How to Choose the Best Vitamix Blender?

A blender is a necessary kitchen accessory for making smoothies, soups, coffee, shakes, and much more. Vitamix is a known brand with high-quality mixers, but not every product suits your requirements. It comes in various model series like C, G, S, Explorian, and Ascent. If you are also finding the best one, you might be wondering what you should consider while buying it.

Spending money on the wrong product is a waste of money. Every model is different in its way, and it works differently for various purposes. Before thinking about other factors, you need to know what you want to blend. After clearing things in your mind, you need to check other things. In the following write-up, we will discuss how to choose the best Vitamix blender by checking various factors.

Space in Your Kitchen

Whenever you are adding any equipment in your kitchen, you need to check the available space. It helps you to determine the size of the blender that you can keep it in that space. Every blending machine of Vitamix comes in different sizes, and you need to determine which one is perfect for your kitchen.

Ensure that you keep it near the socket so that you can access it anytime and use it quickly. It can be a time-taking process if you keep the machine in your cupboard and then take it out for making purees and shakes.


Type of Foods

The blending machines in Vitamix ranges from low to heavy-duty and can whisk every type of ingredient quickly. Now, an important thing is what you want to blend. Every person has different requirements, and they have to choose the one, which serves their purpose.

You can prepare foods like shakes, baby foods, smoothies, purees, etc. You may need to blend raw vegetables, solid ingredients like fruits, hot veggies, and much more. There is no doubt that it works amazingly for whisking all types of ingredients, but you have to decide the right model.


The design of the product can be an initial thing that everyone considers while buying it. Vitamix models come in various designs with different types of buttons, switches, body design, color, touchscreen panel, etc. You need to check available designs and choose the best one that you like the most. You need to compare your requirements in terms of design with the availability of products. It is easy to choose a blender the way you want.

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The size of the blender helps you to determine the quantity of ingredients you can blend with ease. Every series come in different sizes and weights. For example, C series has a container with a capacity of 64 ounces, length 20.4 inch, and weight 10.6 pounds. Similarly, you can get different sizes of containers in different series.

You can buy anyone according to your preference and requirement. You can also consider the size of your family, for which you are preparing anything. A large container can save your time by preparing the ingredient in a large quantity.


There are three kinds of controls available in Vitamix models. Let us go through in detail:

  • Two Speed: It means that there are only two speeds, either on or off. There are no different speeds to blend the mixture in the container. You can get such a model in C series because it is the initial model type that fulfills your basic requirements. If you want to prepare smoothies and soups, then you can consider this type of model. You can easily blend it wither slowly or quickly. It is best when you want to make a puree of any ingredients.
  • Variable Speed: There are more options in speed in the case of variable models. There are more than two speeds, and you can blend different types of ingredients in the way you want. In these models, you will get a manual control to mix everything properly. You can increase the speed whenever you want by moving the variable dial. Generally, it takes around 60 seconds to whisk everything finely, but some may need about 5 minutes. The C, G, S, and Ascent series are available with the manual variable dial.
  • Preset or Programmed Blend Speed: The preset feature is different in all types of available models. The cycle of speed is also different. Therefore, you need to check every model and compare whether it matches your requirements or not. Generally, you can prepare smoothies, pastes, soups, and frozen desserts., from 1 to 10 speeds.
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Pulse Control

This factor helps in knowing the chopping capability of the blender. Sometimes, a user does not want to make the puree of the ingredients; instead, it should be small crumbs. You can get this feature in all the models of Vitamix.

There was an on and off switch control in previous models, which is then replaced by pulse control. It is easy to manage the pulse speed by using a variable controlling knob. It is one of the essential factors that you must consider while buying a Vitamix blender.

Blades and Durability

It is necessary to consider whether the product is durable or not. The container’s blades should be sharp and sturdy so that it can blend any ingredients with ease. The mixer’s outer and inner equipment is made up of high-quality materials, which are no doubt lasting for years. You must check the product’s warranty to determine the trust of a brand and get a reliable product.

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Easy to Clean

The equipment you are purchasing must be easy to clean. The container, dials, knob, touchscreen panels, etc., should clean easily by wiping it off. Your blender lasts for years only when you keep it well-maintained, and cleaning it regularly is an essential thing for improving its durability.

It is vital to check all the factors mentioned above before buying a Vitamix blender for your kitchen. If you have doubts, then get more information in detail by visiting some online review sites.