Why Boozy Brunches Are Still A Thing

Imaging having brunch with a group of close friends and enjoying a cocktail. Boozy brunches are an excellent way to get everyone together to unwind and relax. This is the best kind of brunch to have during a day off from work or the perfect meal during a vacation. Nothing can compare to the joy and conversations that come with a drink-filled brunch on a peaceful morning. It’s the ultimate way to start the day. However, drinking and driving isn’t a good idea it is illegal. It’s wise to plan and make sure someone in the group plans on being a designated driver.

What Is A Boozy Brunch?

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Generally, a boozy brunch is a meal that’s wedged between breakfast and lunch which includes a little bit of alcohol. Whether an individual is enjoying a bottomless brunch in Washington DC or at the Florida Keys, it’s a socially accepted activity. A little alcohol early in the day won’t hurt anyone and it’s the perfect activity to unwind. A boozy brunch is also known as a bottomless brunch. The meaning of bottomless simply means an unlimited amount of food and drinks for the customer or guest. Being able to enjoy a meal with endless drinks and food for the same price sounds like the perfect adventure. However, depending on the restaurant or location, bottomless brunch can also stand for soft drinks and not alcohol. Be sure to contact the restaurant ahead of time or ask the waiter or waitress on what deals and offers they can provide.

What Kind Of Alcoholic Drinks Come With A Boozy Brunch?

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The most common of alcoholic drinks people generally like to drink for brunch is a Bloody Mary. However, there are other options to choose from. There are mimosas, breakfast cocktails, and even Irish coffees.

  • Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a cocktail that’s also a coffee served hot. It’s infused with Irish whiskey with a pinch of sugar, topped with cream. Some restaurants like to go above and beyond and add delicious chocolate shavings on top. The best foods to pair with an Irish Coffee are muffins, crackers, cheese, chocolate tarts, bagels, and small breakfast sandwiches. It’s fairly uncommon to have an Irish Coffee with anything other than breakfast foods and snacks.

  • Screwdriver

The list doesn’t stop there, some people like to start their mornings with something much stronger, like a Screwdriver. A Screwdriver is an alcoholic beverage made with vodka and orange juice. People usually enjoy this beverage mostly in the mornings. It’s uncommon for an individual to drink a Screwdriver towards the end of the day. This drink is best drank during breakfast or brunch. A simple meal of eggs and toast goes perfect with this alcoholic beverage. On a side note, do not forget to stay hydrated with water. Screwdrivers are fairly strong and can hit an individual pretty intensely first thing in the morning or afternoon. Be sure to eat plenty of carbs alongside a meal to ensure a gentle buzz and not a rough one.

  • Greyhound

For those who are a fan of gin, there’s a beverage called a Greyhound. This drink is made with grapefruit juice, ice, gin, and a salted rim. However, some restaurants might serve this fruit drink with vodka instead. Be sure to ask the waiter or waitress before ordering.

  • Bellini

Matt from lemadeleine.com says another common boozy brunch drink is Bellini. A Bellini is a cocktail infused with Prosecco and fruity nectar or sometimes mixed with peach purée. The Bellini beverage originated in Venice, Italy. This drink is only for individuals who are fans of fruity alcohol alongside their brunch.

  • Wine

Some individuals enjoy simplicity with their meals. In this case, wine is usually the best option and a highly popular choice of drink with any meal of the day. Without a doubt, wine has a lower alcohol content compared to other drink options. Wine also has many health benefits that can decrease diabetes and improve blood flow. It’s also known to prevent hearing loss and can improve one’s health after a stroke.

Benefits Of Boozy Brunches

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Many benefits can come with a boozy brunch. One of them is cost-friendly. There are plenty of restaurants, whether it’s a bottomless brunch in Washington DC or a boozy brunch in the Bahamas, the benefits of these gatherings can be incredible for the mind and body. The social aspect of a boozy brunch can get people socializing from all the alcohol being consumed. As a result, creating excellent conversations and some of the best memories. This is the perfect activity for those who are on vacation or celebrating a milestone. For example, let’s say someone is celebrating an anniversary with a spouse or a birthday, starting the day with a little alcohol is fun and enjoyable. Another benefit that comes with bottomless brunches is the deals restaurants give. Depending on the dining location, there are sometimes deals for Mimosas or Bloody Marys to go alongside a meal. Sometimes these places provide a two for one deal. However, this could greatly vary depending on the restaurant, location or season. The food could also go be a great deal since occasionally these restaurants provide a combo price for both food and beverages. Check with DC-Harvest.com for more details.

When Is The Best Time For A Bottomless Brunch?

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The best time to have a boozy brunch is occasionally. Having a drink every day and so early in the day can cause damage to one’s health. However, a drink every so often isn’t bad, when consumed in moderation, drinking occasionally in the afternoon or the morning can have it’s health benefits. Another excellent time to enjoy a meal as great as a bottomless brunch is to celebrate. It’s popular to enjoy this activity while on vacation, family gathering, meeting up with friends, celebrating a milestone, on a cruise, visiting a beautiful location, etc. etc. The sky’s the limit! Whether an individual is a bride to be having a glass of wine with bridesmaids alongside a filling breakfast or friends enjoying a bottomless brunch in Washington DC, boozy brunches are always a good way to celebrate a milestone or travel experience.