8 Tools Every Self-Respecting Gamer Should Own in 2024

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The world of computer games can captivate even a skeptical user who claims that the computer was created solely for work. Shooters, strategies, RPGs, quests. Sooner or later, standard computer equipment is not enough. There is a need for an advanced keyboard with mechanical switches, a comfortable chair, a large monitor, a gaming microphone, and several accessories. All this can turn the gameplay into pleasure, or even a professional sport. Learn more at microphonetopgear.

1. Monitor

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Many gamers deservedly call the monitor “the eyes of the player”. The user’s gaming experience and physical condition depend on the correct color rendering, screen size, matrix response time, and image refresh rate. Famous brands of gaming computer equipment have long produced such high-tech monitors.

The maximum response time of a productive TN matrix is only 1 MS, which eliminates any delays even in dynamic scenes. Thanks to the high refresh rate of the image (144 Hz), you can forget about eye fatigue. And the presence of a built-in USB hub will greatly simplify the connection of peripherals.

2. Gaming chair

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The correct fit is as important for an advanced gamer as it is for a musician or driver. It would be best if you responsibly chose a gaming chair to minimize the fatigue in the musculoskeletal system during long gaming sessions.

Modern game models are stylized as a sports car seat, but it is suitable for fans of a variety of game genres. A special lumbar support pillow is installed on the back. For a comfortable position of the neck, soft artificial leather supports are provided. These chairs have adjustable height and tilt of the chair, as well as the armrests’ position.

3. Gaming headset

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Sound in games is not only an aesthetic decoration of the gameplay but also an important tactical weapon. Using a special headset allows you to navigate the game map better, literally feeling the panorama of sound: footsteps on the left, explosions, and rustles – on the right or behind.

In the headset, the gameplay takes on new shades. The main emphasis in the headset is on detailed sound with a predominance of low frequencies. A padded headband, ear pads made of breathable perforated eco-leather, and a memory-effect lining are designed to combat player fatigue. For proper versatility, the microphone with noise cancellation is provided. This allows you to use a small built-in microphone with a sound control system and a button to receive calls.

The perfect game space is an ecosystem of complementary accessories. In a dynamic battle, everything is important. The game chair will take care of the correct landing. The monitor will be responsible for displaying high-quality images. A gaming headset will help you hear more and reach other team members, but not deafen your neighbors.

4. Mouse

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A good gaming mouse is a key to victory. Despite the apparent simplicity of the design and unpretentiousness of this accessory, the feelings of using a “bad” and “good” mouse differ dramatically. Now in stores, you can find computer mice designed specifically for gamers.

Thoughtful ergonomics and absolute symmetry allow both right-handed and left-handed people to use the manipulator. The high-resolution optical sensor and rubberized housing provide easy operation. The confident grip is the main advantage of dynamic shooters and team games.

5. Mouse pad

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An uncomfortable mouse pad can ruin the fun of even the most advanced game. Only the correct surface will ensure smooth sliding of the optical mouse beam and give comfortable gameplay. The feature of this game accessory is the presence of two different sides: Speed and Control.

The side marked speed is relevant for a fast and dynamic game with maximum smoothness. For tactical combat and strategies, you should use the control side. It provides ultra-precise cursor positioning. Besides, modern gaming pads “remember” the shape of the player’s wrist and reduce fatigue to a minimum.

6. Keyboard

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An advanced computer player is unlikely to touch the keys of an ordinary membrane keyboard. Its film switches significantly impair tactile sensations. In the end, the comfort of the gameplay, as well as the probability of winning, is significantly reduced due to sticking and non-pressing keys. A special gaming keyboard is a godsend for a gamer who has managed to appreciate all the advantages of mechanical switches.

First, these models are designed for long-term operation in the most severe conditions (up to 50 million clicks). Secondly, thanks to the built-in backlight, theses keyboards are suitable for night battles and raids. Finally, keyboards of this type have a memory for storing individual settings.

7. Microphone

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After a virtual battle moved into the category of command, communication has acquired an outstanding value. Since then, gaming microphones have become an integral part of the gameplay. Almost no gamer can do without them. For this reason, companies that manufacture gaming devices pay much attention to the quality and continuous improvement of devices.

The demand for gaming microphones for your computer or laptop is continually growing, as voice chat becomes more popular. The streaming industry and video blogging are developing.

At first glance, gaming microphones do not differ from the usual analogs for a computer. But there are differences, and what exactly depends on the specific model. Usually, this is the maximum sound volume (decibels), sound quality (on expensive models, it can reach the Studio level), additional settings (for example, the function of minimizing or completely protecting from extraneous noise), and more.

Most gaming microphones do not require the installation of any special software (only the driver). They also have standard connectors. All of them can be connected via a USB input, and some of them can be connected via an XLR connection.

8. Game steering wheel

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The game steering wheel is a manipulator that can provide fans of auto racing with additional excitement and pleasure. This device allows you to fully plunge into the world of hot rubber and roaring engines. This modern device is preferred by fans of speed and adrenaline.

Before buying it, you should pay attention to the angle of rotation. Maneuverability during the tracks depends on it.

The steering wheel with pedals is a great car simulator, which will surely appeal to fans of virtual races. It allows the player to feel like a real professional of fast and extreme driving.