Choosing the Best Vitamix Blender the Right Way

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There are a lot of things to consider when you’re buying a blender. It’s an incredibly useful kitchen appliance, and it could make your meal prep much easier in so many ways.

If you’re looking to purchase a blender, then you’re probably aware of the Vitamix ones. They are the best blenders currently available on the market. Of course, they come in different models and price ranges, so it could be a bit difficult to choose between them.

It will all depend on your needs and preferences, but it’s still good to know what to look for when choosing the right blender for you.

The size

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When purchasing a blender you have to consider the sizing first. It all depends on your blender needs. If you’re going to use it only for making smoothies for yourself, or maybe don’t have much kitchen space, you should look for smaller ones. On the other hand, if you plan on regularly preparing larger amounts of food for your family or friends, a bigger blender with higher capacity levels will probably be a better choice. The size will affect the price, so keep that in mind too.

Luckily for you, Vitamix has a huge palette of products that come in different sizes. Finding the adequately sized blender will be a breeze when you’re dealing with Vitamix products.


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Most blenders come with different settings options and programs. The ability to change speed is incredibly useful. You don’t want everything to turn into a liquid, sometimes you’ll need your blender to just slightly chop the ingredients. This is why you should read about the options that the Vitamix blender you’re interested in provides.

Of course, sometimes too many different settings can be unnecessary or even confusing for some. Let’s say you’re buying a blender for your grandma, she would probably think that using ten different programs is too complicated and will end up using only one or two. You don’t need to spend extra money on features that you won’t be using at all. So, again, it depends on your specific needs.

Container material

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The most common container materials for blenders are plastic, stainless steel, and glass. Every single one comes with its pros and cons. Plastic is the most lightweight and it’s not as easy to get damaged as glass. Glass, on the other hand, is less likely to get discolored or absorb any unwanted smells from the blending process. The stainless steel is the most durable material and the most expensive one too. The disadvantage is that you can’t see the ingredients as they’re blending, so you might end up blending for too long.

What you’ll choose will mostly depend on you, but it’s good to be aware of different materials to pick from. It will make your choice much easier.


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Again, this is one of those blender features that will depend on your needs and preferences. Depending on what you’ll be blending, you should consider different motor powers. If your blending needs are simple and don’t require much power, you should consider purchasing a 300-watt blender (this is the minimum!). However, it’s always better to buy the strongest blender possible, as it’s much more versatile and you’ll be able to blend almost anything! Having a powerful blender does come with a higher price, though.

The best way to find a Vitamix blender that fits your needs is through online research. There are great websites like that offer comprehensive reviews of top-rated Vitamix blenders.


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Some blenders make more noise than others. If you share your living space with others, a noisy blender can be a big annoyance. Of course, every blender will make some noise. Still, some do make more noise than the others, and if you plan of blending frequently, getting a quieter one could be an important factor. The noise will mostly depend on the motor quality and blender material. The best way to ensure this is to read product customer reviews, as the noise is something frequently mentioned in those.

Of course, blenders of higher quality will produce less sound, which means that if you really worry about the noise, you should be prepared to invest your money in a pricier blender.

The price

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When considering your budget, try to make a list of all the features you want in a blender. You will probably have to make some compromises, so think about your priorities before starting the search. Investing in an expensive blender could be the best decision you’ve ever made, especially if you plan to use it regularly. If you only need it for making a smoothie here and there, then spending a huge amount of money on a blender might not be very reasonable.

Let’s be realistic, blenders are expensive. Buying a blender that stops working soon after you purchased it would be a disaster. Make sure to check if your blender comes with a warranty, so you don’t have to worry that much.

Of course, how much you’ll decide to spend depends only on you. Sometimes investing in a top-quality blender is simply not on your priority list.


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Some blenders can be troublesome to clean. If you consider this to be a problem, you should definitely look for a blender with a self-cleaning mode. These are of course, a bit pricey. Still, most blenders come with re-attachable cups that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Other parts of the blender could present a small challenge. Make sure to look for online reviews because it will be the best source of information.

The important thing is to carefully read the user manual so you know if there are some parts (the blades for example) of the blender that can’t be washed in the dishwasher.

The takeaway

Purchasing a blender can improve your meal prep experience in a major way. These kitchen appliances are useful for so many different things, and when it comes to power and sturdiness, the Vitamix blenders are the best choice to make.

When it comes to choosing the right one, this will mostly depend on your needs and preferences. Still, you should always consider things like the size, speed, and the power of the blender before making the final decision.