Truck-related Injuries: How to Protect Yourself From Further Hardship


Traffic accidents have accounted for more than 38,000 annual deaths in the past decade, with the highest percentage resulting from truck-related accidents. Any truck-related accident is not only dangerous but life-threatening. At times, people are lucky enough to walk out of a truck accident with nothing more than broken bones or concussions. However, every truck accident is different, and most victims are likely to face a long journey to recovery.

But what makes truck accidents so dangerous? It is because the size and weight of a truck make the impact severe when a crash happens. And what can you do to avoid a truck accident? Always prioritize safety when driving. That said, here is an overview of common truck accident-related injuries.

Broken bones


When you encounter a major crash, almost any type of bone in your body can break. While some bones heal quickly, others require more than a removable cast or temporary immobilization to heal. Others like the spinal cord may take months to heal, often requiring rehabilitation and physical therapy services. The ability to recover quickly may depend on the location of the broken bone and the treatment you get.

Head injuries

Any vehicle crash can cause head injuries, but they are most likely in truck-related accidents. The instant collision causes your head to shake violently, potentially damaging your skull and even the brain. There are different types of brain injuries:

  • A concussion is another name for injury to the brain that impacts brain function. It can heal without intensive medical intervention, but the symptoms could linger for days or months, presenting safety risks and even interfering with daily life.
  • A traumatic brain injury results after a hit, bump, or sudden head jolt. It could be mild but can cause long-term health problems like paralysis and even death.

Treatment of a truck accident-related head injury is costly, so it is advisable to engage a truck accident attorney to help you file a personal injury claim for compensation.

Spinal cord injuries


A spinal cord injury is devastating in terms of severity and outcome depending on the injured part of the spinal cord. In fact, it is the most severe injury you can suffer due to a truck accident. All the messages to the brain are communicated through the central nervous system, and they travel through the spinal cord. Therefore when the spinal cord is damaged, it cuts off the communication.

Any spine injury should be considered serious and treated as seriously as possible. A spine injury due to an accident can lead to immobility, paralysis, loss of muscle function, etc., and should be treated immediately. It cannot be corrected at times, and the victim may require expensive long-term care, including help with eating, bathing, breathing, and even speaking.


When a truck accident occurs, the impact of a car frame collapsing can lead to the loss of a limb. In serious cases, the limb may have to be amputated to prevent the spread of necrosis or save your life. Besides amputation, you could also suffer a limb or arm disfigurement due to the impact of the truck accident, and you may need adaptive devices like prosthetics to help you function normally.

Amputation and disfigurement are some of the severe injuries you can suffer following an accident, and you may have to hire a caretaker to help you with daily tasks. It is such a devastating experience, but you can seek compensation through the help of a truck accident attorney.



When a truck accident occurs, auto frames, harp metals, shattered glass, dash panels, and hard plastic interiors can cause puncture wounds and lacerations. Although many truck accident victims survive such cuts and scrapes, they are left with permanent scars all over their bodies. Facial lacerations can be severe because the head and the face are most visible.


We have seen many cases of explosions after a truck collides with another vehicle due to the high impact. Other than that, one can suffer friction burns if ejected from the vehicle and scraped against the tarmac or the vehicle interiors. Burns are very painful, and they can be challenging to treat, and surgery may be necessary in severe cases. Besides, burns can lead to other complications like infections.

Internal injuries

You may be lucky enough to avoid external injuries following a truck-related accident. However, you are advised to seek a complete medical examination immediately afterward because you may have suffered internal injuries that may take some time to manifest. While an airbag is meant to protect you, the strong impact can cause abdominal trauma or damage other internal parts such as the kidney, liver, pancreas, or spleen.

Rib injuries are also common following a truck accident, and a broken rib can also puncture a lung leading to other internal injuries to vital organs. You may also suffer internal bleeding that can be hard to manifest externally. Therefore it is good to seek medical care immediately after an accident, even if you feel okay.

Wrongful death


A severe truck accident can lead to sudden death, or a severe injury related to the crash can lead to a later death. Sadly, thousands of people die prematurely due to truck-related accidents. If your loved one has died in a truck accident, you may want to consider a wrongful death lawsuit. Although it doesn’t return the dead loved one, you can seek compensation for the pain, suffering, medical bills, funeral expenses, and other damages.

What to do after a truck accident

The first step you should take when involved in a truck accident is to see a doctor for a complete medical examination and treatment for the injuries you have suffered. From there, to help you investigate the circumstances of the truck accident and prove negligence you can contact a truck accident attorney at

Thankfully some lawyers specialize in truck accident-related lawsuits and can help you seek much-needed compensation. They know how to handle trucking and insurance companies to hold them accountable. Getting legal representation makes the aftermath of a truck accident more manageable as you focus on your recovery journey.