Baby Ariel Net Worth 2024

Baby Ariel is a famous singer rocking the music scene nowadays, and social media. Actually, it’s hard to imagine anyone nowadays not jamming to her tunes. But, did you know that her name is Ariel Rebecca Martin? Or, moreover, Do you know how much money Baby Ariel actually has? Read on to discover Ariel’s net worth in 2024.

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First Steps

Little miss Ariel was born on a cold November night in 2000, in South Florida. Interestingly, her origin is a real mix of Spanish, Cuban, Israeli, and Panamanian blood. Moreover, it seems that creativity and excellent music skills run through this family because her brother Jacob is also a musician. He is younger to her, and he is actually pretty famous on the platform.

Ariel studied at local Florida high school, and while growing up, she enjoyed great parties, chilling with her friends, and singing and dancing along the way.

Professional Career

Ever since she started high school, Ariel learned about a new platform named

That was back in 2015. Soon after, Ariel started showing talent across this platform, and people loved her work. She was ready for instant success. In no time, she had 26 million followers. Ariel had a real sense of social media, and she utilized them well for her fame. In comes as no surprise that she used different platforms to get more followers. Very fast, Ariel had around 2.9 million subscribers on YouTube, 8.3 million followers on Instagram, 1 million followers on Twitter, and about 280 thousand followers on Facebook. In 2015 she also kicked off an anti-bullying campaign known as #ArielMovement, and until today it’s one of her most significant achievements.

Ariel has a significant role in the #HackHarassment initiative for preventing negativity and hate speech online. Her actions were recognized by People magazine. Next to that, she sighed a deal with Creative Artists Agency during September 2016. Ariel launched her first single “Aww” in December 2017. Just one month later, she released her second single named “Perf.”


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Baby Ariel is a real influencer. Her actions and work were so inspiring from day one that she was rewarded with the prestigious Teen Choice Award on account of “Choice Muser” during 2016 and 2017. She was also nominated for the “Entertainer of the Year” in 2016 Steamy Awards, and for “Breakout Creator.” She was also noticed by every major publisher, including Paper Magazine, RAW, Business Insider, Fast Company, Seventeen Magazine, Wonderwall, and even CNN and Huffington Post.

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Baby Ariel Net Worth 2024

Although Ariel is still a teenager, her net worth in 2024 is higher than the retirement of the majority of people. At the time, her bank account is massive $2.5 million. With an earning of $54,000 per video, her wealth will only increase.

At the time, her earning most comes from online work, but she will probably expand her fortune with offline actions as well, including public performances. Who knows, maybe she will lunch some product any time soon?