7 Tips for Quick and Efficient Cleaning – How to Vacuum

When it comes to cleaning properly and efficiently, nothing beats the sound of a good vacuum. Vacuuming is quite possibly the quickest way to clean every room individually.

But we can always grab a landing hand by utilizing other tips that offer quick and efficient cleaning.

If your house is in a mess and you’re in need of a bit of guidance, then make sure to stick around as we have the 7 tips that will help you get over the line.

With all that said, let’s start.

1. Clean the Entire House

Source: House Beautiful

There isn’t a more efficient cleaning tip than this one. Cleaning is not something that every person is fond of. But you’ve been putting it off for quite some time now.

Naturally, a lot of mess has accumulated and your house is in need of a nice, deep clean. Vacuuming is the easiest way to clean the floors of the house. Mopping the windows is a great way to bring back that spark, while dusting helps regulate the air quality.

But the most important thing is to vacuum, mop, and dust in every room. This way, you leave no stone unturned and get it done in a single day.

2. Put All the Cleaning Tools in a Caddy

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When it comes to cleaning every individual room, you can either do one thing at a time and waste time going back and forth, or grab everything you need in a caddy and do it at once.

This saves you not only time but energy. Trust us on this one, cleaning can drain a lot of energy. So, being quick and efficient is the best way to go about it.

From the various tips that exist out there, this one is slightly lesser known. Why? Because not many people deem it important enough. However, this is a great way to be efficient.

3. Vacuuming – the Best Way to do it

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It goes without saying that using a vacuum cleaner is like a breath of fresh air. Can you imagine the work before you if you didn’t have one such convenient tool?

But before you set your sights on vacuuming, we recommend doing one important thing. Namely, the ideal situation is to get everything done and then vacuum the floors.

Because of this, we always recommend dusting first. When we dust, it isn’t an uncommon thing for the dust to fall to the ground. If you’ve vacuumed before dusted, then the debris will fall on the ground and you would need to do it all over again.

But if you dust before you vacuum, then you make sure to catch every single bit of dust bunny. It is the quickest and most efficient way of vacuuming the house, and the reasoning behind it is very convincing.

For all the convenience that it brings, there exists a way to make vacuuming even more convenient. Namely, robot vacuum cleaners exist on the market that takes care of everything for you. You can find this and many more tools to clean your house at spotlessvacuum.co.uk.

With one of these, you will not need to even handle the thing. All you need to do is power it up and let it do its job. For more information about it, be sure to check Dreame F9.

4. Mirrors and Glass

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Glass surfaces such as mirrors are important to keep squeaky clean as smudges can make them look very bad. Unfortunately, quite a significant number of homeowners think cleaning glass surfaces with a plain cloth will do the trick.

This is, unfortunately, not how glass surfaces should be dealt with. Instead of plain cloth, use microfiber cloth as the surface is much smoother.

After that, a plain dry cloth will do the trick.

5. Top to Bottom

Source: Windows Floors & Decor

This is a very efficient tip that we always recommend trying. And while there are obvious examples where this rule doesn’t apply, it generally works well.

When you need to clean a room, where do you start? Do you start from the table or do you start from the floor? Professional cleaners always recommend focusing on the top and making your way to the bottom.

Start dusting the ceiling and the fan before vacuuming the floor. Don’t clean the floors before you’ve touched on the table and so on.

6. Spray After Showering

Source: A Clean Bee

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, there are a few tips that make sure you do a quick and efficient job. Namely, some homeowners focus on preventing the accumulating of grime as opposed to solving the issue.

And that’s something you can do to make sure the bathroom doesn’t get too messy through time. Namely, every time you’re done with using the bathroom or get out of the shower, spray it with a shower cleaner.

Take a plain cloth and rinse it to make sure the shower doesn’t get dirty over time. This tactic is so efficient that you don’t even need to wipe it afterward.

7. Eliminate Kitchen Grease

Source: How to Clean Things

The kitchen can sometimes take the role of the most disgusting room of the house. The reason for that is one and one thing only – kitchen grease.

Kitchen grease isn’t anything new and is actually quite common. The cabinets, the stove, the counter, everything can get grease on. But fortunately, grease isn’t something that you will have a hard time taking care of.

You can use any grease-cutting solution to cut through or use a professional tool that will make it that much effective. Since there is no real way of preventing the accumulation of grease, we recommend you keep one such solution in your kitchen and use it after cooking.

This way, you are making sure that no large amounts of grease accumulate through time. But not only that, you are making sure that when the time comes, cleaning the kitchen will be a piece of cake.


Hundreds of other tips exist that will help you clean your home in a quick and efficient way. From vacuuming tips to scrubbing and even dusting, you can learn a lot about keeping your house as tidy as possible.