Vanessa Bohorquez Net Worth 2024

Vanessa Bohorquez is one more young girl who got known for her Instagram photos. She is a social media personality, and most of the fame she obtained after she posted pictures in swimsuits. After that, she gained a lot of attention, and that helped her to begin a modeling career. Besides the images of herself, Vanessa is also posting photos about her life and her family.

Stay tuned and read the article below, and you will find out all about Vanessa’s career and her incomes.

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Early Life

Vanessa Bohorquez was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela on 2 July 1990. She grew up in Venezuela, and before she got famous online, Bohorquez didn’t attract a lot of attention except for her looks.

There is no a lot of details known about her childhood, parents, or education as she didn’t talk about these topics.

Online Career

The young model started her online career when she began to post photos of herself. Soon after it, she gained fame thanks to her sensual and sexy photos. Often, she takes pictures in swimwear, bikinis, and sexy clothing that shows her assets. Also, Vanessa is posting sexy pictures from a gym.

Over time, Bohorquez gained over 1.6 million Instagram followers, and the number is getting higher every day. The Instagram popularity attracted to the companies that are paying her for sponsored work.

She modeled for different online companies like Pink Buddha, which is specialized in nail art. For the Ferrari and Lamborghini rental company named Drive Me 89, Vanessa did various posts. Also, Vanessa is often working with company Fashion Nova which sells wear online.

However, Vanessa decided that she doesn’t want to stop only on Instagram and modeling career. She made an account on the website Only Fans and started to post even sexier photos there. Social media is providing content that is only visible for exclusive fans. The site is popular in the adult entertainment industry, but people can also post other materials.

Personal Life

There aren’t any rumors about her relationships except that she is still single because of her adult-oriented posts.

She is a travel lover, and often she is posting photos for the destination like Paris and Dubai.

Source: Instagram

Vanessa Bohorquez Net Worth 2024

Thanks to the sponsorships and her online career, Vanessa Bohorquez earned a decent amount of money for her self. Her estimated net worth is $400,000 as of 2024.