8 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Canada

Canada is often unjustly missing from travelers’ list of tourist destinations. Most people when talking about Canada think maple syrup and Niagara waterfalls, which is true – world-class maple syrup is unmatched to this day, but there is so much more to see in this land of lakes, rainforests, glaciers, and beautiful coastlines. Before you pack your bags, check here if you need a visa or if your country is among 60 others that are exempt from the process.

Now, grab a map and follow the best spots to visit in Canada.

1. Alberta lakes

Source: Daily Hive

More than 60% of all lakes in the world are in Canada. The land is filled with breathtaking landscapes, lakes, and forests that surround them and is home to spectacular wildlife from elks to grizzly bears. Lake Louise is part of the Banff National park and it looks like it’s coming straight out a fairytale. The Rockies surround the crystal blue glacier lake, and the air is crisp and clean. There are several waterfalls nearby that should definitely end up on your list. Bike trails and hiking trails crisscross the entire national park, but mostly, Lake Louise is a place of serenity and solitude where you can connect to nature in a true sense.

Moraine Lake is another glacier lake in Banff forests that is worth visiting. It’s more than 8 miles long, and the cold clear waters are a fisherman’s paradise. Water is cold even in summer months, but it’s still very popular for boat sightseeing in the Rockies and canoeing. Moraine lake is a perfect spot to find peace and de-compress from daily life.

Abraham Lake in Alberta becomes a unique spot during the winter months. Organic material in the lake decays and releases methane in a form of billions of bubbles that freeze before reaching the top. This creates a picture of many underwater glassy orbs that can be seen from above. However, ice is not that thick even though the temperatures can go below 30 degrees, so caution is required, and the best way to snap a shot of nature’s light show is from afar.

2. Yukon

Source: Dissolve

Kluane National park in Yukon is a gigantic area of more than 15,000 square miles that is full of various geographical forms, valleys, mountain peaks, and lakes. The highest mountain top in Canada, Mount Logan, is here standing at 19,551 feet high. The vast area attracts great adventurers with its hike trails and wildlife. It’s quite possible to walk for days and not see another living soul, so it’s the ultimate nature escape. However, for the rest of us that are looking for something more comfortable, the best way would be to go sightseeing from the helicopter, or ski-equipped plane that can land on some otherwise unapproachable terrains.

3. Newfoundland

Source: TripSavvy

Sitting on the east coast of Canada, Newfoundland is a major tourist spot for its gorgeous Atlantic coastline and beautiful inner landscape. One of the most visited spots in Gros Morne National park that is recognized by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site, which is uniquely diverse scenery. It takes days to visit every spot in the park, from the Atlantic shores to the high mountain peaks, lakes, and even fjords. This is one spot on Earth where continental drift is visible, exposing the Earth’s mantle. Definitely worth seeing something so unique, and snap a few shots for the generations to come.

4. Prince Edward Island

Source: Good Sam Blog

Cavendish beach features a red sand coastline that is one of the favorite spots for photographers. Cliffs that rise above the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean paint the picturesque landscape that attracts both tourists and scientists. The island has only one resident, a fictitious one, Anne Shirley, or better known as Anne of Green Gables. Don’t miss to visit the Green Gables Heritage Place while here which was deemed to be a historical site.

5. Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy was recently in the competition of becoming a world wonder with the gigantic tides that can rise for up to 50 feet. It’s nestled between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and represents the true natural wonder. At the time of high tide, you can see many different islands across the bay, but when the tide is low you can see that they are actually rocky formations that stand high above the ground like towers. A unique experience that will leave you in awe of nature’s power.

6. Manitoba

Source: Canadavisa.com

Specifically, Churchill, Manitoba – the polar bears’ capital of the world. The little arctic town on a Hudson Bay has a population of 900 people, but far more polar bears. The beasts often lurk into town so the citizens came up with a “polar bear jail” to keep them locked until they can be returned into the wilderness. Getting to see a polar bear in his natural habitat must be one of the heart-pounding experiences ever. If you’re panicky about meeting bears, you can go sightseeing from the chopper where you can get the birds-eye view of the endangered species roaming free.

7. Long Beach, British Columbia

Source: Forbes

Named one of the favorite surfing spots in the world. Well, we don’t know about the whole world, but certainly, one of the best locations to catch waves on the Pacific coast. It’s buzzing with surf enthusiasts and tourists alike. Situated on the west coast of Vancouver Island it’s very remote, which is something that world adventurers are searching for. In time, it has become very popular, but there are still some seasons when you can find the original serenity and calmness in listening waves skirting the coastline.

8. Muskoka Lakes, Ontario

Source: Wikipedia

If you want to know favorite local getaway, hit for the Muskoka lakes. In the backcountry of Toronto, it’s one of the favorite spots for mini-vacations and weekend relaxation. The lakes are so beautiful that up until recently visitors had limited stay of only one day. The residents who have cottages on the lakes wanted to keep the nature undisturbed by limiting the number of visits. Nowadays, however, the Canadian government took off the ban and built marvelous accommodations on the very shores.