Which Is More Expensive Fiberglass Or Concrete Pool

When summer comes, many think about building a swimming pool. We know from the start that this is a big investment that requires maintenance. The pools most often chosen by customers are concrete or fiberglass, but which of these two options is better for your budget? We will try to answer the question: Which is the more expensive fiberglass or concrete pool?

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Pools – Construction And Price

Summer is a time when everyone is very happy to cool off and relax in the pool. Pools are considered a stylish addition to the house and garden – although it is more accurate to say that it is one of the most pleasant places to spend your free time. There are countless different types and models pools on the market. They differ primarily in materials, of which they are made, as well as in construction. Today, customers most often opt for concrete and fiberglass – that is, build or prefabricated pools. In this text, we will deal with what you need to know if you decide to build a pool. You can read more about planning, materials, and, of course, prices.

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What Time Of Year Is Good For Pool Construction Planning?

Depending on the type of pool and the materials used, the weather conditions for the construction itself are very important. The season is not crucial. The minimum criteria would be dry days and a minimum continuous temperature of 10C in a time interval of 24h. Since the construction of the pool can be performed in stages, the most favorable season is autumn. During the fall, earthworks, construction works, installation of hydro-mechanical installations can be performed, and if the weather allows, the insulating and laying part of the project can be done. With such dynamics of performance, the investor can work unhindered on arranging the beach, and with the first beautiful days of spring and summer, swimming can begin.

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Pool Is A Big Investment

If you have been thinking of beautifying your yard with a concrete or plexiglass pool – no matter how ready you think you are, know that this is not the case. Before embarking on this business, you must know that the pool is a significant investment – and it consists of a series of decisions that need to be made. Although the whole process can seem complex, companies like CompassPoolsNewcastle will help you make the whole process of building a pool – from construction work, through the installation and installation of equipment, to the maintenance of the pool – run smoothly. Answers to questions related to budget, maintenance, and personal affinities will help you decide between a concrete or fiberglass pool.

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Which One To Choose – Fiberglass Or Concrete Pool?

If you are thinking about installing a swimming pool as a rescue before future heatwaves, or you are just examining the situation to prepare for next summer – you must know that this is a considerable investment. However, this investment can remain for a long time if your pool is well maintained. The budget is somehow always the biggest item of all. So keep in mind that neither fiberglass nor concrete pools are very cheap. The average price of a concrete pool is around $ 50,000, while fiberglass is a bit cheaper and you will spend about $ 45,000 on average. However, a significant difference is that concrete pools require long-term and very expensive maintenance, while this is not the case with fiberglass pools. Now, let’s see how does building a pool works in practice.

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Construction Of Concrete And Fiberglass Pools

Both types of pools require investment and construction contractors. Namely, at the start, you must carefully assess the position of your future pool. This, of course, requires a construction project – and a reliable company to deal with it. The difference is that fiberglass pools are already prepared in advance to be inserted into a hole in the ground intended for the pool. To make things a little bigger, we start this explanation with a more expensive option – that is, concrete pools.

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Concrete Pools

It is a long-term option that, when performed by an experienced team, can last for several decades. The construction of such pools is approached like any other construction project. That means the development of a conceptual design with a 3D model, and detailed technical drawings – all the way to the final works on site. The finished pool must not have any irregularities or cracks. The type, size, shape of the pool, as well as the concrete finish and accessories – greatly affect the final price of the project. The cheapest are rectangular pools, although with a thick budget you can let your imagination run wild – and make something unique that goes with the ambiance of your yard.

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Fiberglass Pools

These pools are a great option for those who are looking for an acceptable price and high quality. By buying and installing a pool like this, you can be sure that you are getting quality that will last a long time, without too much maintenance. Its installation does not take too long, and is done in several stages:

  • production of pools in the desired form
  • pool transport
  • excavation of places for the pool
  • laying the pool
  • assembly
  • commissioning of the pool

When the pool is placed in an already dug hole, the installation can take only one day. Such pools are very popular because they are relatively long-lasting, and their maintenance is not too demanding in financial terms.

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Mandatory Equipment

In addition to the basic construction, each pool must have a filter, steps or ladders, and elements for water circulation. The basic equipment also includes an underwater vacuum cleaner – which will, in any case, be your extended arm during the hot summer days. Quality manufacturers usually issue long-term anti-corrosion guarantees as well as a warranty on hydraulic equipment.


Whichever option you choose, may it be a fiberglass pool or a large reinforced concrete pool – you must be aware of the following: The pool is placed in the sunniest place in the yard, on a field that is accessible to everyone – but still located away from the road. Also, it is desirable to choose a place that is not surrounded by deciduous trees – because in addition to the fact that cleaning the leaves from the pool is big boredom, it also negatively affects the level of water purity. Lastly, keep in mind that any type of pool should be easily connected to the sewer and water supply network.