Dating a Woman 20 Years Younger: Do’s and Don’ts

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20 years is an impressive age difference when it comes to romantic relationships. Of course, it is not always felt the same way. Par example, if you are 40, and a girlfriend is 20, this gap seems to be large, but when you are 65, and a lady is 45, then this age difference becomes not so noticeable. In any case, such an age gap will always be present between you, so you should know how to date a girl 20 years younger to build a happy relationship.

Take care of yourself

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Unfortunately, youth is short-term, and people do not become younger with the passing of the years. Therefore, in order to remain desired and handsome longer, it is necessary to make considerable efforts. Next to a pretty young lady, you simply do not have the right to look unattractive. Of course, you should not resort to drastic measures and decide on dangerous plastic operations and so on – it is just enough to take care of your body.

Take an unbiased look at your relations

Because of great love, people are sometimes ready to turn the blind eye to a lot of things, and this can cause future disappointments in relationships. To protect yourself from emotional pain, take an unbiased look at a young lady you are dating. A woman should give you not only her society but also attention, care, and love. In case you do

not have it all, it is likely that the woman is interested just in your material wealth. This piece of advice is particularly relevant if you got acquainted with each other on a dating site. According to, some pretty girls online are really set on finding love, while others may be intended just to trick out of your money.

Heed the advice of your woman

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Regardless of how old a woman is, she always wants to feel needed by a beloved man. If you listen to the opinion of the young girlfriend, it will be very valuable and pleasant for her. After all, you show respect and credibility in such away. Accordingly, let her give advice and help you to solve problems – this will positively affect your relations.

Don’t be jealous

Maturity implies self-confidence and cool-headedness. Jealousy is the exact opposite. In addition, it is a nasty feeling that has already provoked not alone break-up. Reacting to the potential young competitors and looking through green glasses, you just show your weakness and let your girl know that you consider yourself less attractive than other guys. In the end, your beloved can believe this too. Your major weapon is friendliness, pleasant appearance, and self-confidence.

Don’t laugh at her interests

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An adult man is an intellectual elevator for a young girl, a chance to broaden her horizons and hook into your personal experience. Sowing the seeds of knowledge and introducing the lady to your favorite books and films is your responsibility in love relations with a woman 20 years younger. And her role is to listen to you attentively and take good note of the useful information. However, it does not mean that the modesty of her intellectual plant should not become the subject of friendly banter, which turns into bullying. Respect the tastes of your beloved girlfriend and familiarize yourself with the things that she loves. Surprise her with the awareness of modern music, series, literature, and so on. You can learn from each other much more new and interesting then it seems!

Don’t turn into a querulous daddy

The age disparity does not give you the right to preach at a younger lady. Of course, you are wiser and more sophisticated in some life matters, but try to pass on your experience to a beloved woman not so demonstrably in order not to turn it into moral admonition. Otherwise, your girlfriend will begin to perceive you not as a handsome man but as a dad.

Let’s see what celebrities are dating younger women:

Famous actors and musicians such as Sean Penn, Mick Jagger, and Denis Quaid are dating much younger women for years!

Sean Penn who turned 60 this year is in the relationship with 32 years younger Leila George. On the other hand, actor Denis Quaid who is 66 years recently becomes engaged with Laura Saviole who is 27 years old! This huge age difference is basically nothing compared to Jagger’s last latest love. The Rolling Stones frontman who is 76 years old is in the relationship with ballerina Melanie Hambrick (33 years). The couple has one child, born in 2016.

We always support love and happiness, for all people, but sometimes it could be really weird to know that these celebrities date women that are much younger then their children. For example, Sean Penn children, Dylan and Hopper (children from his marriage with actress Robin Wright (53)) are 27 and 29 years old; one year than his girlfriend who is 28.

All these examples are just a reminder that we are living in the world where famous and rich people prefer dating and marrying much younger women, even if the criticism is (in most cases) not working for these couples, they manage to stay together.

On the professional side, all this can be explained in a very simple way. This phenomenon mostly deals with our biology and nature of human beings: The male of the species wants to pair up with a female who can produce children. Woman’s fertility changes after the age of 30, but Mick Jagger showed us all that you can make babies even at the age of 70!

So, at the very end, the age difference is absolutely not important if two (a couple) can fulfill each other’s feelings and needs. The most important of all is to find happiness, love, support, and understanding for all that you do with the person beside you!