How to Pick a Unique Gold Ring – Get it Right the First Time!

Are you thinking of buying a unique gold ring? Whether you want one for yourself or your loved one, there are several designs available. However, you need to consider some factors before you finally settle on your dream gold ring.

Firstly, you should note that gold metal is delicate and can be damaged if not well maintained. And with that in mind, below is a guide on how you should select a unique gold ring that you or the wearer will treasure for long.

1. Decide on What Karat to Go For

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A gold karat is a number that helps you to know the amounts of gold in a jewel. Since gold is very delicate on its own, none of the jewelry contains 100% pure gold (24K). Preferably the metal is combined with other alloys such as copper, nickel, and zinc to design durable jewels. Pure yellow gold has 24 karats. But most accessories contain, 14K, 18K, or 22k.

The more the Karat, the higher the price of the metal. However, the lower the karat number, the more durable the metal. Again, before you pick your desired gold, consider the wearer’s lifestyle. If the person is very active and will be using the ring more often, then a lower karat of 14k will be the best choice to ensure the ring doesn’t get damaged so soon.

2. Choose Unique Settings

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If you want to buy a ring that you can wear occasionally, then you may opt for a purer gold ring. Nevertheless, beware of using other metals as a prong to hold the diamond in place. Avoid using 22K gold as a prong as it is soft and can break down within a short period causing the center stone to be loose or even fall off. In this case, a white or rose gold, which is more durable or platinum, can be used in the setting.

Having a different setting metal with the rest of the band adds to the sparkling effect of the gemstone. It also brings a unique design that you could be looking to have.

3. Solid Gold or Gold Plated?

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Some rings contain different metals but are coated with gold. They are referred to as gold plated. Solid gold, on the other hand, has a gold alloy consistent throughout the ring. Gold plated rings may peel off with time, leaving your skin exposed to the other metals. Metal such as nickel may cause allergic reactions to some skins, and so you may need to avoid gold plated and go for solid gold to prevent such incidences.

Gold plated is cheaper but less durable. You can buy it for use sometimes, but consider buying a solid gold ring if you’ll be wearing it most of the time.

4. Size of the Band


Like we mentioned earlier, gold is a soft metal. Therefore, if you want a gold band that will last longer, then pick a thick gold metal to prevent it from breaking anytime soon. Wide gold rings are also the best when it comes to resizing the band.

Therefore, if you’re buying a wedding ring for your spouse and you’re not sure of their size, then buy a thick one, that you can always resize. You can also determine the size of your ring by checking your finger’s length. Tall fingers will look better with a thick band while short fingers go well with thin metal.

5. Choose a unique Color

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Yellow is the most popular color of gold. Other colors available are white, pink, and green gold. The white color is a result of a combination of yellow gold, copper, nickel, and zinc, and is then plated with rhodium (a costly metal) that gives it a reflective effect, and it’s scratch resistance as well.

Rose gold is unique with a hue pink color. It’s a combination of yellow gold with copper alloys. And, green color gold, which is less popular, is a combination of yellow gold with zinc and copper. For a unique wedding ring, try the combination of the rose, white and green color gold, and you’ll see how spectacular your bracelet will appear.

6. Choose a unique design

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There are various gold ring designs, and so you can pick according to what attracts you. If you are not a fancy person, a braided gold ring and some other simple, unique gold bands will suit you well. You should work with your jeweler so that they help you with what you need and even list for you the modern gold rings that are available. And if you want a more specific design, they can customize one, meant just for you. To learn more about these designs visit Stav Fine Jewellery.

7. Consider the shape and the color of your diamond

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Before you make your final decision on which gold ring you should take, consider the gemstone that will go with it. The color of your diamond and the band shouldn’t look odd together but should mix and march correctly. The shape of your stone should also be the same shape on your band. Therefore, it’s okay if you can purchase a precious stone before choosing the ring band.

8. Consider online stores

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To be able to pick the best and unique ring, you need to compare varieties. And, nothing beats online shops when it comes to type. Browse through as you check different designs to be able to pick a new ring. All the same, don’t just go to any jewelry site and make your order, be sure to check their reviews online to identify an official online store.

Everyone loves to be unique. Having an unusual gold ring that you can show off confidently will not only make you look fashionable and elegant but will also improve your self-esteem as well. So, don’t be in haste to pick this piece of jewelry if you want a unique piece that will serve you from season to season without losing its charm.

Now that you know how to pick a unique gold ring, determine what you like, explore your options, save up, and make that buy. A unique gold ring might be costly, but so is everything else.