Male Pattern Baldness – Why & How It Occurs

It is quite common to see old men, near the age of 40s or 50s, with receding hairline or missing hair patches from the crown.

It is so common that even a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine (US) conducted a study and found out that almost 50% of the men, aged 50 or above, get affect by such hair loss.

But what exactly it is and what it signifies? Let’s get to know a bit more in this article.

Such hair loss that starts with receding hairline and leads to the slow disappearance of hair from both crown as well as frontal scalp,  is actually a serious condition that is known as androgenic alopecia.

Androgenic alopecia can occur in both males and females however male pattern baldness is associated with the development of this condition in males.

This condition in men is associate with the disappearance of hair from the temple first. Then it leads to hair losses in defined patterns, typically the hairline diminishes, and is pushed back so much that an M shaped pattern appears on the scalp.

After that, in severe cases, the hair loss gets so intense that the crown is affected as well. The progressive hair disappearance usually culminates in complete baldness in worst cases.

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What causes male pattern baldness?

The growth of hair in males is linked with one of the male sex hormones, androgen. When this hormone is affected, the growth cycle of hair also gets affected badly.

When this happens, the hair follicles start getting shrunk which ultimately results in the production of weak and shorter hair strands.

Such weak hair then easily get damaged and results in hair loss.

Since the main source that weakness the hair is an androgen, therefore anything that alerts the level of this hormone contributes as one of the causes of male pattern baldness according to

Many medical conditions that affect male sex organs might lead to androgen deficiency. But, problems with pituitary glands or even hypothalamus can lead to decreased levels of androgen.

However, many of the times, men who experience male pattern baldness report having such family members who also have experienced the same issue. This indicates that this condition is also associated with genes.

Furthermore, it is also found in many cases that people who are on certain cancer or thyroid-related medications, experience such intense hair loss.

Sometimes, a diet that is low in nutrients can also lead to this condition.

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How to deal with it?

Many people choose to do by the baldness but many don’t. For the latter lot, there are tablets and certain treatments available to cure hair loss. Let’s analyze this subject a bit more and see how you can deal with male pattern baldness.

Experiment with Hairstyles

Believe it or not, there is a way to somehow visually solve this problem. For something like that, you will need to hire a well-experienced barber. You can hide your hair loss with certain hairstyles. We recommend you ask your barber to pick the style that will make the thinning hair look fuller. Of course, this is not a long term solution, but it might bring you some instant solutions. Despite that, if the problem is a bit bigger, this is not going to be an effective solution.



Well, these two solutions might seem obvious, but we had to put them on our list. Wigs can truly cover thinning hair and complete baldness. Fortunately, you can find different colors, styles, and textures of wigs. The best possible thing would be to use wigs that look similar to your original hair. Despite that, you should strive to find a professional wig stylist. Someone good at it can bring you an even more natural look.


Okay, weaves are some sort of wigs, but you need to have enough natural hair to use it. The good thing about weaves is that they will always stay on. You can use them in different activities such as showering, swimming, etc.

However, there is one small disadvantage of waves that we need to mention here. Each time when new hair growth occurs, they have to be sewn again. The sewing process might be a bit damaging for your natural hair. Because of that, it is not recommendable that you use this method quite often.



You will hear different opinions about this topical medication that is applied to the scalp. Indeed, this product has the power to slow down hair loss. However, it can also stimulate the hair follicles that will ensure new hair growth.

Yet, do not expect to see the results soon. You will need to use this treatment for at least four months to see the results. Hair loss might occur again when you stop using the medication.

There is a good reason why we told you can hear different opinions. Users can sometimes experience certain side effects. This includes irritation, burning, dryness, and similar syndromes. Anyway, each medicine in the world can always cause some side effects. Because of that, this might not be something that should scare you.

Hair Transplants

Well, this might be one of the most popular treatments for hair loss. However, it is usually popular among people that can afford it. You will truly need to be ready to spend a certain amount of money. The entire process is easy to understand. First, the doctor will remove hair from the scalp areas that still have active hair growth. After that, you will transplant that hair to the balding areas. If you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic. Then take Expert hair transplant service from the leading hair transplant clinic, popular as

Your job does not stop there. After the treatment ends, you will have to deal with a few more treatments. The goal is to avoid any type of scarring and infection. However, the biggest advantage of all is that your hair will look completely natural. Well, if money is not the problem, and you are willing to risk a little, this would be the right match. Still, be sure that you find the right place to do that type of treatment.

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Bonus Tip: Talk with Professionals before Everything

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