Will Housing Prices Drop In 2024 In New Hampshire?

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The first thing that we will analyze about real estate in New Hampshire is related to the stats, and they are showing us that the average value of real estate is around $450k, that there are more than 2,000 available properties in the listings, and that the average time that a property will be on the market before the sale is around one month.

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Moreover, we are currently in a challenging period with constant ups and downs when it comes to different economic factors. Also, there are many experts that claims that we are close to the next recession that might be worse than the one in 2008. We all know what happened back then with the real estate market. The prices were booming to a certain point, and then started to fall or stagnate for a longer time.

On the other side, there are some other factors that can determine whether investing in real estate in New Hampshire can be a good and profitable option. For example, the demand is much higher than the supply, and a lot of people think that this trend will continue in the future. That will secure the value even in case there are more serious economic downfalls. We are going to analyze more about the predicted prices in NH in 2024.

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Reports For 2024

Most of the trends can be seen in many other places, not only New Hampshire, and they are showing that the value of real estate is increasing rapidly. The average value have increased to around 15% in a single year.

On the other side, there is a problem with the supply, which caused around 12% less properties available in listings when compared to 2021. The interest rates are also on the rise, which is making it more challenging for people to get a loan and buy a house in this place.

The same situation is seen among rentals. It is getting more challenging for those who want or are already renting an apartment here. However, landlords might see that as a positive things. Still, it will provide only short-term benefits since that will lead to less people interested in renting.

What Are The Predictions for 2024?

According to many experts, it is expected that the prices of real estate might start dropping by the end of 2024. However, if the inflation remains on the same or an even higher lever, the values of real estate will follow that changes. As we already mentioned, there are many sings of an incoming recession that might be even more serious than some experts might think.

In that matter, now might be the right moment to invest in a property here since that can be a great way to secure your funds and avoid devaluing of your money. There is a high probability that the rise will stop at some moment, but the value will keep following the inflation rate. That makes it a good choice if you want to invest here.

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Most Popular Areas in New Hampshire

The most popular area is Nashua, and the best sign of that is that most houses that are listed are sold in less than a week. The increase in value is also the highest when compared to the last year. The value of homes raised by over 10%, while apartments have around 15% higher prices. A similar situation can be seen in East Merrimack, with a slightly lower in case of around 9%, but sales are also done in one week upon the introduction.

The Hudson was known for being quite cheaper than the first two areas, and it is not reaching the same prices, and the increase in one year was nearly 30%. Therefore, you will need more than $400k to buy a house in this place. Derry is also very popular, and people are competing over available real estate.

Therefore, you can expect to get more than 10% higher value than the one presented in the listing. The average price of houses is also over $400k. When it comes to Durham, which is a popular suburban area, the values of houses are even higher, reaching over $600k.

Benefits of Buying a Property in New Hampshire

There are signs that the global market will face some challenges. However, there is a chance that they won’t affect this area on the same level. The reason for that is a stable economy and the ability to deal with economic struggles. Also, Canada is known for high living standard and high popularity among immigrants, which is also a very important factor that is affecting the prices of real estate.

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Last Words

It is difficult to predict the changes on this market due to different factors and signs that might lead to serious financial challenges on the global market. Still, this area is one of the best and most stable for those interested in buying a house or apartment.

When it comes to previous trends, there is a chance that they won’t continue at the same level, which means that you should not expect to reach more than 20% higher value in a single year. On the other side, the values will follow the inflation rates, which means that investing in property in NH represents a great solution for securing your funds.

In the end, the best approach before buying a house is to consult with an expert in this area and get the right support so that you can be sure that you are investing in the right thing. There are many mistakes that people without experience can make, like investing in property that requires additional repairs.