How to Clean Bug Splats Off Your Car – 2024 Guide

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In the spring and the first days of summer, the situation is most critical when it comes to car dirt and bugs, but neither August nor September lag in the number of insects hoping to fly across the road carefree. With windshields, the situation can still be more or less controlled because you can clean the windshield with the help of windshield wipers and wipers.

Again, annoying insects get stuck on the body, registration, mirrors, and other parts of the car. Neither long-term soaking nor the best shampoos for washing would not help you mainly if you chose a white vehicle.

There are many products, from various sprays that create foam, to shampoos, oil preparations to wipes. With such developments, the most important thing is not to be too aggressive, because when you achieve a counter-effect, they will leave permanent stains on the body.

You must have a soft cloth with you to remove the agent and water because there must be no residue of these reliable agents on the surface of the car. Be sure to clean the vehicle in the shade, avoid the sun because most products in contact with the sun leave permanent effects on the vehicle.

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Bug removal tips:

As soon as you notice flies or anything foreign on your vehicle, react immediately. Here’s what you can do:

Step 1:

If the stain is still relatively thin, you can use a microfiber towel and a thorough cleaning spray to clean the paint. It is ideal because it does not remove the existing wax.

Step 2:

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If Step 1 failed, you need a more reliable solution. For an isolated stain, you can use several fly cleaners, which are durable and designed to melt flies. The disadvantage of these fly cleaners is that you will have to reapply the paint protection. However, the spray wax is made to be applied to your vehicle very quickly and easily. For the most part, spray, smudge, and wipe.

Step 3:

Let’s say your vehicle is covered in flies, a place to get rid of every bug; it’s better to oppose your vehicle. When you have soaped the front of your car, use a sponge to gently wash the entire area, with back and forth movements. The honeycomb-shaped textures crawl under the remains of the flies and lift them away from the paint.

Tip 1:

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To soften the sponge, soak it in warm water for 3 minutes. The sponge will soften a bit, but it is already handy.

You can also use a feather brush. Feather brushes are gentle but effective in releasing stubborn dirt. The gloves have a soft sheepskin on one side and a fly net on the other. This glove is capable of lavish washes and gentle scrubbing.


After removing the flies, protect the vehicle with a quality wax. Look for quality wax. Insects will be challenging to stick to a slippery bumper, and if they manage to hold, they will be much less able to block, because there is no surface tension. It will make it easier for you to remove flies. If all of this fails, you may need a pressure wash. You can go on for more information on that and how it can help you!