What Are The Most Important Tools and Equipment in The Modern Restaurant?

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Getting your restaurant properly furnished and equipped requires not only a substantial financial investment but also to make the best choices at the right time. It’s important not to skimp when it comes to developing a customized plan for smooth functionality.

There are many things to consider prior to starting a restaurant. You have to choose a good location, design the interiors, employ experienced staff, and many more.

Getting the right equipment for your kitchen is equally vital for starting a restaurant. Having all these tools will give you a strong foundation for operating your kitchen efficiently.

But which tools and equipment are essential for restaurant kitchens?

For that, it is important to identify what type of food you will serve and the type of service you offer. A full-service restaurant differs in needs when compared with a quick-service burger joint. For that reason, we have classified the essential kitchen equipment that you need for your restaurant.

Dive in and use the information provided below.

1. Equipment for Kitchen

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Usually, the tools and equipment in a restaurant kitchen differs from those that are used in the house. You require restaurant-grade stoves, fryers, mixers, blenders, steamers, and slicers for a restaurant kitchen.

Not only that, you also need dishwashers, coffee makers, beverage dispensers, and more. Additionally, a wide variety of pots, pans, measuring cups and spoons, and utensils to prepare and serve food.

Here is a list of restaurant equipment for the grand kitchen that are an absolute mandate:

(i) Freezers & Refrigerators

Equipment like refrigerators and freezers are very important as they help in increasing the shelf life of the perishable products that are used. There are many kinds of commercial refrigerators and freezers. Choose the right one based on the needs of your restaurant.

Conducting a deep market research on various kinds of freezers or coolers that are available in the market. Basically, there are two types – reach-in or walk-in units. Before making the final decision, consider the size of your restaurant and operations. Restaurants smaller in size may not need a walk-in cooler.

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(ii) Cutting Surfaces & Counters

Cutting surfaces and counters are critical for all commercial kitchens and the sizes of these depend on the size of your kitchen functionalities. Always go for the counters that are made of stainless steel. Steel handles corrosion, resists attacks from food, and can withstand the harsh cleaning products that are generally used in the kitchen.

There is the right correct way to clean alloys to ensure that the cuts on the surface do not hide bacteria. Stainless steel also needs to be rinsed correctly for right maintenance. Investing in equipment maintenance minimizes the costs and increases the value of the restaurant equipment.

(iii) Slicers

Slicers play a main role to cut meat, cheese, or other food products with speed and precision. Figure out the usage of a slicer in your kitchen prior to buying it. In case the usage is minimal, then opt for a manual slicer and save costs. The restaurants that use slicers frequently, it is recommended to use electric slicers. They save you both time, effort, and maintain consistency.

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(iv) Mixers

The use of mixers again depends upon your kitchen’s forte. Basically, there are generally two types of mixers, one is a spiral mixer that is used for mixing dense batters. And the other is the planetary mixer; it helps in combining a variety of stuff, be it whipped cream or smashed vegetables, you can do it all.

(v) Ranges & Ovens

There are many ovens and range designs available to fit any style for the kitchen. Be it standard or convection ovens, they are considered necessary. The combination ovens combine elements and can be used if space is an issue. Restaurants also need stove-top space for griddle, charbroiler, and burners but it depends on the menu of the restaurant.

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(vi) Sinks

Without a proper water sink, your commercial kitchen can hardly operate. This is mainly required to wash food and dishes, and local health authorities mostly asked commercial kitchens to install a triple-sink wash station, a dishwashing unit.

(vii) Safety Equipment

Safety is an important concern and you must consider it prior to starting your business. You must check your local fire department guidelines before purchasing any fire, safety, or sanitation equipment, and avoid potential complications by keeping your kitchen on the top of fire code standards.

Before investing in a fire extinguisher, you should be well equipped to understand the associated components so that you know how to choose a fire extinguisher that would be viable for your restaurant kitchen.

2. Front-of-House Equipment

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The kitchen equipment that needs to be focused is the front-of-house equipment. It means where your guests will be served. If it is a multi-cuisine restaurant or serves a specialty you may need a stock of items specific for the cuisine.

Key front of house equipment are as follows:

  • Menu Boards: These are simple like chalkboards, where you can write about the dish of the day. It is placed outside the restaurant, and it attracts your potential customers.
  • Table runners & Napkins: These are basic things for the refinement and sophistication of your restaurant. It helps in providing upscale service to get these in place.
  • Salt & Pepper Shakers: Such shakers are uniquely designed and are even customized with the theme of your restaurant.

3. Equipment for Operational Functionality

Modern restaurant owners need operational equipment over manual restaurant operation. Cash-registers, credit-card processing machines, or restaurant management systems, these are being increasingly used by the restaurants to make their operations seamless.

Use a POS system that will help you in general billing and managing the stock and inventory, customer relationship management, and reporting and analytics. The best system is that allows you complete control over all your restaurant operations no matter wherever you are. Additionally, incorporating technology like drive-thru systems, can significantly improve the speed and convenience of service for your restaurant’s customers, ensuring smooth operations and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. check out RSS drive-thru technology for more info.

4. Production Equipment

Production equipment is one of the important things to consider no matter what kind of restaurant you are starting. The equipment needs will vary from one restaurant to another. If you are buying or leasing a facility that already has a kitchen, it may already have much of the equipment you need.

5. Dishwashing Equipment

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If your investment is huge, investing in three-stage dishwashing equipment is a must. It is the best way to tackle your dishwashing needs. Installing the equipment, complete with landing area, dish table, garbage disposal and three-compartment sink.

6. Uniforms

Most of the restaurants maintain the uniformity of their staff with specified dress code or uniforms. Uniform gives your employees and the restaurant a more professional appearance and credibility. Most often restaurants simply tell their staff what colors to wear and the type of outfit, without providing formal uniforms.

However, the cooking staff needs aprons, chef hats, hairnets and other items. In case you are selecting actual uniforms for serving personnel, they are available in a wide range of styles and colors. It is advisable to pick uniforms that reflect the theme of your establishment.

Final thoughts

Having in-depth knowledge about the important tools and using them the best way helps your restaurant be a complete success. Hope the information above helps you to include the right tools and equipment and make your dream of starting a restaurant accomplished!