8 Things You Need to Know About Iceland Before Going

Ahhh… Iceland. The Land of Fire and Ice. A dream destination for many and one of the most popular destinations for tourists all over the world. Who wouldn’t even want to visit this wonderland of a country, there’s just something about this land of ice that is so dreamy and so fairy tale like that many consider it as one of their ultimate bucket-list destinations. A beautiful country on its own boasting of wildlife and scenic places, there’s just so much that this country can offer to its visitors.

As one of the favorite go-to places by travelers, many major airlines fly to Iceland to let everyone who wants to visit the country witness its great beauty. When visiting Iceland by air, you can make use of an app called Flight Tracking to check the status of your flight online and check if there is any delay or cancellation on your flight. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also free and you can even download its app for more convenience.

Iceland is a beautiful country, no doubt and though it’s so easy to imagine it as a perfect travel destination, there are still things you should know before going in here, so you will not make the same mistakes that everyone had on their first trip in Iceland. Here are 8 things you need to be aware of when planning to go to Iceland:

Source: World Travel Guide

Iceland is expensive. You may have probably known this, and it’s not a surprise really. Iceland is hardly a budget-friendly destination and it’s a fact. Visiting the country on a cheap budget can be challenging especially if you like your basic comforts when traveling. Car rental only, which is the best way to get around the island, is pricey, though there are still public buses that you can hop on and off to if you want to save. Campervans are also a good alternative for car rentals. Though a trip in Iceland can be a bit rough on your wallet, we can still guarantee you that a trip here is worth your every penny.

Weather changes here dramatically… and rapidly. Be prepared for the weather in Iceland, as it shifts so rapidly here. Today may be sunny and a beautiful day but tomorrow, you might wake up to heavy rain with howling winds and thick mist. Always dress in layers and always anticipate rain. Seize the day if the weather condition is good and go out, do some hiking and take all the photos you want outside. It is also a place where you should take the weather and road conditions seriously as low-key hurricanes are just normal here. Driving in bad weather conditions have led to countless accidents and deaths here as weather and road conditions were not taken seriously.

Northern Lights will not always show up here. Aurora Borealis is what people have in mind when they think of traveling up north like in Iceland. It’s a pretty famous attraction here and is one of the main reasons why Iceland is so popular as a travel destination. But, don’t go crazy and get your hopes up too much searching for the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are most easily visible in winter and there are a lot of factors that play on whether or not this majestic light will show such as the light pollution, the weather, and the cloud cover. It will be impossible for you to miss the Northern Lights when it shows up, so just keep your eyes on the road when driving.

The best time to go to Iceland is in winter. Not only will it give you more chances to see the Northern Lights up in the sky, but going in Iceland during winter will also let you experience a winter wonderland like no other. It is the time when Iceland is in its most honest form, indeed a spectacular scene to behold.

Opt for other local pools and skip the Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon is quite expensive and sometimes overly crowded. If you want to soak your body in a geothermal spa in Iceland, you can skip the basics and find other brilliant local pools that will cost you a little cheaper than the Blue Lagoon.

You can’t see it all in one visit to Iceland. You may think of Iceland as a small country and is planning to see all of the country in one visit. Well, don’t. Iceland has a diverse landscape and each of its regions deserves several visits for you to appreciate it. Take time to explore each region, and allow yourself to fully appreciate the beauty of Iceland. Hike through the wilderness, sit and just lookout in the beauty of the fjords, and watch the wildlife.

You can’t pay for your gas with a credit card. Gas stations in Iceland do not accept cards without pin codes, so remember to bring a debit card here. It’s much better if you would have some cash put in your pocket.

Keeping your tank and snack bag full is recommended. As the weather in Iceland can shift dramatically, you have to be ready if ever you will be caught up in a bad winter storm. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the road with no gas and no food or just snacks to eat, so always be prepared and keep your tank full and bring your favorite snack with you.

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