considerations, and it takes a lot of time. If you plan to start your life in the U.S. permanently, you need to have a sponsor most, especially in applying for jobs. It is not easy, but most people wanted to speed up the application and be a resident instantly.

According to, there are ways to get a green card’s straightforward process through self-petition. Suppose you have an exceptional ability in your field, such as ten years of full-time experience, and have a degree in your chosen profession. In that case, you have the eligibility to apply for a National Interest Waiver. Having a U.S. green card gives you a lot of advantages. You can apply for the U.S. permanent resident without surrendering your current nationality, only if your home country permits dual citizenship. With this, you will enjoy all the benefits as a green cardholder.

Advantages of having a Green Card

Source: investopedia

The Green Card gives you the advantage of permanently living in the U.S. without the complexity and a lot of bureaucracy. It enables you to enjoy and visits all the fifty states of the country without restrictions. Further, as a Green Card Holder, you can also exercise almost all the rights that a U.S. citizen has aside from voting and holding a public office. After five years, if you plan to apply for U.S. citizenship, there’s no need to renew your green card.

Additionally, to live in the United States can give you further benefits:

Dominates the Economy Worldwide

The United States economy is the highest and most competitive globally and has the highest total population. Its economy in terms of the dollar weighs bigger than China can produce. Moreover, according to the study, the United States is one of the few advanced nations with actual GDP higher than before the turmoil. This economic boom is beneficial not just in the United States alone, but it also extends worldwide.  It will open a lot of opportunities such as permanent jobs, a high salary, and a good life for the people within and outside the country. The U.S excellent economy is one reason many people wanted to apply for a green card, find a high-paying job, and live with a prosperous life.

Fast-paced Workforce

The U.S controls and hires employees with less than seven percent of the U.S labor force, and its private sectors are unionized compared to Europe. There is also no state-owned business that impedes the U.S labor economies. With this, it is easier for the workers to find the right employment and support their daily lives. Further, the fast-paced workforce in the U.S not only helps the needs of the local citizens, but it also gives a lot of opportunities for immigrants who wish to work in the country.

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Immigrant’s growing population

A growing immigrant population in the United States means a more flexible and competitive workforce. Foreign nationals have limited rights and obligations and their residency in the country, such as handling a public service. However, these restrictions do not hinder the U.S to have a prosperous economy through the workforce and other benefits that the immigrants contributed to the country. These advantages not only apply to the U.S alone but also helps foreign nationals to live abundantly in the country as their economy is continuously booming.

Student’s advantages

Foreign Nationals who enroll in a prestigious university in the United States pay higher with an additional 50 percent tuition every year than those local students. However, with a green card, you can save money by as much as 80 percent of the university’s education. You can also savor other benefits such as a convenient process for a student visa and apply for federal student loans. If you intend to work while studying, you can find a job outside the campus without limitations compared to those who don’t have a card. All of these are attainable through having a U.S Green Card.

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In and Out in the United States

If you have a green card, you can enter and travel outside the U.S without restrictions by the Immigration authorities. However, it would be best to go back to the country before the expiration of your card to avoid some consequences. Suppose you plan to have a vacation in other countries for one year. In that case, you should submit for re-application in the USCIS or the Citizenship and Immigration Service to prolong your residency in the U.S.

Living in the U.S.A as a Family

If one of the family members has a Green Card, so does the rest of the family can benefit. You can sponsor your partner and all your children who are unmarried and under 21. This process is also valid in same-sex relationships. In some conditions, Green Card holders can request special visas for other family members so that they, too, can follow them in the USA. You have to be ready in those cases for lengthy waiting durations.

In a globalized society, the dominance of English is also increasing. Your kids and other family members in the USA will live learning English and get a quality education. For all those who develop such abilities, the windows to the career advancement market will be open and free.

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There are still a lot of advantages to having a U.S Green Card. However, it is also essential to evaluate your decision and personal situation if you plan to live in the U.S regardless of the benefits you may get. This process of obtaining a permanent resident is associated with responsibilities and a thorough obligation that you must follow as a foreign national. You are free and welcome to experience and have this prestigious benefit if you begin to decide to process your application to have a U.S Green Card.