8 Important Things to Know when Trying to move During Coronavirus

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Moving can be complicated under the best of circumstances. And when you consider trying to do so in the middle of a global pandemic, it can be downright intimidating. That fear has made a lot of prospective homebuyers delay their search; in April, for instance, the housing market saw 18% fewer sales.

With that said, moving homes is still possible as long as you know how to take proper precautions. As such, here are eight important considerations to keep in mind if you are trying to move during the Coronavirus.

Your storage company will be able to tell you whether or not there are any concerns about your storage facility. By calling ahead, you can also find out if they are other services that you can transition to for your storage needs. For example, Henfield Storage in the UK has a
Click+Store service that is completely hands-off. Greenwich, London, and Surrey residents, people at the urban centres of this pandemic, can call ahead of time, and a crew will pick up the items for storage.

With minimal interaction, you can safely store your belongings without affecting other people. While coronavirus is something you should take seriously, many businesses are learning to adapt to this new normal.

“Essential Services”

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During the Coronavirus, a great deal has been made about what is and what isn’t an “essential service.” This means that many state governments have declared some circumstances to be essential and necessary to sustain life. As a result, they can continue to operate. Non-essential businesses have been forced to close down during the Coronavirus, though some states are starting to allow these “non-essential” businesses to open.

Fortunately, in most states, real estate and moving have been deemed to be essential services. This means that they should be able to continue to operate. However, that is not to say that there won’t be any difficulties. Other operations that impact moving companies may be negatively impacted, potentially slowing your movers’ ability to serve you and get you into your new home.

Your Movers Should Be Taking Precautions

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During this time, everyone is understandably concerned about getting sick. And in terms of contracting the Coronavirus, the biggest threat when you’re moving is simply being around too many people. This is especially dangerous if you make the decision to move without professional help. From picking up supplies, renting a truck, and all the stops along the way, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Professional moving companies are also taking precautions during this time. From masks to sanitizing supplies, they already have the supplies on hand to minimize risks. And as you can see here, moving companies are very good at creating a situation where they don’t need to interact with extra parties during the move.

When in doubt, simply ask your moving company what they’re doing to protect your family. The virus has a harder time living on surfaces, but sanitization is still extremely important. It’s also prudent for the moving company to be checking in on the health of their employees regularly.

Storage May Be Impacted

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Cleanarte.com tells us that in most cases, storage facilities have been found to be essential services, and as such, they have continued to operate. However, like moving companies, there may be ancillary issues that these companies have endured. For example, they may have staffing issues, reduced hours, or limitations on how many people can be in their facility at the same time. Furthermore, though unlikely, it is possible that contracts may be impacted by people being unable to empty a unit at a given time.

If you are worried about how your arrangements may be impacted, your best bet is to call ahead.

Permit Availability May Be Impacted

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Many local governments have felt the brunt of the problems related to the Coronavirus. As a result, they have laid off hundreds of thousands in “non-essential” staff. In some cases, this may mean people who process permits, including moving permits. Many local governments are waiving requirements and fees associated with these permits, but as with anything Corona-related, it is better to call ahead to your city hall and find out how Corona may impact your move.

Coronavirus on Surfaces

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The research on this issue is evolving. Originally, it was thought that Coronavirus could last for days on certain surfaces, but recent evidence seems to indicate that this is not the case.

However, as with anything related to the Coronavirus, it is better to be safe than sorry. It is always a better bet to clean any surfaces and treat anything as contaminated before touching it. At a bare minimum, wait sometime before touching a surface that has been touched by something else.

The good news is that items which have been isolated from other humans carry virtually no risk of containing Coronavirus. As such, you can safely move anything from storage without needing to clean or contaminate it.


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For many reasons, you may need to cancel or reschedule your move. Many real estate contracts have fallen through, many people have seen families get sick and many businesses have been put on hiatus or dissolved. Furthermore, depending on your circumstances, your plans for moving may have changed, particularly given the current economic upheaval.

Some companies are offering free cancellation of rescheduling opportunities, but not all of them. If this is an issue for you, make sure to call your moving company and find out what your options are. If you have additional concerns or feel your rights are being violated, reach out to your law enforcement officers.

Your Timing May Be Affected

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Under normal circumstances, it can be difficult to plan how much time it will take to move. However, between protective equipment, cleaning, and other scheduling difficulties that have popped up as a result of the Coronavirus, the time it takes you to move may be extended.

If your plans are time-sensitive, make sure you reach out to your movers and determine how the timeframe for your move may be impacted.

Your Costs May Increase

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The same items that may make your move take longer may result in an increase in costs. After all, additional equipment, sanitization, training, staff time and more do not come cheaply. If you signed a contract and put down a deposit, your costs may be locked in, but you should check with your movers and confirm that the initial cost estimates they gave you remain accurate.

When it comes to moving, it may seem like you have a thousand things to juggle. Coronavirus creates one more burden. Fortunately, with proper planning and effort, you can still overcome these issues and move without a hitch.

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