8 Best Baby Monitors of 2024

As a new parent, every time you leave the baby unattended to sleep, it is likely for you to find yourself stuck with anxiety. It is a natural and normal feeling, however, you do understand things need to be well managed and completed, this is where you need a monitor.

Buying the best baby monitor will provide you complete peace and assurance that your baby is safe even while away from your eyes or while sleeping. Find a baby monitor from the list of top-recommended baby monitors from Parenthoodbliss website.

1. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

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You should not be surprised to see Nanit as one of the best baby monitors and to top the list. It provides you both an unobstructed, clear view of the baby all thanks to its over crib mount and insight reports of sleep and the sleep scores of every night through the app. With the help of this monitor, you will be able to keep a track of how the baby is sleeping and how to make them well.

2. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Ever thought about why you should settle for hearing the baby if you can instead see the baby? The Infant Optics comes with a high-quality camera in the baby’s room that transmits video to their dad or mom kept by the side. At the end of the day, it is a relief watching your baby sleeping in silence rather than- all Sharpie on walls.

The DXR-8 also has the feature to zoom and pan across the room of the baby, without having the parents actually enter the baby’s room and physically adjust the camera. Because of these features, the best baby monitor with video has to be Infant Optics DXR-8.

3. iBaby M6S Digital Video Monitor

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Wi-fi baby monitors have to be one of the best innovations that have taken place in the field of baby monitors as they are very comfortable and convenient to use. The baby monitor that has been equipped with Wi-Fi can be connected anywhere, all that it needs is a Bluetooth or Internet connection.

These features make it great for traveling purposes unless the travel is to a location off the grid. However, always use a secured connection so that the monitor does not get hacked.

4. Cloud Baby Monitor

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Baby monitor apps will let you operate the monitor with the help of any device at your home, like mobile, tablets, and also computers. A device will be the transmitter in the room of the baby and the other one can be used as the monitor. Some of these have just an audio function, whereas there are other apps that are equipped with both audio and video.

All in all, a baby monitor app has some really good features that you may not get in other traditional monitors, like remote functions. But then there are parents who have complained about these being not so reliable.

5. VTech Safe & Sound DM221

The price and portability of a baby monitor should be one of the primary things for parents to keep in mind. But if the purchase in question is of an audio monitor, always go for a monitor that does not use an analog model for a digital DECT technology. This is because you get better security and interference is much less.

The VTech Safe & Sound DM221 has some good reviews and comes with a lot of high-quality features that can be pretty useful. This digital monitor can function as a walkie-talkie as it is enabled with communication that is 2 way and is an ideal option for parents who love traveling.

6. Babysense Video Baby Monitor With 2 Digital Cameras

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It is a common belief and understanding that parents need to get two baby monitors- but not anymore! As parents of twins, you can instead just look for monitors that have more cameras than one on the monitor like the Babysense Video Monitor. This baby monitor comes pre-equipped with 2 cameras and can support additional 4 more cameras, making it perfect for parents blessed with twin babies. It has a push-button that will let you keep track of both the babies simultaneously. In addition to these, the monitor also has other features like zooming, panning, tilting and can adjust the room temperature too.

7. Philips Avent SCD-570 DECT Baby Monitor

Parents are often concerned that the hustle-bustle of their daily activities might have them miss the cries of the baby. While this is a valid and common issue to be concerned about, a baby monitor with a long range like the Philips Avent SCD-570 can save the day!

When you purchase a baby monitor with a long-range, always keep in mind that the long-range they mention in the box does not take into account walls and doors, it is the line range. Hence, even though you will not be too far from the baby, when you are just doing laundry or going to the basement, this baby monitor can be quite helpful as you can keep a check on the baby without having to worry about your tasks at hand.

8. Evoz Vision Wireless Video Baby Monitor

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Traveling with kids might sound like a challenge but a reliable baby can make even travel so easy! The Evos Vision long-range monitor has a lot of advantages, especially when you are at your relative’s place and the baby is not in the normal surroundings of the house.

These reasons have made this baby monitor on the list for being the best for traveling. The monitor assures Wi-Fi which will allow more than just one person in keeping a check on the baby, this is very useful when you are visiting your friends or family. Even other people can be given access to this app.

Baby Monitor: Final Thoughts

Raising a baby is one of the most difficult tasks to handle optimally but a baby monitor can come in rather handy to help parents through the process.

A monitor not only helps keep a watch on the little one, but in fact,  lets you do so while you simultaneously manage your adult tasks of the day! We hope our list helped you identify the best baby monitor for your little pumpkin!

FAQs Related To Baby Monitors

  • Is a baby monitor a necessity?

Having a baby monitor can be really useful for parents as it lets them keep an active eye on the baby, without feeling guilty for being away from the baby. Even if you are a home make parent, a baby monitor can come in really handy for when you take trips to the basement or are busy putting the laundry. Having said that, the utility or the necessity of a monitor really varies from family to family.

  • Which is the best baby monitor for twins?

Babysense Video Monitor is one of the top-recommended baby monitors for twins as it is equipped with 2 cameras and can additionally support 4 more cameras. It comes with a push-button that will let you keep track of both the babies simultaneously. In addition to these, the monitor has features of zooming, panning, tilting and  can adjust the room temperature too.

  • Which is the best baby monitor?

While the ‘best’ baby monitor is heavily subjected to a parent’s own needs, we recommend the Nanitsmart baby monitor as it provides you an unobstructed, clear view of the baby and also an insight report with baby’s sleep scores of the night through the app.  Moreover, its over-the-crib Wi-Fi camera offers unparalleled video-monitoring capabilities, capturing real-time HD-quality video and operating on “computer vision” to track whether your child is awake, sleeping, or fussing.