Free Fire Community Match: Win Free Diamonds and 3rd Anniversary T-shirt

On the 3rd anniversary of Free Fire, developers are planning to give many new in-game items for free to the Free Fire player. Free Fire players might also get to experience a new update on the 3rd anniversary of the game. With the new update, you might see many unique features such as missions, characters, weapons, maps etc.

What’s New In FF 3rd Anniversary

The 3rd anniversary of Free Fire, which is on the 22nd of August, will be a day of celebration for Free Fire players. To celebrate the occasion, Free Fire players will experience many special events. However, the events will last for only a few weeks. Through these events, the player can earn many exclusive items without paying anything. To obtain each of the exclusive items, you will need to perform special tasks. Each task will demand you different requirements. The Hayato Firebrand character is one of those special things that Free Fire players can try in this edition.

The best thing about this Hayato character is that it is available for free. Unlike a few other characters in Free Fire, the Hayato Firebrand will not cost any in-game currency. The Hayato Firebrand is a Samurai, which has serious damage to the opponent. To unlock this character, players will need to complete a few simple objectives. Furthermore, you will also locate a new lobby in the game. Free Fire has further planned to launch a spawn island named as Runway on the 3rd anniversary. The Runway gives the appearance of an airport with planes and a few other stuff.

Exclusive Items on 3rd anniversary

On the 3rd anniversary of Free Fire, players will also get a chance to earn many exclusive items for free. In exclusive items, you can obtain guns, skins, characters and other in-game stuff. The special events on the 3rd anniversary will also allow earning in-game currency, which is diamonds.

Free Fire Community Matches

On the 3rd anniversary of Free Fire, players will also get to see various matches between different communities from all over the world. You can enter such Free Fire community matches and show your shooting skills. Additionally, you will get a chance to win different items on performing well in the community matches.

New Gameplay Strategies

Free Fire has over 18 weapons that a player can choose to demolish the enemy. Similar to PUBG, Free Fire also includes first aid kits and energy drinks as a source of health for the player. If you have low health, you just need to use the first aid kits or have some energy drinks to boost up your health. However, a player who is down on their knees after getting hit from the enemy can only be revived after getting first aid help from the friendly player.

If we look at the combat, the mechanics of free Fire doesn’t seem realistic, but it is more action-oriented. Free Fire offers a vast range of loot, but if we compare the Free Fire loot with PUBG, then you might notice that PUBG has the upper hand. One thing that people usually hate about the Free Fire game is its firing ability. When you are continuously firing at the opponent player, you will see that the gunfire is not going in the desired direction that you are aiming at which is something that people don’t like. While that is not the case in PUBG.

Gift for Emulator Players

In case you also like playing Free Fire on an emulator, then you should go for the LDPlayer. LDPlayer is one of the best emulators that offer a top-quality experience for Free Fire players. There is nothing to worry about lag, low video quality and other concerns while playing Free Fire on LDPlayer. The features that the LDPlayer offer is far better than many other emulators.

LDPlayer allows multiple instances, custom settings, active updates and many more features that are only available in a few emulators. Also, there are no fees or tons of ads that players have to deal with while using LDPlayer. The process of utilizing the LDPlayer is straightforward for both beginners and professionals. Not only Free Fire, but you can play many other top-notch games using the LDPlayer. So you can utilize LDPlayer for other games as well with the best experience.

Free FF Diamonds and T-Shirts

The LDPlayer offers many gifts free of cost for Free Fire players on the 3rd anniversary of the game. One of the top gifts offered by LDPlayer for the Free Fire lovers is the in-game currency. Free Fire players can get free diamonds by following a few simple steps. However, to acquire the free diamonds for free, you will have to utilize Facebook, YouTube and Reddit websites.

The process of using these social media sites to get free diamonds is quite simple. You will only have to do a few posts related to LDPlayer to take part in the competition.  Via Facebook and Reddit, the LDPlayer allows Free Fire players to earn 5500 diamonds while using YouTube, and one can make up to 11,000 diamonds. Below are some brief steps to follow on Facebook, YouTube and Reddit to get free diamonds offered by the LDPlayer.

  • Using Facebook

If you are a Free Fire player who frequently uses Facebook, then there is a great chance for you to earn diamonds without spending anything.

  • Make sure to follow the LDPlayer official account on Facebook because it’s the first step towards free diamonds.
  • After that, don’t forget to repost the top post available on the LDPlayer official account.
  • Once you are done with reposting, you will require to leave a comment on that post describing your experience of playing Free Fire with the LDPlayer. Also, include the screenshot in your comment.
  • The last step is to ask your friends to like your comment that you made on the official account.

Above are the steps that you have to follow to win up to 5500 diamonds.

  • Using YouTube

LDPlayer also provides a method for YouTube users to generate free diamonds. Just like Facebook, you also have to follow simple methods to get free diamonds on YouTube. There are around 11,000 diamonds that Free Fire players can obtain with this method using YouTube.

  • Make a video of you playing a Free Fire game using the LDPlayer emulator.
  • Once you are done with video creation, you have to post the video on your YouTube channel. You can even create a new YouTube channel to post the video.
  • After that, you will be required to put a few simple details on a Google form. Also, add the video link to that form.
  • So in this way, you can become part of the competition of winning 11,000 diamonds.

There is nothing complicated in this process of gaining free diamonds using YouTube. However, try to focus on the sound and visual quality of the video so that you can win the competition with ease.

  • Using Reddit

Another approach to win a free diamond with the LDPlayer is by using the Reddit account. The methods suggested by the LDPlayer for Reddit users are straightforward. To get the free diamond in the Free Fire game, follow the below steps.

  • The very first step is to join the community of Reddit.
  • After that, you are required to visit the LDPlayer top post on Reddit. You can easily find it by using the search option.
  • In the top post, you will need to reveal your experience about the Free Fire game with LDPlayer.

In such away, you can enter the competition and get a chance to win free diamonds using LDPlayer on your Reddit profile. This method will help you gain up to 5500 diamonds. The more upvotes and replies you get on your post, the more will be your chances of getting diamonds for free.


The 3rd anniversary of Free Fire will be great fun for Free Fire lovers. On the 3rd anniversary, Free Fire is planning to offer many new in-game items like characters, outfits, weapons and many other things. Also, the events presented by the Free Fire on the 3rd anniversary will empower the players to get free diamonds without paying any real cash. Another good news is that the LDPlayer also grants its users to earn up to 11 thousand diamonds.

LDPlayer will only require its users to use Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube to get free diamonds. Apart from diamonds, players can also get many exclusive items for free by using the LDPlayer as an emulator.  So if you want to enjoy new missions, items, weapons and locations in the Free Fire game, then don’t forget to miss the 3rd-anniversary event; you will surely like it.