5 Best Poker Players in the United Kingdom

Source: cbssports.com

One of the countries that has provided top players throughout history is the United Kingdom. That country has long had great poker players and we are going to demonstrate it throughout this article.

To avoid the article being too long, we are going to focus on showing you a list of the five best poker players in the United Kingdom. This way the reading will be more enjoyable and it will be much easier for you to get to know the real idols of the country.

1. Stephen Chidwick

Source: pokermedia.com

As we are informed from the best online poker app Pokerhub, the player has become one of the best players in the country. What is clear is that the player has become the best player in the country due to the fact that he himself has managed to get the biggest winnings in history. This shows that at the table he presents himself as a great rival, hence the other players fear him because they know that his game is really good.

Currently the player has made the leap to the world of online poker, that is, in a way, he has left the physical poker. For that reason, he currently receives the nickname of the best online player in the world. Despite playing through the Internet, the player continues to win many tournaments and games, which means that his profits continue to increase.

To give you an idea, the player since 2019 has earned more than $31 million, which shows that he is a great professional despite his youth. Those earnings have already positioned him as the eighth player who has won the most and if he continues at that pace he will most likely move up some more positions in a short time.

2. Chris Moorman

He became one of the best players in the country at the very moment when the player managed to win more than $15 million. Those winnings he got in 2018 through online poker and for sure they are much higher today. That shows that through online poker you can get to earn a lot of money, as long as you manage to be a good professional.

The player stands out for abandoning his studies in economics to focus on the world of poker. And as we can see, the decision has been a success thanks to the fact that he has won a lot of money.

But we do not only highlight the player for his winnings. Chris has achieved a record of wins in the Triple Crown. As of today, he has become the biggest winner of online events, showing his great potential. In addition, he is one of the winners with the best track record during the last months, proving that he is having more than a good winning streak. Thanks to all his merits we can see that the player is not only a star in his country, he is also very recognized worldwide.

3. Sam Trickett

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He is a great winner and that can be seen in his winning record. A fact that caught our attention is that the player took the luxury of resting during the tournaments and his leading position was not affected.

The player was already a recognized person in the world of video games, but when he really became successful was when he began to participate in live events around the world. At that moment he began to show his great potential.

One of his most famous milestones was when he got second place in the million-dollar Access Big One for One Decrease. Since then, with the help of Party Poker, he has participated in thousands of professional tournaments. These tournaments have not only shown that he is a great player, but also have allowed him to increase his income significantly.

4. Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott

A great player who unfortunately is no longer with us. To make a short summary of his life is very complicated, but we can say that he was a great player and for that reason we will always remember him fondly.

The player was so successful that nowadays there is a tournament named after him. In addition, there is a bar in his honor, proving that he has been a very important person in the poker world. But unfortunately the battle against cancer was not won despite his youth at the time of his death.

Ulliott at the poker table always presented himself as a player with character and an aggressive style of play. It was a spectacle to watch him play. Players were afraid of him as soon as they saw him in front of them, showing his potential. For example, the player managed to invest his last $500 and turn it into the WPT title. It might seem impossible, but he did it.

5. Charlie Carrel

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This player is one of the latest batch of high quality players from Great Britain. He is a player who competes against other great players, but we highlight him because he himself has managed to win a lot of tournaments.

One of the player’s successes is that he has created his own style using his own techniques. Thanks to this combination he has made an important place for himself in the world of online poker. He is not only known in his country, but also in the rest of the world. Although he has started off very strong, the player shows no signs of tiring, which is why he is still at the top, something that is difficult to maintain.

It can be said that Carrel is at the forefront of the new generation of players, hence his name is recognized by almost all poker players worldwide. Moreover, thanks to this avant-gardism we can see how the player is attracting the attention of other young players. That guarantees that the future generation of poker players in Great Britain will be secured. Many young people want to be like Carrel.