RuneScape 3 Ironman Guide: Be an Iron Giant in RS3 


If you have chosen to play RS3 in ironman mode, you have come to the right place! Welcome to our RS3 Ironman mode guide, we will walk through every strategy and method you need to get the maximum amount of experience and to level up in the quickest way possible. We will explore the early, middle and end game individually to determine what the best strategy is for every category so you can progress quickly, but first, here are some things you should know.


Introduction – what you should know

As an Ironman, the grand exchange is closed off and trading between players is strictly limited. This means that all materials and equipment must be harnessed from their original sources through bossing, gathering skills and some other limited ways. You are still going to need gold as an ironman for paying instant fees, managing miscellania, and buying spirit shards for summoning. It is easy to run out of gold in Ironman, if you need some you can buy gold here.

It is very important to unlock the spell high level alchemy early on in the game so you can have easier access to coins. Paired with this, it is also extremely useful to develop Runecrafting of level 44 to build nature runes required for high level alchemy. You should note that although the spell cannot create gold, some items are certainly not worth alchemizing and can be sold to general stores which produces a good income of coins.

Apart from the importance of striving for coins as an Ironman, quests also play a very important role. They are very important early game as many experience awards can allow you to skip multiple levels at once. Questing is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences within RuneScape, if you are encountering trouble on your journey, you can check out some questing guides online. Additionally, you must do quests to unlock exclusive content such as bosses or skilling methods.

You should get the leprechaun hat from the marketplace as soon as you have gathered 100 oddments, as an early tier-2 luck enhancer will be an immense addition to your arsenal. If you can, you should get this with sunglasses for another 100 oddments for additional protection against Basilisk and Cockatrices similar to the mirror shield.


Early Game

Quests offer the quickest way to progress through the early game as an ironman. They are especially crucial as they offer various beneficial rewards such as experience and novel account unlocks. There are many quests you can do to help you, some of them are:

  • Violet is blue
  • The jack of spades
  • Priest in peril
  • Witch’s House and
  • The knight’s sword

The second thing to focus on in the early game as an ironman is money making. Money making as an Ironman is significantly different to that of a main. This is mainly because an ironman can’t sell on the grand exchange so you have to look to alternative methods to make money. Money making in the early game is cardinal as it allows you to fund supply costs and daily activities. Some methods can be:

  • Daily shooting star rewards
  • Burst corrupted scarab
  • Pickpocketing the gullible tourist
  • The water filtration system.

The last thing you should consider is food. Food can make a huge difference to the ironman early game when fighting quest bosses or train slayer, although, it is important to note that food will not heal the full amount until you reach a certain constitution level depending on each individual food. Some sources of food are:

  • Cake
  • Desert Sole
  • Gnome food
  • Cooked eeligator

Mid game

Going into the mid-game you do not have to worry too much about food anymore, but quest and money making remain very important. It can be useful to look up an efficiency guide to questing through the mid game as many new quests open up, some being:

  • Desert Treasure
  • King’s Ransom
  • Lunar Diplomacy
  • Recipe for disaster

When it comes to money making, there are three main ways to do so mid game:

  • Safe cracking
  • Slayer tasks
  • O mechanic arch-glacor

End game

When questing through the end game, there are three main quests which you will want to complete:

  • Curse of the black stone
  • Extinction
  • Twilight of the gods

The main thrill of reaching the end game as an iron man is bossing. It’s very exciting as you probably know and will experience soon if you follow this guide. It might be useful to look up each of the bosses you are going to fight online, so you can match up their strengths and weaknesses to maximize your chances of success. There are many exciting boss fights you are going to have to go through, some of them with:

  • King black dragon
  • Kalphite queen
  • Barrows

Three new ways of money making also open up to you:

  • Vyrelords
  • Spiritual warriors
  • Streaking hard mode arch glacor

If you maintain all of these effectively, leveling up is a breeze. There are activities that you will have to do on a daily,weekly and even monthly basis to ensure that you continually level up and keep your account up to scratch. Some of these things include daily challenges, herby werby and troll invasion.

Furthermore, it is also important to remember to train your skills such as agility, archeology, construction and cooking (which you can also find guides for) and to collect milestone items such as the bonecrusher, dragon pickaxe and sunspear. All these activities and responsibilities will continually keep you busy and pleasantly entertained.

To close off

Choosing to play RS3 in ironman mode can definitely be troublesome as it is vastly different from a main, but with the added difficulty comes the enjoyment of a challenge. If you manage to follow all the steps listed in this guide and keep on grinding you will have a maxed out ironman account in no time. We hope you enjoyed our RS3 ironman guide and that it was helpful. Enjoy Gaming!