These Five Traditional Casinos and Casinos Are Worth a Visit


Gambling was and still is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. For this reason, there are many different casinos all over the world that continue to do well even after the advent of online gambling.

Casinos have become great and diverse entertainment centers that offer much more than just gambling. For those who do not feel like going to a traditional casino, the Internet offers a great many opportunities to play quite comfortably in one of the popular online casinos, for example best paying online casino Australia.

On the Internet you can find exactly the right casino for every taste. But if you prefer to go to a real casino and look at one of the most traditional casinos in the world, you will find them in this article.

1. Bellagio, Las Vegas, USA


When it comes to the most famous and traditional casinos in the world, the Bellagio in Las Vegas simply cannot be missed. The Bellagio is both a casino and a luxury hotel and was first opened in 1998. Shortly thereafter, the Bellagio became a Las Vegas landmark. With a total area of over 100,000 square meters, the Bellagio is one of the largest real casinos in the world.

The attached hotel has about 4,000 rooms. Among them are a few luxury suites, where a single night can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The casino also has one of the most popular poker tables in the world. Large poker tournaments with professional players are held there regularly.

The interior of the Bellagio is already very impressive, but the big and well-known feature of this casino is the oversized fountain in front of the hotel and casino. This attracts a great many tourists due to its choreographed performances, which are additionally accompanied by music and lights and are a true spectacle.

Should travel be possible again in the near future, then the Bellagio and Vegas in general is always worth a trip. The Bellagio also plays an important role in many movies, which is why it should definitely not be missing from the list of the most traditional casinos in the world.

2. Taj Mahal Casino Resort, Atlantic City, USA

The official name of this casino is now Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, but nevertheless, many visitors still call it by the old name Taj Mahal. The name Taj Mahal was active only from 1990 to 2016 and was replaced by the name Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, but this was met with disappointment by visitors.

The casino was opened by the last president of the United States in the person of Donald Trump and gained its notoriety due to huge investments that were necessary to build the huge building. At the same time, there are even some estimates that the cost of building the casino reached almost a billion dollars.

The Taj Mahal didn’t really take off at the beginning and it took a few years for the casino to hold the reputation that it has today. However, its notoriety earned the Taj Mahal the reputation of Atlantic City’s landmark. In 2016, the casino closed for a short time and reopened after a complete renovation.

In the course of this, the name was also changed, but this did not detract from the fame. The casino has an area of about 167,000 square meters and offers its visitors thousands of slot machines and gaming tables, as well as luxury restaurants, theaters and hotel rooms.

3. Casino Baden-Baden, Baden-Baden, Germany


Baden-Baden is a German spa town in Baden-Württemberg and a very popular tourist destination for well-off, older people. Casino Baden-Baden is housed in the old Kurhaus Baden-Baden and impresses gamblers not only with the beautiful building.

The building was built in 1824, making it one of the oldest casino buildings in the world. Baden-Baden is very popular with tourists and now also opens its doors again. When gambling was banned in France in the 1830s, many rich people from France decided to open the casino in Baden-Baden. The reason for this was Baden-Baden’s close proximity to the French border.

The casino and the old Kurhaus are also known to have hosted many important events such as chess tournaments, various congresses, and most notably a NATO summit. Another notable fact about the casino is that the Russian writer Dostoevsky is said to have been inspired to write his famous novel “The Gambler” when he visited the casino in Baden-Baden.

Casino Baden-Baden trumps all other casinos in that it is not just a casino, but a true temple of luxury for the rich upper class and not really a place for the common gambler. Guests must also strictly adhere to the Baden-Baden dress code and pay expensive entrance fees.

4. Venetian Casino, Macau, China

If you’ve ever looked at Macau from afar, you’d immediately wonder where the many unmissable lights come from and what they illuminate. The reason for the lights is the gambling city of Macau in China. This is because Macau is one of the largest gambling cities in the world after Las Vegas in the United States.

Macau is home to some of the largest casinos in the world, including the famous Venetian Casino. The casino is located in the middle of a beautiful cascade with a graceful and modern design. In addition, the casino radiates many bright colors into the sky and offers its guests everything that makes the gambler’s heart beat faster on more than 10,000 square meters.

The Venetian Casino in Macau is also modeled on its sister casino in the U.S. in Las Vegas and offers its guests a luxurious hotel with over 30,000 beds. As in Baden-Baden, the guests in Macau are mainly rich gamblers with a lot of money and rather less normal gamblers who like to gamble for low amounts.

5. MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA


The MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada is one of the most famous and best casinos in the world. In terms of revenue and profit, the MGM Grand also beats all other casinos on the Strip in Las Vegas. The traditional casino was opened in 1993 and is now the third-largest casino in the world. Also, the MGM Grand has become known worldwide through many movies and series.

The area of the MGM Grand extends over more than 150,000 square meters and also has more than 3,000 slots and machines and also has more than 130 poker and gaming tables. In addition to the casino, the MGM Grand also has many good restaurants that are always well-attended. The MGM Grand is not only interesting for gamblers, but also for strolling and dining.