5 Essential Tips for Moving in the Fall Time – 2024 Guide

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When moving, one of the best things you can do is follow a plan. This is doubly so for people moving during Fall. Did you know that Fall tends to be the best season for moving cheaply? When most people move during the summer season, when they have more free time, movers’ costs tend to be lower in Fall and Winter. Of course, this will depend on your company, but there are tendencies you can pay close attention to and snatch the deal of a lifetime.

If you are looking to move your home, office, business, or apartment – you can find a great deal by following our expert tips for moving in the Fall time. ExpressMovingVanLines believe in your right to choose and be informed as a customer, meaning that these tips are industry secrets that we are opening – for your benefit. Enjoy!

1. Declutter!

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No list is complete with this golden goose of a tip. Reap the benefits of a season well spent by getting rid of everything old and no longer bringing joy into your life. Once the summer is over, you have a good idea of what needs to be done and gone, and which things close to your heart you would prefer to keep by.

Simply enter your garage, storeroom, pantry, closet, or any other place in your home that is at risk of becoming infected with things that no longer serve you and throw them away! Or donate, or sell. Regardless of your approach, the single best way of ensuring your moving is simple, packing to move is effortless and costs are kept low is by getting rid of the old.

This will not only help you refresh your life and let new, positive experiences enter it, but also potentially put you into the position to finally get rid of something you have been holding on to for no good reason. It is time to let go – and embrace a new, more successful, and appealing you! Start with the summer clothes you are no longer interested in wearing.

2. Weather troubles

Let us get deep into the organization and planning of things: weather conditions, roadblocks, and more. Fall is no kind overseer on the lives of people, no, there are no gentle breezes or picturesque photos of artfully arranged arrays of trees. Fall tends to be muddy, with a deep earthy smell, wet, uncomfortable, and difficult to work with – and that is just half of it.

As part of California’s moving services, let us tell you that they are going to be delayed. In a universal rule of thumb, there is no chance you are going to have everything go exactly as planned. Fall makes it even riskier to give any guarantees – so hold on dearly to the companies that do! Pay close attention to your packing, make sure to use rain-covering, and keep electronics and other items you would never want to get wed well protected. Even a small drizzle, if it manages to permeate through the cardboard, can wreak havoc – pack ahead, pack smart, and avoid such issues ahead of time.

3. Living conditions

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One of the difficult things about moving is the amount of planning you need to do – and we understand. Most people have moved in their lifetime at least once, and it can be downright intimidating, especially when looking at the number of things to get done, in typically short order.

Here is one of our golden moving tips, however – make sure the place you are moving to is well-equipped to sustain human life. Having no heater or air conditioning might be a minor inconvenience when moving in the summer, but fall plays no games. Be sure you are moving in a fully hospitable environment; you know where you are moving and everything is ready to be unpacked and loaded. Delays not only cost extra but can expose your items to the weather conditions outside – not something you would have on your to-do list.

4. Window shop

There is nothing wrong with a little window shopping when it comes to getting the best deals! A closely kept secret in our industry is that until you sign with us, you can get as much advice and competent discussions when it comes to your plans as possible. Additionally, given that there are fewer customers during this time, there are several great offers, deals, and special moving plans available for grabs.

Do not be afraid to ask directly to get moving quotes that will directly benefit you. Don’t agree to sub-par deals just because it’s cheap (but you’ll have to do most of the moving, incurring several hidden costs you’re not factoring in). Don’t agree to moving plans you’re not fully on board with either – nobody wants to sleep on the floor, because the movers were scheduled for a few days later but your lease is up.

Make sure to find the ideal deal – for you. Until then, browse, ask, contact and request quotes as much as you’d like!

5. Easy does it

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When planning out your move, even if you’re not the one doing the heavy lifting, please consider the logistics. Keep the entryways clear of debris, make sure there’s enough space to move through, and that the pathways can be used properly. Nobody wants an injured worker more than you – during your moving day. Think of the delays – isn’t it better to sweep up those wet leaves first?

However, take solace in the fact that you’ve got movers handling the most difficult aspects of it all. Consider it a blessing, and even offer refreshments, if you’re so inclined. During a cold fall day, warm lemon tea can be just the thing to get the movers’ spirits up and make everyone’s day that much better. It’s optional, but why not take the opportunity to do something nice?

And that’s all! Those were the best tips we’ve got for you to create the best moving experience possible for your very own fall move. Until next time!