7 Steps to Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist – 2024 Guide

Looking attractive is something that we all strive to achieve. Because of that, we decide on different methods to achieve our goal. Some people are more focused on buying expensive clothes. In that way, they want to follow the modern fashion trends. Despite that, others would rather choose to go to the gym and be fit. Yet, all these things are nothing compering to a beautiful smile. Well, this is the moment when a problem arises.

Generally, people do not take care a lot about their teeth. This is a bad habit that is common for many people. Indeed, brushing your teeth is something you probably do at least 2 a day. However, even that is not enough. Going to a dentist is something that we should all do at least twice a year.

So, why is the quality of our smile reducing? Well, the way of life that we live plays a major role. For instance, cigarettes, alcohol, and certain ingredients are reducing the whiteness of our smile. Despite that, genetics is also one of the reasons why something like this is happening.

Fortunately, we live in a world of advanced technology. In today’s world, you can fix everything you want including the quality of your smile. For something like that, you will have to find the best cosmetic dentist.

However, is that easy?

Indeed, there is a huge number of dentists that are offering this type of service. Yet, that doesn’t mean they are all equally good. Because of that, we want to provide you with steps to find the best cosmetic dentists. If you follow our guidelines, there is no chance that you will make a mistake.

Let’s get started.

1. Try to Talk with Previous Clients

Source: Chalet Dental Care

Well, this step is there to make you even surer. However, word-to-mouth is even today the best way to advertise your business. Because of that, some sort of social proof is something you should chase. Talk with people that already asked for this sort of service. First of all, check their smile in-person if something like that is possible. After that, ask those people about some other important things. For example, ask them about the customer service of your potential cosmetic dentist. Check if there is any chance to get some sort of discount. See if his previous patients feel nice after the changes they made. All these pieces of information are equally important for finding the best cosmetic dentist.

Because of that, we would want to give you some directions. There are some cosmetic dentists such as Quality Dental Team that deserve your attention. We recommend you visit their website and see which options you have.

2. Cosmetic Dentistry Is a Fine Art

Source: PNGFuel

This is the first thing every person on the planet should know. This type of service is a bit more expensive comparing to general dentistry. Because of that, the budget is not something you should follow. You need to understand that working in cosmetic dentistry requires high-quality skills. Because of that, the main factor that you should follow is their approach to work. This will make things a lot clearer.

3. Check Their Credentials

Source: Athens Grow Green

This is the first thing we need to warn you about. Many dentists will try to represent themselves as cosmetic dentists. However, they need to have credentials that will confirm something like that. The AACD is not giving credentials (that is some sort of license) to everyone. It only gives it to those that truly passed all the necessary skill improvement processes.

4. Research Their Websites

Source: Cayuse

Fortunately, you can do many things alone. For good research, you only need to have a smart device and a Wi-Fi connection. Go to the website of the cosmetic dentist that you plan to hire. Check which things they have to offer. The professional ones will make things clear on their website. In other words, everything on their website should be transparent.

This means that you won’t have the problem to see the reviews of previous customers. If they are good enough, then there is no reason to hide something. Google is also a good place where you can see those reviews.

There is one thing that we have to highlight. A bad sign would be if you can’t see any reviews and testimonials at all. This means that there is probably a good reason why they are not visible to visitors.

5. Ask for Previous Work

Source: Anokhi Dental

Well, this is something you will probably have the chance to find online. However, you can also ask for that when you come to their office. Seeing the previous work of your cosmetic dentist will tell you a lot about his skills. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he is bad. For instance, maybe his style is not something that would satisfy your expectations. As we said, cosmetic dentistry is a fine art and every artist has a unique style.

The best possible thing would be to ask for before-and-after photos. This is the best possible way to see how a nice smile is changing a person. Despite that, you will see which moves your dentist made to come to those changes. After seeing those images, you can start imagining yourself with an improved smile.

6. Ask Your Dentist about Education

Source: Shemmassian Academic

Every person needs to know that a small number of dental schools provide general education in cosmetic dentistry. This is an important factor that you need to follow. Your dentist has to pursue post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry.

Let’s compare it with some other profession. Imagine that a programmer does not improve his knowledge after graduating. The things in the programming world are rapidly developing and following the new “inventions” is a necessity.

Well, everything we said also counts for cosmetic dentistry. A cosmetic dentist needs to participate in many dentistry education programs that will allow him to master the principles. Logically, not all education programs are equally good. Because of that, we recommend you find out more about the program. The quality of education can tell you more about the quality of the skills that your dentist possesses.

7. Ask about Experience

Source: Medium

Ask your dentist for how long he is working in this industry. This might not be a crucial factor. Creativity, style, and education are more important things. However, you would want to work with someone who has some experience working as a cosmetic dentist. This brings some sort of peace of mind.


Before we say “goodbye”, we need to say something. There is no need to hurry in this
case. Finding a reliable cosmetic dentist is a process that should last a bit longer. It is a
serious investment that will completely change your life. Many people stop smiling because
of that. However, the crucial changes are only possible if you carefully make decisions.
Imagine how exactly you would want your teeth to look. After that, try to find the best
possible ideas to explain them to your cosmetic dentist. If he is a true expert, he will know
how to turn your ideas into reality.