Worst Tank Classes in Dragonflight Season 1

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Dragonflight is now available to all players. Are you ready to face new content and trials? Yet it is quite easy to go through the main storyline without any gameplay difficulties, dungeons, raids, and mythics in Season 1 can become a tough challenge. To show your best, you should pick only the best specs and avoid ineffective ones. In this article, we will take a look at the Dragonflight tanks worst tier list.

Efficiency Rating

Dragonflight tank worst ranking is pretty neutral this time. It is one of the best-balanced expansions we have ever seen in World of Warcraft, so there are no dramatic differences between classes. But it is still possible to point out the best and the worst tank classes Dragonflight has to offer.

S-tier Protection Warrior
A-tier Guardian Druid Vengeance Demon Hunter Blood Death Knight
B-tier Brewmaster Monk Protection Paladin

As you can see, there are no apparent trash tanks out there. Let us take a closer look at the abilities and stats of the lowest specs.

Brewmaster Monk: Skill Is Essential

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This spec is considered to be the worst tank meta Dragonflight has at the moment. The main disadvantage of Brews is their dependency on other team members. Even with dozens of buffs these big guys still need additional healing. They have the smallest amount of HP among competitors. Brew’s worst enemies are Magic and Bleeding damage. And even the last patch with Brewmaster’s Balance skill (now increases stamina by 45% instead of 30%) doesn’t make any difference.

Actually, Brewmaster Monk could become an actual A or even S-tier. With the new talent tree system, it can become a versatile option for every occasion. But it requires real skill to master the class. Lots of combinations, cooldowns, rotations — you must analyze all this information in the head. And it is a pretty hard thing to do in the heat of battle.

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Protection Paladin: an Unforgiving Slowpoke

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Paladins are humorously famous for their Holiness. Many people in the community make friendly jokes about them. We think that during the current first season of the expansion this tendency will continue. Because Protection Paladins are the worst tank class to play in Dragonflight compared to other variants.

First, they have the second lowest health points pool among tanks. Secondly, they are really slow. Paladins have low mobility: unlike Brewmasters with their Roll and Tiger’s Lust, Pals have only one way to boost speed — Divine Steed.

Some skills limit Paladin’s performance as well. For example, the essential Shield of the Righteous ability needs some time to be ready for casting. In Dragonflight Avenger’s Shield and Divine Toll generate no holy power — Pal’s primary resource. With these nuances, gameplay can become quite unforgiving. Even a couple of seconds can ruin your run.

Death Knight Tanks

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Death Knights have an interesting history in the tank lifestyle and, unfortunately, never really quite achieved the same level of success that other classes did. For all the access to damage-dealing abilities that their skill trees allow players to engineer, Death Knights lack some of the key tools one might want in a tank class — namely mobility. With all their damage potential, Death Knights pay for it in limitation and struggle to properly kite mobs or reposition their character fast enough when necessary.

Beyond mobility problems, Death Knights also become incredibly resource intensive as tanks since you are trying to balance pooling your runes and runic power resources for strong self-healing whilst also keeping aggro on mobs. Any mistake with spending stamina or runic power can result in you having no resource left when a cooldown may be necessary, making death knights much riskier than other tanks.

No matter what situation players find themselves in with a death knight tank, they will most likely not perform as well as other classes and specs due to their reliance on high-cost abilities and limited mobility.

Druid Tanks

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Druid tanks are a challenging tank class to play in Dragonflight Season 1 of World of Warcraft. Although they are capable of providing decent single-target damage and crowd control, their lack of good defensive cooldowns or survivability makes them vulnerable against multiple enemies. Furthermore, their damage output and threat generation are much lower than that of other tank classes such as Protection Warriors or Paladins. Therefore, they tend to make for poor main tanks in mythic+ content.

In addition, any attempt to reach maximum tanking effectiveness requires a large investment from the Druid in both stats and gear that make other tanks a much better choice for a group situation. It should also be noted that the use of feral forms is not recommended during tanking as they will pose an increased risk of players wiping due entering combat in the wrong form at the wrong time.

Are They Really That Bad?

Paladins and Monks are only considered the most undesirable tank classes Dragonflight have in comparison with others. Warriors, Death Knights, Druids, and Demon Hunters are better in the late game in terms of survivability and mitigation.

So, if you’re looking for the worst tank classes WoW 2024, pay attention to the character you play. Enough skill and knowledge will compensate for any troubles. But if you want to try something new, pick only high-tier specs to avoid frustrating episodes.

Overall, it’s difficult to boil down the best and worst tank classes for World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 1. While one class may do well in certain situations, another class may excel in others. Each of the tank classes has unique abilities and play styles that have positives and negatives, so it’s important to keep in mind your team composition as well as your individual playstyle when choosing a tank class for World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 1. Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference – make sure to try out each of the tank classes for yourself and decide which one is best for you!