How to Repair Small Home Appliances – 2024 DIY Guide

With the development of technology today, we can use various devices that can help us in the kitchen, and besides most common uses like stove and refrigerator, many other machines could make it easier for us to prepare various meals and wash dishes much easier. The market is full of various products and brands, and the main difference between them as noted by is in their quality and durability. Also, well-known brands are providing their customers with a longer warranty, which is about 5 years on average, while for all those cheaper products, you will get 2 or 3 years.

While it is advisable to buy kitchen appliances from known brands, breakdowns are also a common thing even for those products. In the best case, if you have a warranty, you can simply call customer support, and they will send a technician to fix it. On the other side, if you don’t have a warranty, but you are familiar with basic repair tools, you could easily fix it by yourself. Apart from that, you can always call a technician to help you, and many companies can provide you with such a service, like, which is an appliance repair service that can send you an expert to fix your oven, microwave, or any other device.

Nevertheless, if you know how to use basic tools and have one in your home, you could easily fix most of the breakdowns. Also, even if you are not completely sure how to fix it, or how to find the problem, you can check some online guide with further explanation of the main functions and features of every kitchen appliance. We are going to introduce you to some of the main kitchen devices and how to repair them.

Dishwasher Repair

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The dishwasher represents a basic kitchen appliance, and we all know how frustrating it can be when it is broken, and we have to wash dishes with our hands. However, fixing it should be a complicated task, and in most situations, you will be able to fix it without the help of a technician.

It is necessary to know how to use the tools, and to diagnose the problem that caused a failure of the machine. Some of the most common problems are leaking, door failure, problems with pipes, dispenser, and drying. Also, in case that the dishwasher is too noisy, it might be a problem with the pump or engine. You will have to inspect all elements and find the broken part that needs replacement.

Oven and Stove Repair


Another basic kitchen element is a range with a stove and oven, and by the experience of many users, fixing most of the failures that might happen is not too complicated. You will need a manual to check all of its parts and do a troubleshooting test.

In case it won’t start, the problem is probably with burner igniter, surface elements, switch, or brake in the oven. The oven sensor can cause no heating. Also, it is a rare case, but if your oven is creating too much temperature, the problem might be with the thermostat or sensors in it.

Microwave Repair

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While it might seem more complicated than the stove or a dishwasher, in most situations you will be able to fix it within 10 or 20 minutes. The most common problem might occur with the buttons, and you will have to open the control board and replace or fix the button that is causing the problem.

Also, in case that the microwave is too loud, you will have to inspect various elements like roller, high voltage diode, cooler, engine, and magnetron. In a situation where this device won’t stop working, the problem might be with stacked buttons or a switch installed in the door. Other problems that might occur are problems with turning on, heating, and doors. Remember, with a manual, and proper tools, you can easily fix all of these problems by yourself.

Freezer Repair

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One of the most frequent problems with most of the freezers is the build-up of frost, and while older types needed to be shut down and defrosted manually, modern freezers have implemented timers and sensors. In case that your freezer is collecting too much ice, you will have to check the door, timer, and thermostat.

There are also other potential breakdowns with the engine, thermometer, and timer that could cause variations in temperature or loud noise. You can find a lot of online videos about this topic that could help you to fix this device in less than 20 minutes.

Trash Compactor Repair

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The first indication that there is a problem with the trash collector is the loud noise, and it usually means that you will have to replace some parts of it. Also, in some situations, when the compactor just won’t start, the problem might be with the stuck, ram and you will have to check and repair some of the parts like a switch, gear, or power nut.

Repair of Small Electric Appliances

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Like with the robust devices that we already mentioned, the similar problems might occur with your toaster, food slicer, mixer, juicer, and every other small device. However, the fixing of smaller devices is much easier since you can easily carry them around, and the best way is to take the broken device to your garage and use the tools to disassemble it.

Also, you will have to be familiar with the main functions of all parts of that device, and what could cause the problem. After you are sure that you found why the device is not working, replace the broken part, and test the device. Like with some basic kitchen appliances like dishwashers and stove, the most often problems with every electronic device are usually related to an electrical cord, switches, or engine.

With the ability to fix the kitchen, especially the smaller ones, you could save a lot of money. Also, since most of the small applications are cheap, people often easily choose to throw away that device and buy a new one, without knowing that most of the problems with any device can be fixed with basic tools and within 20 minutes.