How Much Does it Cost to Register a Vehicle in Alberta?


Like any other part of the words, vehicle registration is mandatory in Alberta – you cannot drive without one. Alberta has about 5 million registered automobiles. There are over a million passenger automobiles, over a million trucks, and about 1.5 million trailers in the country.

Previously, Alberta mailed automobile registration reminders to drivers. They ended the service in 2017 as a cost-cutting move. The number of drivers penalized for expired registrations increased by more than 40% almost immediately.

Driving without a valid registration comes with hefty fines and penalties. Fortunately, maintaining your vehicle registration does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. Similarly, insurance is also a mandatory requirement to drive in Canada. Visit Surex to compare the best car insurance companies in Canada.

The cost to register a vehicle in Alberta and upgrade your data varies according to the type of automobile you drive. We have all you need to know about Alberta automobile registration right here.

Continue reading to learn about the cost to register a vehicle in Alberta, renewals, additional fees, and other frequently asked topics by drivers.

What are the requirements for registering a vehicle in Alberta?


In order to register a car in Alberta, drivers must meet the following requirements:

  • At least one kind of government-issued identification
  • Proof of automobile ownership.
  • Proof of current and legitimate automobile insurance
  • Legal identification
  • Applicants should always present their driver’s licence as proof of identity. Alternate IDs may also be accepted if a driver’s licence is not available.

Ownership documentation

Drivers can submit any of the following documents to verify ownership:

  • The initial sales contract
  • Their leasing contract
  • Will of the individual who is bequeathing the automobile to them
  • A dealer’s initial New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS)
  • Original documentation is required in all circumstances. Faxes, photocopies, or other duplicates are not acceptable substitutes.

Certificate of insurance

Drivers must show proof of insurance by submitting a valid and updated Alberta liability insurance form, popularly known as a “pink card.” The name on the card and the name on the vehicle registration must match.

Other prerequisites

Applicants who are registering a vehicle previously registered in another province or the United States will additionally require one of the following documents:

  • The inspection report from outside of the province.
  • Report on the salvage inspection.
  • Report on a commercial inspection.

Applicants must additionally carry the following items with them:

  • Anyone else who will be included on the car’s registration with them.
  • Anyone else who will be named on the bill of sale in case the vehicle is brand new.

Applicants who are under the age of eighteen must additionally complete one of the following steps:

  • Bring a parent or guardian with them to the car registration.
  • With any other documentation, they should bring a signed parental consent form.
  • Finally, drivers must provide their AMA membership cards while enrolling at an AMA office.

What is the cost to register a vehicle in Alberta?


The cost to register a vehicle in Alberta varies depending on the kind of vehicle and the type of transaction. Given below is the detail of registration costs in various scenarios –

  • A single year of registration for a standard passenger car costs $93.
  • A year’s registration for a motorcycle costs $54.
  • Registration for a year on a trailer is $163.
  • A one-time, non-expiring registration fee for antique automobiles is $39
  • A fee of $28 is charged to transfer a registration.
  • A customized Alberta licence plate costs $225 when purchased along with registration.

Renewal of vehicle registration in Alberta

Vehicle renewals in Alberta do not have a grace period. Fines and other penalties apply to drivers who do not update their license before it expires. The minimum fee is $230, although, for lapsed registrations, drivers are frequently charged more than $300.

Importantly, drivers who owe fines, fees, or penalties will be unable to renew their car registration until all charges have been paid in full.

As a result, drivers must remember to renew their licences on time. If you’re not sure when your licence is up for renewal, you can look it up on the below-mentioned documents:

  • On their vehicle licence plates
  • On the certificate of registration
  • On the list of official registration expiry dates.

In-person vehicle registration renewal


An Alberta Registry Agent may help drivers renew their car registration anytime. For their own convenience, many drivers prefer to renew their AMA registrations. Drivers should consider in-person renewal in the below circumstances:

  • If their registration will expire in ten days or fewer,
  • If they need to make modifications to their registration.
  • If they have overdue charges to pay.

Online vehicle registration renewal

Renewing your membership online is usually the simplest and most convenient method. To apply online, applicants will require the same papers and information as if they were filing in person. They’ll also need to pay with a valid debit card.

Drivers who plan to renew their licences online should double-check their registrations first. They will be unable to submit their registration online if the information on file includes inaccuracies or does not match the details they want to submit at the time of renewal. To edit or update their records, customers will need to go to a Registry Agent or an AMA Centre in person.

In what situations drivers can’t renew vehicle registration online?


Some drivers are not eligible to renew their licences online. Given below are the circumstances when a driver won’t be able to renew their vehicle registration –

  • Drivers owe penalties or fees.
  • The registrations of drivers expire in less than ten days.
  • Changes are required to the vehicle registration.

The cost to register a vehicle in Alberta — Endnote

Now that you know the answer to the question, “how much does it cost to register a vehicle in Alberta”, make sure you complete the process before hitting the roads. Vehicles on Alberta’s public roads must be insured and have a current registration certificate. You cannot register a car if you have any pending penalties. If you pay your penalties online first, you’ll have to wait a few days for the money to be processed before you may renew online.

There is no charge for a replacement plate if you require one. The price will vary depending on the duration; for example, a passenger car (non-commercial) will cost you $93 a year. The payment will be prorated if you enroll for a period of less than or equal to 12 months.