What Mindful Dating, Actually, Is And How To Date Mindfully To Get The Most Out Of It

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Why mindful dating is a necessary trend nowadays

“If you date mindfully, you foster a deeper connection with your future spouse and are aware of your dating choices beforehand.“ Of course, if you work on it. Modern approaches to dating and building a relationship are not very joyful. People are too independent, open-minded, and selfish to compromise, consider something other than their immediate desires, and just build a healthy relationship.

Mindful dating is something that everyone needs today. It will change your approach to dating and relationships and will allow you to enjoy the process and last but not least, the results. Learn everything you need to know about mindful dating, how it can improve your life and help you create a stronger relationship.

What mindful dating is?

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Mindful dating is one of the new terms that means consciousness and proactivity in dating. In other words, you know what you are looking for and clearly understand your needs and wishes. Mindful dating is just a serious approach to dating and building a relationship that ensures everyone enjoys it and is not afraid of the results. If everything is done properly, mindful dating is very fruitful and leads to the desired outcome.

Mindful dating involves:

  • Being selective in dating;
  • Looking for a partner consciously;
  • Avoiding one-night stands and accidental connections;
  • Being careful in both mental and physical relationships.

What should you do to date mindfully?

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The very first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is to use condoms when establishing sexual relationships. This is, of course, true but it is the final stage of the process, actually. Dating is not only about sex but about approaching the search appropriately. If you go to sex straight away, you will hardly date mindfully. Therefore, here are the necessary steps for mindful dating. Of course, if you want to be happy and reasonable in your relationship.

Know what you want

After several failures in your personal life, you might wonder what is wrong. Something is really wrong if you keep choosing the wrong people and your relationships end in the very same way. It means that your strategy doesn’t work or you just have no idea what you want from your relationship.

Knowing what you want and setting the right goals is the very first thing to do. You have to clearly understand who and what you are looking for to be able to distinguish this person from all others. Here is how you can reach mindful dating:

  • Do not hurry to start sexual life straight away (psychologists recommend getting to know the person for a year or so before you start sleeping with one another). Of course, if that’s too hard for you both, just try to wait as long as possible to truly get to know each other. When a relationship starts with sex, it will end with failure again.
  • Invest in your dating. Dates, attention, common dinners, some help to one another, and many other things will make you appreciate your relationship. Once again, before you start sexual life.
  • Ask her questions and listen to her answers carefully. All men choose a woman by appearance and sexual desire at the beginning. This is inevitable but there is something behind this desire. You need to ask her as much as possible about her, be interested in what kind of person she is, and see who she really is. If this process lasts for six months or a year, nothing can be hidden and you will learn the person 100%.

Avoid one-night stands

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This is a very tempting option for people, especially if they didn’t have sex for a while. However, a one-night stand has nothing to do with mindful dating. This is an absolutely irresponsible action both sides do not think long about. If your goal is to establish a long-lasting and moreover, healthy relationship, then a one-night stand is not your option.

Please understand that no accidental sexual connections grow into anything serious. Only the long process of getting to know each other without sex can lead to something serious based on responsibility, emotional intimacy, and passion. If you lack one of the three ingredients, your relationship will not last long. At least, it will not make you both happy.

Use dating apps and sites

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In terms of mindful dating, dating services are perfect. They allow you to check the person’s background before you ever have the first date. You will also communicate for a while (sometimes for a very long time) before you see each other in reality. This gives you a good image of who is in front of you and whether you really want to get to know this person more.

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In conclusion, mindful dating is a necessary trend that can help create healthier romantic relationships. By actively engaging in activities with your partner and total presence while doing it, we develop stronger, more meaningful bonds and deeper connection with our mate. Mindful dating also requires us to look at ourselves before entering into a new relationship and develop our self-awareness to find the qualities we need in an ideal partner. Finally, communication is essential in any healthy relationship, and it is not different when we talk about mindful dating; honest dialogue between the two partners should flow naturally so we can come up with solutions for any problems that may arise. In short, let’s be mindful of how we enter into any kind of romantic relationships in order to get the most out of it!