Private Investigator Job Description

Hunting for clues, solving crimes, corrupting the plans of criminals and putting them behind bars – all these activities come into one “ordinary” working day of private investigators. Or at least we think so. Maybe it’s not as exciting as we may think, however, their abilities and talents not only made them famous – but also the subject of many stories and novels.

Not All Of Us Are Born To Be Detectives

Private investigators find facts about people and illegal activities and present this information to their clients. There are several types of private investigators. Some work with manufacturers and financial institutions, while others specialize in forensics or investigations for individuals. We have all imagined at least for once that we could be detectives. However, most of us do not have what it takes to be a good private investigator. If you are honest and resourceful, you have good communication skills and problem-solving skills – a private investigator’s career can be your true calling.

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Investigation For Individuals

Some private investigators work specifically for individuals. They meet with clients and interview them – and get the facts they need about the people they need to research. As an individual private investigator, you also set up surveillance on suspected parties, monitoring and observing what they are doing and where they are going. Investigation in some cases involves financial disputes – that is, the review of bank statements and credit card transactions, to establish evidence.

Computer Forensics And Legal Investigators

Computer forensics and legal investigations are two specific categories in private investigative work. Investigators in computer forensics research, analyze and present data downloaded from a computer – including files, images and emails. You may be required to follow actions on pornographic sites to catch sexual predators. Legal private investigators collect and verify facts in criminal cases. They also find witnesses and serve legal documents to alleged perpetrators.

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Corporate And Financial Investigators

Private investigators may also specialize in corporate or financial investigations. Corporate investigators check employees for drug use and illegal activities such as billing or theft. As an investigator, you can conduct job checks on candidates before they are hired. These professionals also investigate fraudulently billing customers or people who use credit cards illegally to buy items. Financial investigators oversee corporate activities involving large transactions, including the purchase of securities or shares. In this field, you will help individuals and businesses recover their lost property from theft.

Working Environment

The investigators spend time at desks and in the field. This type of job can be quite demanding, physically exhausting and stressful – as they often deal with anxious and demanding clients. They are also working in some “odd hours” – as monitoring and surveillance are often performed at night. One must keep in mind that this is a potentially dangerous job, as some are suspected offenders who are fighting for their freedom. Some will do anything to protect themselves – which increases the risk of injury or even death.

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Education And Training

Some investigators have a college degree, while others substitute college degrees with a wealth of experience. Corporate and financial investigators are typically required to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or business. The training is mostly in the workplace – though many private investigators are ex-police officers who know the operational procedures of investigations. Most states require a license from private investigators, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Benefits of Private Investigator Jobs

Private investigators or detectives assist the public, businesses, and attorneys in gathering information, determining the location of a particular person, or investigating crimes and various types of fraud. It can be hard work, but many find that the benefits of the work are worth the time and effort involved in the case. Their scope of work can be extremely extensive, and therefore the high level of professionalism of companies like Robison Legal Services is highly appreciated. Private detective agencies like these can help you with cases like insurance investigation, surveillance or locating and finding missing people.

And what are the benefits of the profession highlighted by the people involved in this business?

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1. Work Independently

Even though some cases require multi-levelled investigation and collaboration between agencies, law firms, etc – usually the investigator works alone or with a team from his agency. This is particularly appealing to the individuals who want to avoid a rigid work environment, with supervisors behind their back. The U.S. Authority of Labor Statistics reports that roughly 21% of private detectives are independently employed. Different agents frequently discover work in law offices, enterprises and different organizations.

2. You’re Helping People

The products of your work result in correcting social injustices or mistakes, locating the missing, and providing security to people. Computers and other scams can be detected, individuals filing false insurance claims and background checks can be detected to confirm employee confidence and validity. Of course, all work must be done within the bounds of the law – but the hard work of investigators provides great service to individuals and businesses.

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3. Excitement

The very nature of the job implies that sometimes we have to cover up and go unnoticed – and that is exciting. You never know where some cases might end up during the investigation. Gathering information that is critical to solving a case is very helpful. For some people, the difficulty of working lies in the fact that you often face the unknown as well as many dangers. However, for most people involved in this business – the whole process of investigation carries with it both great excitement and a rush of adrenaline.

4. Technology savvy

Private investigators have the advantage of keeping up with advances in technology. Some use technical devices to obtain information secretly. Others have to keep up with new computer processes or Internet systems, such as the introduction of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, but also many other far more complex things and technologies.

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5. Financial Stability

This is a job you can make a solid profit from – if you are fit and professional enough. Despite strong competition, we can expect job availability to increase further. This rate of increase is much faster than in most other professions. Experts attribute this to the increased concern of corporations and individuals for financial safety and security. There is also an increasing number of court cases and cyber-crime activities and an increased interest in checking the past of certain individuals.