How Recruiting Automation Will Change Businesses Forever

Without any doubt, modern technologies are shaping our world in more ways than we can count. It is obvious that this happening in practically every aspect of our everyday life. However, we can see that the world of business has suffered the most changes, especially after the introduction of the internet.

One of the most important aspects we want to point out is the recruitment process. We can see that finding candidates for a certain job position has become easier than ever before. Still, we need to say that a pool where millions of portfolios are located requires a lot of effort to find suitable candidates.

Thankfully, a new concept has emerged in the last couple of years, recruitment automation. You can learn more about it by looking at online resources. Now, we want to point out some interesting ways it will change the way we recruit candidates forever. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of them.


Candidate Sourcing

The first thing we want to talk about is candidate sourcing. The reason why this aspect is relevant is that it helps with finding the right candidates, even those who haven’t directly applied for the position. It needs to be said that these sourcing channels can be both online and internal, which is quite beneficial.

According to certain studies, teams who have the task of finding proper candidates for the role would need to invest up to twelve hours per week to go through these lists. Through recruitment automation, it is possible to achieve the best possible results in less than twenty minutes of search.

Naturally, these pools can be found in numerous places. For instance, you can find them on social media platforms, that specializes in business, like LinkedIn. By inserting this list of candidates into software, the list of those that complement the needs and preferences you look for can be filtered almost instantly.

Automating CV Screening Process

Recruiters that didn’t automate these procedures have a lot of different tasks that require their attention. Among the most time-consuming ones, you will find manual screening CVs. Those who have this sort of experience know that it can require up to a couple of hours per day, which is a lot.

Chances are that recruiters will not come across a reasonable number of CVs. So, all the work they have invested into this procedure would be considered a waste of time. Through recruitment automation, it is possible to invest significantly less amount of time into this process and still have more efficiency.

By including some conditions in this search, it becomes possible not only to find the appropriate candidates but also to categorize their CVs in the way you want. You can look for specific skills, levels of education, or work experience. All this is possible in a matter of minutes.


Interview Automation

Conducting interviews is probably the most important aspect of every recruitment procedure. Therefore, it is important for those people who will lead them that they are both flexible and efficient. Another important element is the possibility for them to be conducted anytime, anywhere.

Achieving that level is possible, but only through the automation of interviews. The software you will use will be able to recognize certain elements like word choices, facial expressions, and speech patterns. That way, the interviewer can learn much more about the candidates in front of them.

Why is this important? Well, certain companies rely on certain things. For instance, the company may rely heavily on the company’s culture. Therefore, they require specific candidates. They will not hire just anyone, right? Interview automation can help them achieve just that.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Using data for accomplishing numerous things is not only a possibility but has also become a necessity in this day and age. Recruiters use data to make certain decisions regarding candidates they are about to interview. According to a study done by LinkedIn, this approach is three times faster than any other one.

By considering various data, like statistics, they can enhance to process’s diversity, and productivity, and above all, eliminate all the challenges of the hiring procedure. Thankfully, we can see that a vast majority of companies have decided to utilize this approach, for obvious reasons.

For example, you can use numerous categories, like cost per hire, to determine what sort of candidates you’re looking for. Furthermore, it is possible to use other metrics like hiring sources, time-to-hire, or time-to-fill. All these factors are equally important, and encompassing all of them provides the recruitment team with the best possible results.


Improved Candidate Experience

Last but not least, we want to talk about the candidate’s side of the story. Experts in this field say that the organization’s candidate experience is closely associated with the brand of the employer. Candidates who don’t have a positive experience with a certain brand’s recruitment process can spread this story quite a bit, which damages the company’s credibility.

It results in future applicants not being too enthusiastic in applying for positions you offer them, which again, leads to the lack of them in front of you. Don’t make the mistake of believing that the lesser number of them in front of you is a positive thing, believe us, it’s not. Instead, make sure that all applicants are the best ambassadors of your brand.

We are talking both about those who have been employed and those who haven’t. According to a study, more than 80% of applicants would never apply for a job in a certain company, after a bad experience. Recruitment automation can become a crucial element in providing applicants with all the things they look for.

The Bottom Line

The recruitment procedure is both complex and simple at the same time. In any case, you shouldn’t take anything for granted. The automation of this aspect can help you quite a bit. In this article of ours, you can take a look at some ways this concept changes the future of business. We’re sure you will find this insight both entertaining and informative.