Why Goat’s Milk Might be an Option For Your Little One

I’m sure you never imagined you would be spending hours researching every baby formula in the market to find the perfect fit of baby formula for your special little one. But as parents, we always will do anything we can to provide the best for our kids.

There are many baby formula alternatives available on the market today with traditional cow’s milk, and now even goat’s milk is another animal-derived option. Goat’s milk or goat’s milk-based formulas have grown in popularity, especially as a healthy and nutritious option for little ones with cow milk sensitivities or those with other concerns regarding cow’s milk.

If you’re reading this, you are probably considering making the switch to goat milk baby formula or just deciding to go with goat milk baby formula right from the start. Here is some information you might want to know before deciding on whether this is the right formula for your little one, and click here to check out our favorite option.

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Reasons you Might Consider Goat’s Milk Formula:

Some studies have shown that the nutrients in goat’s milk formulas are simpler to absorb than cow’s milk, which could be a slight benefit over cow’s milk formulas. Many parents consider goat’s milk formula or decide to use goat’s milk formula because their little one has a cow’s milk intolerance.

Cow’s milk intolerances are developed in up to 5% of infants within the first 1 to 3 months of their life. Symptoms of a cow’s milk protein intolerance include bloating, gas, and diarrhea. Interestingly, many babies who have a cow’s milk intolerance don’t experience the same intolerances with goat’s milk, perhaps because goat’s milk is higher in protein and has other properties that make it easier to digest. Also, goat’s milk does contain less lactose than cow’s milk which could also be another significant factor in why it might be easier on a little one’s tummy when it comes to digestion.

Goat’s milk fat content also differs from cow’s milk. Goat’s milk contains mainly short-chain fatty acids, which means that it is easier and quicker for the body to break these down. So if your little one is having a hard time with digestive issues, it might be worth giving goat milk baby formula a try.

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The Many Benefits from Goat’s Milk Baby Formula:

1. Prebiotics

Probiotics are good to have on hand when using goat milk formula, and they are healthy for your little one since prebiotics increase the good gut bacteria. These two ingredients help support your little one’s immunity, digestive health, brain function, and weight management.

Goat’s milk baby formula has shown that it is naturally rich in healthy prebiotics to support all the benefits mentioned above for your little one. To further add, it is imperative to establish a healthy gut biome during infancy for your little one. Breast milk contains most of the probiotics and prebiotics needed to inoculate a baby’s digestive tract.

If your baby fails to receive the prebiotics and gut flora it needs, this can trigger digestive issues in the future. The best part for your little one is that goat milk is rich in prebiotics, containing 14 strains of oligosaccharides prebiotics, 5 of which are commonly found in breast milk. Prebiotics produce good gut bacteria that protect the gut from harmful bacteria strains, thereby guarding against tummy infections.

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2. Nourishing

Goat’s milk has naturally high amounts of vitamins and minerals. It is a natural source of vitamin A, which is excellent for your little one’s eyes. It also has magnesium and vitamin C, which is vital for the growth and development of your little one, and calcium which is essential for your little one’s teeth and bones.

Generally, goat milk baby formula is filled with various nutrients vital for your little one’s growth and development at every stage in their early life. Goat’s milk contains nearly 35% of calcium.

Additionally, it also naturally contains riboflavin, phosphorous, vitamin B-12, protein, potassium, and so much more.

All of these nutrients ensure that your little one is a healthy growing baby. Although cow’s milk is known for the quantity of calcium it provides, many parents are surprised to learn that goat milk formula also provides a great amount of calcium for your little one.

Source: MomJunction

3. Good Fat

Another reason why goat’s milk is easier on your little one’s digestion, as mentioned above, is that it contains more short and medium-chain fatty acids. The difference between goat milk baby formula and cow’s milk baby formula is that cow’s milk contains more long-chain fatty acids, making your little one’s digestive system work harder.

To clarify, this does not mean that goat milk baby formula has less fat than other cow milk baby formulas, but instead contains a different type of fat which makes it easier on your little one’s stomach.  These fatty acids are not only easier on your little one’s tummy, but they are also categorized as healthy fats. And healthy fats are essential for your little one’s growth and development.

Source: Paediatric Nutrition

4. Cow’s Milk Intolerance

Goat milk baby formula contains 4.1% lactose compared to cow’s milk lactose which contains 4.7%. Even though it is a slight difference, it can affect your little one’s digestion. Something else to consider is that milk in other formulas creates curds by reacting with your little one’s stomach acid.

Some of these cow milk formula curds will create hard curds, while others create soft curds, affecting how your little one’s tummy processes it. More delicate curds tend to be easier for your little one to digest. So if your little one is spitting up a lot or has issues with reflux, goat milk formula might be the answer to your problem.

Source: Medical News Bulletin


Finding the best baby formula for your little one can be an overwhelming decision to make, because you want to make sure that you are supplementing your little one in the best way. If you decide to go with goat’s milk baby formula you will be able to have the peace of mind that you’ll be offering your little one all of the nutritional needs they require for healthy development, and in fact, they will be getting that and much more.

They won’t be missing out on any wholesome nutrition that they would be getting from cow’s milk baby formula, rather just receiving a gentler solution for your little one’s needs. On that note, here are 6 things to look for before you buy a crib for your baby.