5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Resume Writing Service – 2024 Guide

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More and more people are using an executive resume writing service these days to the point where the people who do not use career companies are falling behind. Writing your own resume is fine, but it is tough to compete with professionals who write CVs every day of the working week. There is probably a whole book’s worth of things you need to know before you start hiring such companies, but here are five things that the team at resume service Resumeble.com think you should know before you start hiring.

1. The Service is Not Free

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How much does it cost to have someone write your resume? For example, a basic package with a cover letter will cost around $149, whereas if you want extras like a LinkedIn profile, a second version, cold call emails to recruiters and so forth, then the cost comes closer to $339. A professional writer is going to cost at least over $100. After all, if you were good at something, wouldn’t you charge a fair (but not cheap) cost?

2. Is the Service Anonymous?

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For the most part, it is in the interest of the resume writing service to keep your order anonymous. Perhaps they want a review or two, but most want to keep your documents private so that your custom is not poached by other services. The industry is very competitive, and even freelancers will try to undercut larger companies and try to pull away their customers.

There is nothing wrong or taboo about ordering a resume. Employers are not checking to see if you wrote it by yourself, they are more concerned about the content and if it is true or not. There are currently no employers trying to find out if applicants have had their resume written for them. Unless your CV is filled with errors, then there is no need to worry about employers finding out who wrote it.

3. Will They Retain My Resume on File?

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It may be a little daunting to think that a company has your resume on file, yet, how different it is from a potential employer having it on file? When you use editor services, it is up to them if they keep your CV, but in reality, what use do they have for it? Plus, there are plenty of people who hand out their docs to anybody who will take it, so you shouldn’t worry too much if the career service is silly enough to keep your resume. There is no real use for it once you have paid for it.

4. Will the Employer Know I Have Used a Resume Service?

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Employers are worried about you and the skills you have. They want to know if you are right for the job. They are not concerned with who wrote your CV just so long as it is correct and represents you in the right way. Employers are not actively seeking out writing services to see who wrote their own resumes and who didn’t.

There is no stigma attached to using such writing company. You may feel that it shows you are incompetent or unable to write your own resume, but you shouldn’t worry too much. Your writing skills are not on trial. Unless you are literally applying for a writer job, then how great your CV is shouldn’t be a massive issue. Let’s say you were applying for a job as a chief architect, do you honestly think the employer cares if you wrote your own resume? Do you think they would turn you down just because you got a professional to write it for you? In reality, they would probably applaud your initiative in getting your CV written correctly.

5. Hiring a Service is Not a Lie or Illegal

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Hiring some sort of editor service and/or looking for resume companies near me is not morally wrong. Coca Cola hires a marketing service, McDonalds burgers are manufactured off site, and SpongeBob doesn’t really live under the sea. In short, you are using your writers skills to show off your real skills, qualifications and experience. Your writers skills are simply packaging and marketing you as a worker so that somebody is more likely to hire you, just like cola is marketed so that you are more likely to buy it.

Is it illegal to pay someone to write your resume? No, there is a common misconception that CV writing services are like educational writing services, but the notion that essay writing services are illegal is also very false. There are not even copyright issues to contend with in the career world, so you need not worry about anything being illegal.

Conclusion – Keep Your Personal Details Off the Resume

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One of the reasons why some people do not like resume companies is simply because they do not like handing over their personal information, but the fact is that you do not have to hand over all that much. You can hand over fake names, dates of birth, addresses and so forth, and then alter them back again when you receive the resume back. They may gain access to a few answers to secret answers, such as your first high school, but other than that, there is nothing a writer staff member can get from your CV to do you any harm. Plus, the best companies would have gone out of business long ago if they were actively screwing people over, so stick to older companies that have a solid online reputation and you will be fine.