Liz Wheeler Net Worth 2024

Liz Wheeler is many things, and she is most famously known as the host of Tipping Point, a One America News’ project. She is also a publisher, a consultant, and even a part of the Board of Zoning Appeals located in Ohio.

If you want to know more details about this talented woman, how she became this successful and what is her current net worth, then we suggest that you stay with us till the end of this article.


Elizabeth Wheeler was born in 1989 in Sharonville, which is located in Ohio, in the United States of America. Elizabeth Wheeler is most commonly known as Liz, and Liz lived a happy childhood in Ohio alongside her loving and supporting parents.

Her father is the owner of a small business, and her mother is a housewife, and in addition to Liz, they have one son and three more daughters.

Liz Wheeler attended a local high school, and she later went to Pennsylvania State University; where she majored in Political Science with a minor in Homeland security, and she managed to graduate after two and a half years, meaning she became a young graduate.

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Liz Wheeler started out small, even at high school. She was writing blogs, and her first one was titled Erring on the side of life. It was about how abortion became a problem among Americans; and that article and the blog itself showed how Liz is destined to achieve great things.

In 2011 Wheeler began working for RecruitMilitary as a social media manager, and she stayed there for four years. In the meantime, in 2013, she started to work on her freelance career, and she decided to be a consultant in digital marketing and advertising, as well as a social media expert.

She was excellent in Leadership, Program Management, Team Building, and Public speaking, among many things.

In 2015 she left RecruitMilitary and went on to be a part of One American News Network, where she had her own prime-time TV show. In addition to his, she is also an author as she wrote and published a book she titled Young, Conservative and Why It’s Smart to be Like Us.

The book earned her Amazon’s Kindle’s bestseller’s second place in the Civic category. She worked with thirteen other activists in order to make her book the best it could be, and she succeeded in her goal.

Liz Wheeler is also a member of Board Zoning Appeals in Ohio since 2012, and she is very popular on social media. In 2014 the talented publisher and TV presenter was also a representative for Turning Point.

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Personal life

Elizabeth Wheeler, who goes by the nickname Liz, is considered a very beautiful and talented young woman of our times. She doesn’t share much information about her life, and she is focusing on her career the most at the moment.

The details about her romantic relationships are unknown to us, since, as we mentioned, Wheeler is very secretive about her private life.

Liz Wheeler Net Worth 2024

From all of the work, she has done so far and is still doing; Liz Wheeler managed to get quite an amazing fortune for someone of her age. In 2024, her estimated net worth is an impressive $12 million.