3 Best Casinos Near Washington

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Washington is not usually a place associated with gambling or even entertainment. What comes to mind for most people when they think of the capital are images of Capitol Hill, men in suits discussing politics, and the White House. Now, while these things are certainly an integral part of the United States’ capital, that is not all the city has to offer. Visitors can take pictures of some of America’s most famous monuments. Enjoy excellent cuisine, drink beer and cocktails at splendid pubs and nightclubs, and visit some casinos.

It is important to note that there aren’t any casinos within the city but residents of the state can play online. The best online casinos for real money are usually from the United States and are very safe. However, if land-based casinos are more your thing, there are certain establishments close to the city that tourists and locals can visit and play to their hearts.

1. MGM National Harbor – Oxon Hill, Maryland

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Located in Oxon Hill, MD, the MGM National Harbor casino is only about a 20-minute drive from Washington, DC. In other words, any gambler interested in spinning a wheel or rolling some dice can get to this fine establishment in no time. Before you get too excited, it is worth noting some things about this excellent casino.

First of all, the MGM National Harbor casino is one of the fancier establishments. In other words, the establishment should be far from thought unless you have money to burn. However, if you have the extra cash, you can’t do much better than MGM. Not only can gamblers try their hands at some competitive and high-stake table games, but even non-gamblers will enjoy their stay. With shows by some of the biggest names in music, a fabulous theatrical experience, and over a dozen restaurants with varying menus, it is almost impossible to have a wrong time at Oxon Hill’s MGM National Harbor.

2. Hollywood Casino – Charles Town, West Virginia

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The Hollywood Casino located in Charles Town requires a bit of a drive. It is approximately an hour and a half away from Washington D.C.’s center. However, the long drive is worth it for anyone interested in horse racing and slots. The establishment features nearly 5000 slot machines, heaven for anyone interested in testing their luck. And while in 2024, slots can be played for real money online, there seems to be something about trying your luck at a brick-and-mortar casino.

Besides the 5000 slot machines, visitors can also face off against each other or dealers at one of the over 100 table games available at Hollywood Casino. If you aren’t a gambler, then the Hollywood Casino may not be the best choice. If you aren’t a gambler they do have drinks and delicious food, there simply isn’t much else to do besides gamble. In many ways, it is your standard casino. There is one exception, though. Unlike most of the USA right now, the Hollywood Casino permits smoking indoors. So, if you are a smoker as well as a gambler, this fine Charles Town establishment might just be your best bet.

3. The Horseshoe – Baltimore, Maryland

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The Horseshoe is not the best of the best. There are fewer slots in the Horseshoe than there are in MGM. It does not allow smoking like the Hollywood Casino. And the poker tables leave a lot to be desired. So, what is it doing on this list? Well, the Horseshoe is here for all Washington, DC residents who love horses and horse racing. That’s right; the Horseshoe might just be one of the best horse race betting establishments, not just in the DC area, but on the whole East Coast.

In terms of distance, it is less than an hour’s drive, making it the perfect middle ground between Hollywood Casino and the MGM National Harbor. The bookies at the Horseshoe offer extensive coverage on local races and horse racing from all over the country. So, if horse racing is your thing, then definitely take the time to visit the Horseshoe. You will not be disappointed.

Casinos Further Away that are Worth the Drive

Fancy a long drive paired with the thrilling sounds of slot machines? The first city that probably pops into your mind is Las Vegas. It’s not just a city, it’s an experience! Las Vegas isn’t nicknamed “Sin City” for no reason. With over 150 casinos, it’s truly a gambler’s paradise. But even if you’re not into gambling, the city offers something for everyone with its vast array of entertainment options.

Not from the USA? You can play most popular Vegas games online. Learn more about casinos in Australia in this outlookindia article.

And if you’re looking to stay, you’re in luck! Las Vegas boasts an impressive 150,000 hotel rooms, catering to all budgets. From high-end luxury suites with views of the famous Strip to cozy, budget-friendly rooms, there’s something for every traveler. And for those who enjoy a smoke while trying their luck, many casinos in the city still allow smoking, thanks to the Nevada gambling laws. So, the next time you’re itching for an adventure, remember, Las Vegas awaits!

The three casinos mentioned above are excellent choices for anyone looking to play their favorite games in land-based casinos. As we said, the option to play games online for real cash is always present. However, this list’s focus lies on land-based establishments. And in this final section, we are going to talk about a few casinos which will take some time to get to, but they are definitely worth a drive. We do, however, recommend you visit these during an extended vacation.

The Borgata can be found in Atlantic City, more than 190 miles away from DC. It is about a 3-hour drive. However, it is certainly worth it. With some of the best games, thousands of excellent slots, great food, and amazing cocktails, the Borgata will not disappoint. Another option is the Delaware Park Casino. Over 100 miles away, this establishment offers fantastic and reasonable blackjack and craps tables. Certainly worth a visit.


The three establishments that we talked about are your best choices if you are interested in a one-day holiday at a casino. However, if you are looking for an extended vacation or maybe a longer drive, definitely check out the Borgata in Atlantic City or the Delaware Park Casino. Any of these establishments will provide you with a great time. Gamblers will definitely have a blast. But even non-gamblers can have a great time drinking good cocktails, tasting amazing food, and just enjoying the good time.