Top 7 Websites for Calgary Residents to Learn Spanish Fluently

Spanish is considered one of the hardest languages to learn. However, it is important to learn if you are living in a Latin place where everyone speaks the language. This language has almost 400 million speakers around the globe and nearly 33 million Spanish speakers in the US only.

There are many Spanish speakers in English-speaking countries like Canada, especially Calgary city. However, if you have a strong will and interest to learn Spanish it won’t be hard for you. There are different methods of learning Spanish like traditional language classes and modern online classes.

After the covid situation, we all know how important and time-saving online classes are. That’s why we came up with the top 7 websites to learn to speak Spanish fluently. We will be listing them and mentioning the different perks that each website provides and how effective they are. So without any further delay let’s jump into it.

1. AmazingTalker


Among the new language learners, this one is a well-known name. It is an online learning platform that is available in almost every country with reasonable prices and the best teachers around the globe. They provide batch classes and one-on-one interaction classes where students can learn in private from the best teachers of all.

Not only does this website provide a Spanish learning facility but also other languages like English, Canadian English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and many more. The best thing about this website is you do not have to wait for classes but the lessons will wait for you.

One can learn from online live classes or recorded classes. So without any question get enrolled in their Spanish lessons.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is another top-rated website for learning Spanish. They teach many other languages including Spanish but they are specifically famous for teaching this language. Only in their Spanish course they have nearly 30.6 million learners at the moment.

The best thing about the website is they organize their courses like steps to achievement, once you finish a class your credit gets increased and you hit different milestones. This gives the learners motivation and inspiration to continue learning. Because starting is easy but continuing is hard, their methods help very much in that matter.

3. Rocket Languages


Rocket language is well known to many people who have already learned Spanish online before. They have a total of 14 language courses and Spanish is their top priority. They provide batch classes with a spot practice facility.

Learners can practice with their instructor online to learn faster. They have weekly tests after you complete each section of the course which test your learning ability. Their website interface is also very easy to navigate which is helpful for learners not very good with technology.

Allover Rocket Languages is a good place for you to get enrolled in.

4. Babbel

This is another great language learning website for people worldwide. They have modern teaching techniques which are different from many websites that are available online. Babbel teaches a total of 13 languages which include Spanish, Portugal, Italian, Danish, Indonesian, and other languages. They have different teaching techniques for different people, if you have enough time you can join their online live classes or you can watch their recorded classes. Along with the website, they also have an app that is made for smartphone users to make it easy.

5. Mondly


Mondly is a fun website for learning Spanish and other languages. While other websites prepare their courses like traditional textbooks, Mondly prepares them like mini-word games. After every lesson, you have to play a mini-game to prove your ability and move to the next lesson.

This is a fun way to learn Spanish which will inspire the learners to learn more. They also have real-time conversation partners with whom you can chat to improve your speaking and hearing skills. It was the best learning app voted by the google play store in 2017.

6. News In Slow Spanish

This is an online Spanish learning platform but different. It’s more like an online podcast service where learners can listen to different podcasts and improve their hearing ability. It is not made for entry-level learners but for experienced learners who want to polish their speaking and hearing skills.

They have beginner-level podcasts, advanced-level podcasts, and series podcasts where everything is mixed. The best thing about this site is it is totally free to use. You do not have to pay a penny to use this website which is ideal for free time practicing.

7. Fluenz


Just like it sounds like “Fluency”, Fluenz can make you fluent in many languages including Spanish. It has an amazing website that is very easy to navigate and wonderful video classes to learn from. Along with these video classes they have workouts that will make you stronger in Spanish.

This website has reviews from famous organizations like Forbes and Sky Delta. In their exercises, they have flashcard learning, Audio podcasts which help a lot in learning different speaking and learning skills with learning vocabs.

This will be an ideal website for learning Spanish for new learners who have no previous experience.


Learning Spanish has always been a hard job for all of us, but not anymore. In this age of the internet, it is as easy as ordering something online, you just need the will to learn Spanish and you are good to go. You had the will that’s why you are here today, in this article we mentioned 7 websites for Calgary residents to learn Spanish fluently.

These 7 websites are best for learning Spanish online and all of them have different qualities. Like good website interface, one-on-one learning, Podcast section, flashcards, and many more. These qualities are very effective for learning.

Aside from all websites, our personal choice is AmazingTalker. This is an online learning platform that is loved by thousands for a reason. It has the best tutors around the globe and has a one-on-one learning facility.