Are Touchless Car Washes Bad for Your Car?

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Car wash. There is no doubt that this is one of the most boring activities that a car requires of you. However, you have to wash the car because, for God’s sake, you don’t want to drive a dirty and muddy car. So, this is a process you have to do, and it’s just up to you to choose the way. The first one is to take a brush, cloth, or something similar and do it with the help of water and car wash detergent.

Another way to do the same job with less (or better to say without) physical work is touchless car washing. The latter method is far faster and more efficient than manual car washing. However, considering the use of highly pressurized water and some other factors, the question arises whether this way of washing is bad for your car? We’ll try to answer this question below, so if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Touchless car wash-What is it?

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As the name suggests, touchless car wash is a car wash method that is automatic, without your involvement. Of course, and without any touch. The whole process consists of wetting the car, then adding a layer of detergent that is intended exclusively for this purpose, while the last part of the process involves rinsing, again with water that is now under high pressure.
This all looks very simple, easy, and without any hassle (especially compared to manual car washing). However, does this method leave any consequences on your car? Keep reading and we will give you the answer.

Our touchless car washes bad for your car?

Well, to be honest, there is a chance that damage will occur because as we mentioned earlier, the process of touchless car wash uses high pressurized water but also harsh chemicals.

As you know, detergents, also called car wash soaps, contain a higher pH level. Since cars have a wax layer that has a protective role, as well as sealants, these soaps greatly affect their lifespan and efficiency. Specifically, the efficiency of these products decreases after the application of car wash detergents.

In short, due to reduced abilities or lack of sealants and wax layers, physical elements (dust, road debris, rain, etc.) will more easily damage your car. We must also mention that it is possible for the paint to start to peel off the car.

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Another influencing factor is repeatedly mentioned high pressurized water. Using high pressurized water is a far more aggressive way of removing dirt and soaps of the car than is the case when washing a car manually. Obviously, this isn’t exactly the most suitable thing for a car, right.

Finally, we must add the effect of conditioned water. Namely, salts and electricity are added to the water to make the water “softer”. However, this water is later filtered which is good in ecological terms. However, since there is an increase in salt in the water after filtration, the use of such water leads to the appearance of a “foggy” film in the car.

When all the above factors are taken into account, the answer to the question from the beginning is that a touchless car wash can cause some negative consequences. So, yes, in certain situations it is harmful.