Why You Should Visit a Periodontist Regularly

Beautiful teeth are truly the jewel of the face. Smile is usually the first thing that people notice when talking to someone. It is a matter of personal care and hygiene. Visiting the dentist at least twice a year is imperative, but did you know that you should visit Periodontist regularly too?

First, let’s explain a little bit better what do periodontists do. These are experts for the health of the gums and dental implants. Even though the dentist can diagnose and treat most of the dental issues, if you start having problems with gums and inflammation, then you need to talk to someone who specializes in this area.

Many people, young and old, are suffering from gum disease. The condition can have a significant impact on your life since it is accompanied by other undesirable problems. For instance, it can cause bad breath, swelling, and bleeding of the gums. None of these symptoms is pleasant to deal with because the consequences of social life are severe.

Such problems affect how you talk and smile when around other people. They can, therefore, lower your self-confidence, and you might start avoiding people to hide the problems. You can avoid such circumstances by seeing a periodontist and getting the right treatment for your problem.

A periodontist is a dental professional specialized in gum related diseases. But why should you visit one regularly?

To Prevent Gum Disease

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If you are not suffering from gum disease, then it is only wise that you avoid it in the future. Though maintaining oral hygiene by brushing can prevent the disease, sometimes it is never enough. You should, therefore, visit a periodontist regularly to learn more if you want to maintain healthy gums throughout your life.

There are several ways through which a periodontist will help you avoid gum disease. First, he or she will educate you on all the risk factors. Some of them, such as smoking and inadequate nutrition, are avoidable, but others such as genetics and underlying health conditions pose a challenge.

However, regardless of the risk factor involved and how complex it might be, a gum specialist, such as drmarleneteo.com, will help you accordingly.

Second, a periodontist can prevent gum disease by detecting before it happens. They can then take the necessary preventive action to help you out. For instance, he or she might inform you of areas of your life that you need to improve.

Alternatively, through routine checkups with www.cosmodentalcentre.com, an expert might choose specialized routine cleaning to remove plaque and tartar. These are deposits on the teeth that carry bacteria that cause gum disease. Thus, removing them will prevent bacteria from reaching and destroying your gums. The buildup of plaque can cause inflammation that can be more difficult to resolve later one when it gets complicated. It is always better to resolve the issue the moment it shows up.

To Treat Gum Disease

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If you have a gum problem, you should visit a periodontist more often. Neglecting the problem might only make it worse, thereby leading to further complications. For instance, gum disease can eat away the bone that holds the teeth in position. This can lead to periodontal disease.

Thus, to avoid such issues, you should seek treatment so that the condition can be managed early. Since a periodontist has the required knowledge about gum disease, he or she will come up with an effective treatment plan that you should follow. By visiting regularly, the specialist will determine the effectiveness of the treatment, and if more action is needed. The intervention measures will repair your gums and eliminate bad breath. You can then start smiling once again when around people without fear or shame.

Receding gums are not attractive and can cause various issues with your dental health. Luckily it can be treated, so you should seek treatment immediately as soon as you notice that the issue started appearing.

Discover the reason for your discomfort

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Sometimes after some dental work, you can feel significant discomfort and there is no way you can discover the exact reason without professional help. Since teeth are small, any work must be done very precisely and to the detail to avoid putting pressure on the other teeth. If there is anything that you are not satisfied with or is giving you a hard time, you should discuss it with your periodontist, so he can find the proper solution.

If there is a need for a change in your oral hygiene, you will get a piece of proper advice. Flossing regularly is crucial for having healthy gums, but also washing teeth properly.


In conclusion, there are two reasons to visit a periodontist regularly. If you are not suffering from gum disease, the specialists will take the necessary action to ensure the condition does not develop in the future. Prevention is very important for dental health. Regular checkups are necessary, so make sure you put it into your calendar and follow up on each one so you can make sure that your smile is as you like it to be. On the other hand, if you have the disease, a gum specialist will provide the necessary care to prevent the condition from worsening. It is truly very important to tackle the issue as soon as you notice the first symptoms, so the damage on the teeth can be controlled and prevented as much as possible.