What’s The Best Area To Stay in Washington For First Time Visitors

Washington DC is the capital of the USA and as such it sees thousands of visitors each year rushing towards the city to bask in its historical glory and cultural importance. The city is a central hub to American politics and the country’s most prominent figures call it their home. As such, it is no surprise that you too as a tourist might be planning to visit Washington DC for the first time and if you are, you are in the right place.

According to The Nomadvisor, one of the leading trip advising agencies, the city of Washington DC is a beautiful and vast place and it is important that you find the perfect area for you to stay in that helps you access the entire city. But since the city is so huge, it can often get confusing which area you should choose to stay in.

If you too are confused about your lodgings when you visit the city for the first time, then don’t worry because we have you covered. In this article, we will be listing the best area to stay in Washington DC for all first time visitors that everyone should definitely occupy. Read the article till the end to find out what this area is and what makes it so special.

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What’s the most preferable area to stay in Washington for first time visitors?

Arguably the best place to live in Washington DC as a first time visitor is none other than the National Mall area of Washington DC which is exactly in the middle of the city. This is because it is one of the most convenient locations in the city and has seamless access to almost all the prominent attractions of Washington DC such as the White House, US Capitol, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, etc.

The area south of the National Mall covers most of the prominent government agency buildings in the city in one vast span. If you are visiting Washington DC with your family or group of adult friends, then the National Mall is definitely one of the safest and most reliable places you can choose to stay in during your trip.

It also hosts the safest and the most famous hotels in Washington DC so you can be assured that you and your close ones will be staying in a safe area of town. The area is so amazing that you can see most of the federal buildings and monuments from your hotel and it gives you a birds eye view of the entire city.

While there are other amazing places to stay in Washington DC such as Capitol Hill or Downtown, both of these places are much more expensive to live in and also put you in a place that is far away from Washington’s attractions. Instead, opting for National Mall can be a much better choice for your first trip to the city.

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What are the best attractions near National Mall?

These are the best attractions near or inside the National Mall area that you can have fun at and learn more about the USA’s history and culture –

  • Supreme Court – This is where the biggest court cases in the country take place and where the highest level of legal action occurs. The US Supreme Court is an one of a lifetime experience where you get to see a place where the biggest decisions of the world are made.
  • US Capitol – The US Capitol building is one of the most important buildings in Washington DC after the White House as it houses almost all of the US Congress members and also all of the legislative officers of the government of the USA.
  • The White House – No one can come to the capital of the country and miss visiting the White House! The White House is where the president of the United States resides and signs the most influential decisions for the country along with its own executive branch officers that manage the ongoing affairs of the country.
  • NASM – Considered to be one of the coolest and best museums in history, the Smithsonian NASM is definitely a place that you don’t want to miss out on. The museum hosts a variety of original spacecraft and satellites that once flew through space and were part of the most historic events in the history of mankind.

What hotels are the best for staying at National Mall?

If you want to live in the National Mall, you have various hotel choices to pick from. You can go top of the line luxurious hotels or even reputable budget hotels that don’t cut a hole in your wallet. Either way, here are the best hotels in Washington DC in the National Mall area –

Trump International Hotel

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If budget is not a question and you want the best luxurious hotel possible in the city of Washington DC, the Trump International Hotel is your best choice. The Hotel features top-end amenities that you can only get from a 5-star hotel and has one of the most luxurious rooms in the city, if not the country. However, it also has an equally hefty price tag attached to it and is not for those who are concerned with their budget.

Kimpton George Hotel

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If you are looking for much more affordable and reliable hotel options, the Klimpton George Hotel just might be it. It features an amazing variety of rooms at unbelievable prices and has extremely polite and friendly staff. It is one of the closest hotels to the various attractions we listed above. The hotel’s luxury and price will definitely assist you in enjoying your time in the city.

W Hotel

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If you want luxury, prominence and an amazing place to stay at a relatively affordable price, the W Hotel is one of the most excellent choices. The hotel features various themes and its suites have different classes and features that all types of guests can enjoy at their own disposal.


The best area to stay in Washington for first time visitors is undoubtedly National Mall and we hope this article was insightful for you in realizing that. If it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.