Moving to a New Place? Know the Key Emotions Coming Your Way

How did you react when you first got to know that you will be shifting the house shortly? There are a lot of emotions that take a toll over you when you take a major decision, and shifting the house is one of them.

People feel surprised, angry, excited as well as fearful as they perceive the news of uprooting themselves and settle at a new place.

USA top-rated long distance moving companies associated with Moving Feedback, a dedicated platform enabling you to make your moving processes easy and successful; say that there are two types of people. One who are emotionally very sensitive. Such type of people often let emotions rule their judgment which results in complications and long term repercussions.

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The second category of people is the ones who are more focused on the financial aspect of the process. From calculating the relocating expenses to saving enough resources to cover the costs efficiently, these individuals ensure that they do not allow emotions to deviate from their dedication towards the moving process.

Both type of people struggle in ensuring a smooth move. Expert movers claim that it is very important to balance and channel emotions. Instead of suppressing them or paying a lot of attention to them, one must consider balancing it and embracing them in the right way and extent.

To learn how to deal with the emotional aspect of shifting, one must first know what are the key emotions that are often directed your way. Before we dig further, let us make clear that it is never one emotion that you will experience but a group of many and you must handle them as efficiently as possible.



While some surprises are good, a house move may not be the best surprise you would be expecting. There are a number of unexpected circumstances that would force you to change your address. Organizing an emergency move is the last thing that one can accept conveniently.

People often fail to decode whether the sudden change in the address would be a good change or a bad change for them. The surprise thus has a mixed meaning to it. Whether it is a good surprise for you or the one that left you speechless, you need to work on that moving checklist to get things sorted as soon as possible.



The moving process is much like a roller coaster ride where every high is followed by a low and vice versa. For most of the people, the surprise is often accompanied with the element of excitement. Things get turned upside down but definitely in a favorable way. Often people who have been feeling monotonous at one place and direly waiting for a change, the news of a move comes as fresh air.

The excitement is about meeting new people, exploring new places and getting a new start in life. The ones who let the excitement feeling seep in are often the most benefitted from a house move.


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If a house move was nowhere in your planning, the sudden news might make you develop a defense mechanism and the final result would be the refusal of accepting the truth.  Acknowledging the news becomes troublesome when you are least expecting it. This is an outcome of a bad surprise. The reasons for these emotions are plenty including the fear of not being able to adapt to the new settings, the stress associated with the moving process, the fear of leaving loved ones behind and more.

Watching the relocating day coming closer add a lot to the denial emotion that eventually turns into negativity towards the new place, if not handled at the right time.


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One of the key emotion that almost every individual feels while shifting to a new place is confusion. What to do, where to start, which mover to hire, how to find the best accommodation, whether or not take the furniture along and how to break the news to family and friends is some key trigger points for the confusion.

Lacking the planning and organization skills is often the most common reason for you ending up confused. The relocation process is very comprehensive and anyone can feel lost at any time. Reaching out to a professional moving company is the best way to ensure that you know the right path to follow.


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Once you have comprehended the surprise, felt exited, or confused about it, you will develop a fear for the move. This is common in almost all types of people. The extent however may be different. Technically, the fear for change or moving is termed as Tropo-phobia. The good news is that it is a short-lived feeling which can be easily overcome.

The common fear one feels during the moving process includes:

  • Fear of running out of time.
  • Fear of moving costs.
  • Fear of damages and losses.
  • Fear of relocating to a new place.
  • And finally, fear of unknown.


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How can we not mention stress in our list of emotions related to a moving process? An indispensable part of almost every moving process, stress can be handled easily. However, if not attended at the right time, it can cause a lot more trouble than you might be prepared for. The comprehensive nature of the moving process is the key trigger for stress. You will have a lot on your plate and managing it might become too complicated at times. From money arrangements to finding accommodation at the new place, the safety aspect of family and belongings to adapting to the new settings, there are many things that can make you feel stressed about the entire situation.


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Once you have planned and organized the entire move, you will then enjoy a sense of relief. This is the much awaited emotion that everyone enjoys. Overcoming the tides of the moving process makes it one of the feelings that people enjoy post move.



Very important to address, depression is the toughest emotion to fight after the moving process. Shifting to another home, a completely new setting with no support system can push you towards depression and anxiety. The fear inside you can mix up with anger and stress and make the entire situation more complicated than it already is. Also known as separation anxiety, this emotion can take a serious toll over your mental and physical health if not dealt with effectively. Make sure you fight with depression right from the start and seek professional help if things look getting out of hand.

Relocating to a new place will give you a diverse emotional drive. Make sure you have a reliable support system and an efficient moving company to help you manage the emotions and process respectively.