6 Reasons Why Every Hunter Needs a GPS Device

If you’re a hunter, then you’re probably adept at finding your way in the outdoors. Still, it sometimes happens that you have to stay longer than expected, and when the night falls, and you’re surrounded by wildlife, a GPS device can help you quickly get back home without the risk of getting injured.

Of course, that’s not the only reason a hunter should have a GPS device at his or her disposal. In this article, we’ll discuss all the reasons why going hunting with a GPS is a must in 2024! So, if you’re interested in finding out more about it, keep on reading!

1. Never getting lost

Okay, navigation is the primary and most obvious use of a GPS. You’re probably perfectly capable of keeping track of your surroundings and getting lost isn’t a common occurrence in your hunting routine. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Hunting is exciting and unpredictable, so there’s certainly going to be times when you’re in need of a GPS device.

Other than that, navigating with a GPS is much faster and it will leave you more time for enjoying the hunt. Also, it allows you to follow your gut and go further than you originally planned without the risk of getting lost.

Getting a GPS for navigation is even more important if you’re a new hunter or if you’re going hunting in an unfamiliar landscape. You can turn your phone into a GPS with various apps, or purchase a handheld one at the local tech shop.

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2. Track your dogs

If you’re going hunting with your dogs, make sure to get a GPS tracker for them too! No matter how well-trained they are, sometimes their natural instincts will kick in, and they’ll wander off. You don’t want them to get lost or hurt, and a GPS device will make it easy for you to track their every step.

Getting a GPS tracker collar for your dogs will ease your mind from any worries, and you won’t have to waste time looking for them if you get separated. So, yes, for any hunter who enjoys bringing their furry companions to a hunt, having a GPS tracker is a must!

All in all, having a GPS device with you while you’re hunting can make everything so much easier. You’ll be able to enjoy your hunting trip with minimal worry!

3. Scouting

GPS technology has made scouting easier than ever! You won’t have to worry about remembering the routes you’ve taken, and noticing wildlife movement patterns becomes incredibly simple. So, get your GPS, go scouting before the start of a new season, and make sure you mark every spot that seems interesting. Scouting is one of the most important parts of hunting, and a GPS device can make it extremely easy.

To be a successful hunter, you must have access to all the necessary info. Going on a hunt without proper preparation is never a good idea. With a good GPS device, you’ll be able to scout the area without any trouble whatsoever. You’ll be able to finish the job in one day, without the need to go back to the spot time and time again.

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4. Sharing info with other hunters

If you’re planning on using a GPS app, then you’ll probably be able to enjoy the input of other hunters who were hunting in your area. Many hunting GPS apps have social networking options where you can share your experiences and learn some valuable tricks and tips from other hunters.

Unfortunately, not every GPS application comes with this feature. So, if this something that’s important for you, make sure to check for that before you download the app. Other than that, the best way to find the right GPS application or device is to check online reviews and guides made by other hunters. If you’re unsure of where to start looking, you can read more here.

Whatever you do, get involved in a hunting community if you can! It doesn’t matter whether it’s online or not, but sharing valuable info is of the utmost importance.

5. Following the blood trail

An animal can sometimes travel miles before it finally succumbs to its wounds. Every good hunter knows how infuriating the feeling of losing the blood trail can be. With a GPS you’ll be able to mark the last sign and use it as a reference point for further searching. In addition, if it gets dark while you’re tracking your kill, you’ll be able to go back to your vehicle safely and without disrupting or attracting the wildlife.

So, yes, GPS can be used to improve many parts of the hunting experience. One of those is blood trailing, which becomes much easier to do once you can mark the trail.

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6. Use your intel for future reference

If you’re able to enjoy a successful hunt, you’ll probably want to go back to the same place the next time you go hunting. A GPS device can help you achieve this with minimal effort. Mark your waypoints and keep a journal so you know what caught your attention on the marked spots. After a few hunting and scouting trips, you’ll be able to tell where the animals are frequenting. Without a GPS, you’ll probably need more time to learn about the animal activity in the area.

So, make sure to gather as much information as you can, and you’ll certainly improve at hunting in no time!

The conclusion

GPS technology can be of great assistance to every hunter out there. It will keep you safe from getting lost, you’re going to be able to gather valuable information, and blood trailing will become much simpler. Don’t forget to equip your hunting dogs with a tracker too, as they’re likely to wander off at one of your hunting trips.

All in all, going hunting without a GPS is not a great idea. Even if you’re not very tech-savvy, you’ll easily learn how to use these devices. So, make sure to get one the next time you go hunting!