4 Tips for Understanding the Odds of Online Casino Games

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Online gambling is a huge industry, maybe even bigger than anyone of us understand. This is always the case with things that bring in a huge number of people with a promise of quick and easy money. This is the same thing with online scams. Even though we know what they are they are still here and people still falling for them.

Now we all understand what gambling at its core is – invest money in and hope for a win. You can win big or lose big. Sometimes it is up to luck, up to the game you prefer sometimes it is up to you. But what brings in the money for you and the casino? Well, the answer to that is odds. The bigger the odds the bigger the money for you or for the casino it depends on who racks it up first.

Before we dive into odds we need to tell you about house edge as well. Every casino on land or online has a small advantage over every game as a means of staying in business. This house edge must not be too big because no one would play and it has to be perfectly balanced where you and I can win the amount of money that will satisfy us while it also allows for the casino to make some sort of profit on that. You can think of that as taxation by the casino.

Source: canva.com

Now that we know that let’s dive into the odds and what tips we have for you to understand them better. When we are on the topic of odds we can’t skip and mention online casinos USA as the place where you can find the best, safest and biggest online casinos out there.

Before the tips let’s talk about odds. What are they? Well, the most basic explanation would be that odds are a numeric representation of a certain event. If you guess the event you win if not you lose. The way odds are formed can be shown in an example of football for instance. Two teams play each other and there are three straightforward outcomes – the home team wins, the away team wins or the game ends in a draw. Each of those three outcomes gives you a 33.33% chance of winning. Any bet amount of money you place will be multiplied by 33.33% and if you guessed it the money is yours. The same thing applies in the online gambling world and online or on-land casinos. Depending on the game the odds are more in your or the house’s favour. With online gambling, some games give you, the gambler, slightly bigger odds than any other game, but more on that a bit later.

Now that we understand what are the odds and how they win you or the casino money let’s finally dive into the tips regarding odds.

Source: canva.com

1. Understand your odd

Most new gamblers do not understand how the odds work or what the odds on their particular game are. Understanding the odds is important if you want to make a good bet. Throwing your money around believing that all big odds will bring you money isn’t that smart. You should understand the game and according to that know what type of odd works best for you and works in your favour. On certain games in casinos, chasing big odds is good while on others you need to go easy and grind from the lowest odds up.

2. More betting doesn’t mean bigger odds

The way you can understand this is simple. Every casino game is made to bring you profit until a certain point, after that point you will be losing money no matter how deep your pockets are. When chasing odds find a game with decent ones and bet only a certain amount of your money. If you planned to play 50 times try cutting that in half because depending on the game and its odds, after a certain point you will not be able to win anything because of the house edge and odds not being in your favour. The casino always wins in the long run and it is the way their edge is set up, so the advice is to keep it short and set small goals.

Source: canva.com

3. How you play

When betting in any casino the way you play has a huge impact on whether you exit the casino with a profit or a loss. If you bet hard and fast you might lose everything as fast. If you are a steady player that likes to calculate a lot then you might exit the casino with a profit. There are downsides to this as well because the longer you played the more the house edge grows and if you are really lucky like some have been, your first coin in the slot machine might win you a jackpot. This part is up to some sort of luck I guess.

4. Choose the right games for the best odds

As we already mentioned somewhere at the beginning some casino games offer better odds than others. Although it might sound incredible to you games like roulette. This game is easy to play and understand which is why it is popular. There is another reason for its popularity and it is the fact that it offers the best odds and low enough house edge. Another game you might consider in this category is baccarat. This game has three simple outcomes – banker, player or tie. It is similar to blackjack but here your target is close to 9 rather than 21.

This is a game of chance with good odds and a low house edge as well. The last game that we will mention is as you might have guessed Blackjack. This is the game where you have the most chance of winning. The reason for this is that you only play against the dealer where the casino has only a 1% edge over you. The rules are simple, get 21 or as close to it as possible to win, but only if the dealer has a lower number than you.

Source: canva.com

The last piece of advice that is not advice on odds is to read up on the game. The great thing about online casinos is that they have a sort of user manual for the game with an explanation of what it is and how it works. It also has info regarding the odds and the house edge so try and read those first before you decide to play a certain game.