Rent Luxury Car Atlanta – Helpful Insights for Newbies

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Renting a luxury or exotic car for the first time can be a challenging task. But you cannot help it when you have a need such as a wedding, birthday party, family road trip, official business errand, or VIP transfer.

Atlanta, which is a city in the state of Georgia, has many luxury and exotic car rental companies with a plethora of vehicles for any special occasion. So, anyone who wants to rent any of these cars will have an easy time renting any of them.

If it is your first time renting a luxury vehicle, then we have the right information for you. These insights will help you match the right luxury car to your occasion and show you how to choose the right service provider among other tips.

Luxury and Exotic Cars in Atlanta

Atlanta is a vibrant city with a lot of activities. Renting luxury and exotic cars is a norm and there are numerous options for anyone. Newbies likely do not know the best cars they can go for in the city. Listed below are some of the best options:

Mercedes Benz S Class

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When it comes to business errands, no other luxury car will serve you better than this. While it is commonly owned by many people, renting one takes you to another class, thus enabling you to stand out whenever you go for business meetings and other errands. Be prepared to pay an average of $500 per day and a deposit of double this amount.

Rolls Royce


Any model of the Rolls Royce is a good option for events such as weddings, birthday parties, photoshoots, and even business errands. Whether you choose the Rolls Royce Phantom, Ghost, or Cullinan, the experience will be out of this world.

These vehicles have a royal feeling, especially when you go for the new models. However, the experience comes at a cost of anything between $1,500-2,500 and a big deposit as well.


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Just like Rolls Royce, Bentley is a luxurious automaker where all models are excellent for special events and business errands. The common models include Bentayga, Continental GT, and Mulsanne, which all come at a cost of $1,000 per day on average. What’s more is that you can rent a Bentley with a chauffeur to make the experience even more unique.

Range Rover


This luxurious SUV is excellent for offroad trips in the mountainside of Georgia. Apart from being a luxurious car, it is a powerful 4X4 suitable for the entire family. Range Rover rental is relatively affordable as compared to other luxurious cars since you only have to pay an average of $500 per day and a deposit of the same amount.


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Whether you want exotic sports models such as Aventador, or the masculine SUV, Urus, Atlanta rental companies such as Milani Rentals have an option for you. With an average of $2,000, you will get a Lambo for a day.


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For events that require supersport cars such as celebrity events, weddings, weekend fun, and many others, you can choose one from Ferrari models. They include 458 spider, 812 GTS, and F8 Tributo, all of which you can get from a reputable car rental company. Just like other exotic vehicles, Ferrari models are rented at an average of $1,500.

Other luxury cars

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Atlanta has many options when it comes to renting a luxurious car. Other models to go for include the Aston Martini, Cadillac Escalade limo, Chevrolet Corvette, BMW Roadster, and Porsche among others.

These vehicles vary in daily rates but with an average of $800, you can get a luxury and exotic car for a day. All you need is to know which rental companies have the best offers on the market.

How to Rent Luxury and Exotic Cars in Atlanta


The first and most important consideration is your needs. As mentioned above, different vehicles are suitable for different events. For instance, a wedding event or prom night goes well with a chauffeur-driven luxury car such as Rolls Royce or Cadillac Escalade Limo. If you need can be served by different models, then other factors such as preference and price can come in.

The other important thing is to compare different luxury and exotic car rentals in Atlanta. The city has many and you will be spoilt for choice. Fortunately, all have websites, social media channels, and video streaming channels where you can check what will work for you. Read the descriptions of all of the vehicles and compare prices per day as well.

While on the websites, check the renting process, and if possible, the terms and conditions of each of the companies. These include such things as insurance requirements, age limit, and the deposit needed. Ensure that you have chosen a company that favors you in the best way.

When you are content, you should book your vehicle early, especially if it is needed for a special event that cannot be changed. Booking is typically done through an agreed down payment. Also, ask the company if they provide an alternative vehicle should there be a problem with your preferred model.

Caring for Rented Cars in Atlanta

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The main reason why Atlanta rental companies and others ask for an age limit is to make sure that the person taking the luxury vehicle is responsible enough to take care of the car. Although they ask for an insurance cover and a deposit, they want the ultimate care for these cars because they are expensive to repair and maintain.

To avoid a lot of problems with the company that is renting the car, drive the vehicle carefully. For weddings and other events that make you fatigued, consider using a chauffeur who will drive you around Atlanta conveniently.

For those who are taking road trips to the mountains and other places, take good care of the luxury vehicle. You can be sure that they will thoroughly inspect it when returning it.


If you are renting a luxury or exotic car for the first time in Atlanta, the insights shared above will be invaluable to you. The most important thing is to identify a reliable car rental company to serve your needs perfectly.