How to Prove You Are Not at Fault in a Truck Accident

Although you think you know what to do when an unfortunate event – a truck accident occurs, our experience says otherwise. It is essential to understand how to act after it and what not to do to compensate for material damage and ensure that no new risks arise. It is crucial what you need to do and prove that you are not guilty in a truck accident.

If you have had a track accident and are injured in the accident, the first and most important thing is to seek medical help. It is essential to be careful not to miss any important stuff on the spot. The key is to provide evidence of how it occurred.

In a traffic accident, the driver is primarily obliged to turn off the engine of a vehicle to reduce the risk of fire or explosion.

Before leaving the vehicle, the driver, i.e., the participant in the traffic accident, should wear a reflective vest and secure the scene by placing a safety triangle at a safe distance from the accident scene.

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Photographing the scene of

Photograph the position of all vehicles involved in the accident as well as the damage to the truck. Other elements, such as traffic signs regulating the priority of the passage should also be photographed. Take a picture of the position of the vehicle after the accident. Damage to the truck as well as essential elements that caused the collision. Traffic sign that regulates the priority of the passage or the like. The photo should show that the symbol exists and where it is placed.


Witnesses can be all persons who directly participated in the accident and those nearby at the time of the traffic accident and saw the event itself. Later witness statements can be used in damages proceedings. Witness statements can be used in the procedure of compensation of damages with insurance companies.

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Hire a lawyer

Don’t embark on this adventure without a lawyer. An experienced lawyer will gather evidence for you, examine witnesses, and hire a traffic expert to prove your innocence.

It is imperative that the moment you find yourself in a truck accident, you are collected and acted according to the law and ethics. In the event of an accident, the law defines the behavior and duties of traffic participants. If you are well acquainted with the rules, you will act correctly in the circumstances you find yourself. The action of traffic participants in the event of a traffic accident is defined by law to prevent new casualties, ensure the efficient rescue of victims, provide an official investigation by the competent traffic police and regulate the damage. Recording all the data contributes to preventing traffic safety problems. Find on step-by-step processes on how to get the cases solved by first-hand professionals and ensure you got what you rightfully are owed.

The law regulates that during the accident, there should be as little traffic disruption as possible, the optimal flow of traffic in the traffic accident zone, and compensation for the material damage caused to the insured.


First of all, a participant in a traffic accident and every participant in traffic who is on the spot is obliged to protect himself and prevent new suffering. Only in this way can he be able to help others who were injured in an incident, and to provide their effective rescue.

Within the legal obligation to secure the scene, the driver, or other participants in the accident, is obliged to warn all other persons present who happened to be at the stage that it is necessary to get away from the road to remain secured traces of the accident. Failure to comply with this obligation, i.e., failure to mark the person at the scene of a traffic accident, can often cause subsequent, secondary traffic accidents. It is necessary to know that the injured person must not be moved and transported without the expert supervision of the present doctor, equipment, and ambulance, to avoid more severe injuries and complications.

If a participant in a traffic accident in which only minor material damage occurred on another vehicle, due to the absence of the driver of another car, it cannot provide personal data and vehicle insurance data. He is obliged to inform the competent internal affairs body and submit his data and data on the damaged vehicle. If you cannot go to the insurer immediately with the other party or suspect that the other party will respond to your call to appear together with the insurer, you have no choice but to call the police to conduct an investigation. In that case, leave the accident site intact and wait for the police. Upon arrival, the police will do research, make a report, and take statements and check if you have alcohol in your blood. Ask the traffic police where and within what period and in which police department you can pick up the report.

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If material damage has occurred to the vehicle

  1. provide the place of the traffic accident: turn off the engine, turn on all direction indicators, put on the reflective vest, place the safety triangle at a safe distance.
  2. agree with the other participant in the traffic accident who is to blame for the damage
  3. provide (write down), as much information as possible about other participants, vehicles, and witnesses, photograph the accident’s place, the location of contact of the truck, and the registration numbers of the truck
  4. remove cars from the road and enable unhindered safe traffic.
  5. vehicles, together with other participants in the traffic accident, go to the insurance company where the culprit has a motor third party liability insurance policy to report the damage
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What not do after an incident

  1. It is a mistake to leave the scene. It is necessary to call the police for an investigation and a report on the traffic accident. Otherwise, the insurance company will not be able to resolve the compensation claim.
  2. Do not fill in or incorrectly fill in the traffic accident report.
  3. Do not call your lawyer.