Market Access Communication Tools — Benefits, Technical Features


In today’s world, gaining market access is a key factor influencing the successful sales of a drug or medical device. To get it, manufacturers spend a lot of effort in finding and effectively demonstrating their product’s clinical and economic value. Market access communication tools help manufacturers negotiate with government officials, healthcare providers and potential consumers. The development of these tools is provided by specialized companies such as Digital Health Outcomes. You can read more about their tools and methods on their website:

What Are Market Access Communication Tools, and How Are They Useful to a Manufacturer


Market access communication tools are custom-designed digital applications that help effectively and visually communicate the value of a product to a target audience. Such tools include:

  • budget impact models;
  • eDetailing and interactive ads
  • Clickable PDFs
  • CRM and CLM presenting rich content
  • value proposition presentations;
  • applications and financial calculators to improve cost-effectiveness;
  • tools to compare the effectiveness of different treatment protocols, etc.

Such apps make it easy to illustrate the value of your proposal from any device and help decision-makers assess the risks and benefits of implementing new interventions.

What Data Is Used in the Development of Market Access Communication Tools


Such apps are developed based on data from company clinical studies and publicly available data. Depending on the purpose of the tool, it may integrate:

  • medical care systems (ICS);
  • clinical commissioning groups (CCGs);
  • primary care networks (PCNs);
  • health care providers;
  • health boards and/or GP practices.

Available population-level datasets may also be included:

  • medication prescribing;
  • hospitalizations;
  • indicators of the effectiveness of disease treatment, etc.

Typically, such tools are developed for a base market (usually the country in which the drug is manufactured or in which a new product will be launched). It can then be adapted for other markets by plugging in local data sets. The adaptation also includes language and default references.

Communication Tools for Market Access — Technical Features

The application can be developed to meet the requirements of any modern platform and operating system. Usually, developers create the code base of the tool cross-compatible with several platforms – android, iPad, Windows and others. Also, market access communication tools can be integrated with popular CRM (customer relationship management) systems.

Another handy feature of the Market Access communication tools is the automatic generation of summary reports, which can be sent as a PDF file attachment to an e-mail or as a printable, downloadable report on the Internet. These reports can contain:

  • dynamic text;
  • tables;
  • charts and graphs.

Many software solutions developed for mobile devices and PCs in the form of applications or as part of a CRM system can work offline without connecting to the Internet. Thus, field crews can download data and generate summary reports without connecting to the mobile Internet network. The data are saved on the device and will be automatically sent as soon as the device is connected to the Internet.

Advantages of Market Access Communication Tools


These tools have become an essential part of any successful business or organization. These tools can provide many advantages over traditional methods of communication, such as increased efficiency, cost effectiveness and improved customer service. They offer a range of features, from notifications and call routing to live chat, email and content management.

By providing businesses with a comprehensive platform for connecting customers with sales representatives and other essential personnel, market access communication tools allow faster responses to queries and inquiries with better resources for handling recurring tasks. This streamlined workflow allows for better customer service and ultimately increased sales.

The use of these tools also facilitates better understanding between employees in different departments who might not have necessarily interacted before. Through easy access to necessary documents or databases, everyone remains updated while improving their overall experience since data remains consistent across all departments.

For customers, these tools provide the benefit of being able to reach out without geographic boundaries since they allow instant online communication abilities around the world. This can easily expand a company’s client base as more people are exposed to its brand through feature-rich applications tailored according to their specific needs. With accurate analytics also built into some applications, brands gain valuable insights into customer behavior patterns so that they can improve their products or services accordingly for increased demand.

Communication Tools for Market Access Using Artificial Intelligence


The high level of competition in the pharmaceutical market forces companies to look for new technical solutions that accelerate the development of a drug and getting it to market. Artificial intelligence and software products for data collection and analysis can help them do this. These are digital applications capable of processing large amounts of data. With the help of such tools, it is possible to quickly obtain data on pricing in different regions, life expectancy in the country or its area of interest, analysis of the latest pharmaceutical research, etc.


We have seen from this discussion the many benefits and technical features of market access communication tools. Such tools can be used to strengthen communication among stakeholders across different markets, ensuring that critical information and messages are received by the targeted audiences in a timely fashion. In addition, they can also be used to allow organizations to quickly respond to requests or inquiries that originate from countries outside their current supply chain in order to engage potential buyers or acquire new customers. Further, these tools can help organizations build relationships with their customers by providing personalized data and insights into specific markets, including trends and customer preferences. Finally, utilizing market access communication tools can help companies increase their competitiveness in international markets since they offer opportunities to create visibility, improve credibility and help organizations make informed decisions on strategic activities.