Where is the Original Starry Night Kept? Observing the Painting’s Story

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Perhaps one of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh’s most well-known works is The Starry Night, a fairly abstract outdoor painting that depicts an emotive evening sky over a little hillside settlement. The sky and stars shown are the main features of this art piece, oil on canvas. One or two flame-like cypress trees loom over the foreground to the left.

Their dark branches curve and sway in time with the sky, which they partially block off. A built-up village may be seen in the background on the bottom right of the painting among all of this activity. Small houses and a church’s thin steeple, which peaks as a beacon amidst undulating blue hills, are made of straight, controlled lines.

Amid the artwork’s chaos, the dwellings’ luminous yellow panels imply the warm lights of contented homes.

Home of the Starry Night

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Vincent only had a few of his art pieces sold in his lifetime. Vincent’s brother Theo received all the other remaining paintings upon his death. However, once Theo passed away, his spouse Jo and their son, their only child, took control of them all.

Jo purposefully sold Vincent’s artworks to prominent art collectors or renowned museums to establish Vincent’s reputation in the art world. Jo sold this Vincent van Gogh artwork to Georgette van Stolk one day in Rotterdam. Then, in 1941, she sold it to MoMA. It was the very first time a Van Gogh piece was added to a collection in a New York Museum.

The Starry night is currently kept in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. It is situated in Manhattan’s midtown. This gallery is among the most well-known art museums, with thousands of Vincent van Gogh drawings.

The Priceless Starry Night’s Worth

If you’re in New York and want to do some sightseeing, it’s unquestionably a good place to go. In addition to Starry Night, it has other paintings by Van Gogh.

The original Starry Night artwork is thought to be worth more than $100 million. However, it is also possible to argue that this artwork is a masterpiece by van Gogh and that there is no way to value it because it is priceless.

However, you can buy a handcrafted, museum-quality replica of “The Starry Night”. A skilled painter can recreate the oil painting on artist-quality linen canvas. In addition, you can opt for a variety of sizes and high-quality frames.

A Deeper Look into Its Popularity

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When you first see the painting, the turns and twists of the artist’s brush strokes will help you move your eyes around the piece, thoroughly engrossing you. After that, the picture rather moves you instantaneously.

The vivid colors and exquisite detail of the artwork will captivate you right away, which is undoubtedly a significant reason why it is regarded as such a masterpiece. The painter was known for using an impressionist style similar to this, and his daring utilization of paintbrushes and oils made him a distinctive painter that everyone soon came to adore.

The artwork can be represented in various ways- each person is much more likely to develop their interpretation of the message behind the work of art. This is due to the subjective nature of art. The starry night is thought to be a representation of the artist’s perspective.

If you see the painting in person at the museum where it is on display, it will impact you even more, and you will get to understand why it’s at the top of van Gogh paintings list. This famous Van Gogh painting may be reproduced on canvas and placed in homes to enhance the interior design. Consider giving this amazing artwork as a gift to anyone you like, especially those who appreciate the kind of artwork that Vincent Van Gogh did.

What Makes the Starry Night so Famous?

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After a fight with renowned post-impressionist artist Paul Gauguin, Van Gogh hacked off his ear and checked himself into an asylum. He was given two rooms to use while he was a patient at the asylum; one became his bedroom, and the other was his studio. He created several paintings inspired by the plants and vista outside his window.

The circumstances that led to the famous artist’s checking into the Mausole asylum had turned out to be rather tumultuous. Van Gough had just engaged in an altercation involving his fellow artist and famous painter, Paul Gauguin. Indeed, it was strange that Van Gough had actually cut off a section of his ear-in exasperation.

His landscape paintings were inspired by the French Alpilles mountainous region, which could be seen from his room. Starry Night is one of the paintings influenced by the view from his bedroom. This piece is regarded as the most popular Van Gogh art piece ever.

The painting portrays an ordinary evening’s peaceful night. The atmosphere of the painting makes the observer develop some strong emotions about it. The viewer is in awe of the breathtaking sky representation. The sharp, bright constellation in the skies, something rather extraordinary in the modern system of things, uniquely seizes the viewers’ attention. The village in the background appears to be completely calm during a calm and beautiful night.


Van Gogh considered Starry Night a “failure”, even though he made over 800 canvases and only had one sold during his lifetime. However, this painting would eventually cause a tsunami in the modern world. This picture inspires art fans worldwide because of the fascinating artist’s back story and the period-appropriate artistic approaches.

The Starry Night was not well known during the time that the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) bought it from a private collector in 1941, but it has since grown to be one of van Gogh’s most renowned, if not the most recognizable, works in the canon of art history. The Starry Night is the pinnacle of modern art combined with the post-impressionism trend since the artist, like many others, rose to fame after his passing.