Max Nichols Net Worth 2024

Max Nichols, left, director of "Two Night Stand," and his wife, CNN sports reporter Rachel Nichols, pose together at the premiere of the film at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatre on Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Max Nichols has been known for many things in his life, and the two things he is known for are related to other people. More precisely, people know about him due to his father Mike who is a great name in the film industry and due to his marriage to Rachel, who is a successful reporter.

Personal Life

Max Nichols was born on the 9th of December 1973. He was born in the USA and it should be also added that his horoscope sign is Sagittarius. He is 45 years old at the moment. We should also mention that his father is Mike Nichols and that his father is a prominent figure in the USA film industry.

More precisely, his father is a film and theater director, and this is not all since he was also working as an actor and a producer. It should be also noted that Max probably fell in love with movies and theater just because of his father and his work. When Max’s mother is concerned, her name is Annabel Davis-Goff.

We should note that she comes from Ireland and that she is actually a novelist. This is not all since she also works as a screenwriter. Max has two siblings. He has sisters called Jenny and Daisy.



It should be noted that the two of them met when they were in a summer camp. After a while, the couple started to date and see each other which ultimately lead to the engagement. They decided to get married on the 25th of May in 2001. Being of Jewish origin, the wedding was also a Jewish on and it took place in Venice. They got twin daughters.


As we have said before, his family was in the film industry and it is not a surprise at all that he decided to go that way as well. He was always trying to find his breakthrough in the film industry and he finally managed to do it in 2014. He then acted in a film called Two Night Stand. It should be also noted that he acted in another movie in 2016 called Heft and he also managed to act in another movie in the same year – Day 5.

Source: IMDb

Max Nichols Net Worth 2024

Many people presume that if a person is married to a famous and known person that he/she does not have to work and that such people do not have properties and money on their own. This may be true sometimes but is certainly not the case when Max is concerned. It has been estimated that Max’s net worth in 2024 is $3 million.

It should be noted that he is having a very successful professional career and that he has $92,220 as the annual salary for the position he has. This is not al. more precisely, he has $9-100 for each hour he appears on TV. His performances are $17 per hour and $81K if he appear on TV.